Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

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You won’t surprise anyone with acrylic baths today, but such material as kvaril has not yet gained great popularity. From the review, you will learn how quaril baths differ from ordinary acrylic baths, what are their strengths and are there any special installation rules.

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

The difference between quaril and acrylic baths

As a coating for modern bathtubs, polymethyl methacrylate is used – a synthetic resin that forms a smooth surface on which limestone deposits or deposits practically do not accumulate. However, despite the practicality, pure acrylic is not used due to its low resistance to impact and mechanical stress. At the heart of any acrylic bathtub is a composite frame with fiberglass reinforcement, cast in epoxy resin. In addition, the bottom of the bowl is reinforced with a chipboard insert to create a rigid base. In addition to improving the strength properties, it also allows the possibility of attaching a mechanical frame with adjustable legs.

Quaril products are fundamentally different both in the structure of the material and in the final performance properties. Kvaril is nothing more than polymer concrete – a mixture of stone (quartz) flour and polymethyl methacrylate. Flour performs the same function as fiberglass in the frame of acrylic bathtubs: it strengthens the product made of polymer resin and gives it excellent shock resistance. The manufacturing process is also different: if for acrylic bathtubs it is first required to make an impression from a glass composite according to the papier-mâché principle, then quaril baths are immediately poured into the mold. Thus, the structure of the product is uniform throughout the thickness..

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

Quaril baths are not afraid of falling heavy and hard objects and practically do not scratch. Due to its massiveness, improved absorption of the sound of falling water is provided, while at the same time, the low heat capacity and thermal conductivity characteristic of acrylic polymers are preserved. Unlike budget baths, the addition of recyclable materials is not practiced in the production of quaril baths, which means that the bath will remain snow-white for a long time.

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

But kvaril also has disadvantages. The price for a product of comparable size and shape turns out to be three times higher, in addition, a quarian bath weighs more than an acrylic bath, which can cause certain difficulties with its delivery to the upper floors. Such a high cost is justified by the fact that so far the rights to the production of quartz products belong to the sole owner of the patent for this material and the technology for working with it. Perhaps the accelerated distribution of quaril will reduce the price tag, because at first acrylic bathtubs also cost the first owners much more expensive than now.

The main advantages and features of a kvaril

As already mentioned, the material of the quaril bath is uniform over the entire wall thickness, which can reach 15–20 mm and even more. This eliminates the possibility of abrasion of the decorative coating and exposure of the base. If a network of scratches has formed on the coating, for example, from the action of abrasive particles, the manufacturer provides for a restoration technology using special restorative compositions.

However, despite the possibility of a quick and relatively simple repair, quarian baths need careful handling and maintenance. Everything from the fact that two types of unique ceramic coatings are used to impart smoothness, antibacterial properties and resistance to abrasion. It is almost impossible to completely restore protection during restoration..

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

The smoothness of the bath is not only aesthetic value. Yes, in the absence of even the slightest scratches and defects, the bathtub looks dazzlingly snow-white, which is difficult to achieve when covered with pure acrylic. However, the main advantage is anti-slip properties, due to which quaril baths provide a new, higher level of safety, which is especially important for the elderly..

Another interesting feature is the great freedom of choice of shape. Matrices with soft, streamlined shapes and without sharp corners are used to create the reinforcing frame of acrylic bathtubs. This is necessary in order to completely exclude the occurrence of points of increased stress, in which the reinforcing fiber will not fully function. However, in a quaril, the reinforcing element has microscopic dimensions, due to which the creation of a rectangular or trapezoidal bowl does not present any problems..

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

On the other hand, making each new mold for a quaril is more complicated and more expensive than making a simple mold for a reinforced bowl. Because of this, the range of quaril baths is not so diverse, and this makes it difficult to create a harmonious ensemble of clean plumbing. The quaril bath itself is unique, it can be extremely difficult to choose other earthenware products for it in exact accordance with the chosen style..

One of the least obvious features of many quaril bathtubs is the lack of an overflow hole and sometimes a drain. This is logical: why make a hole in a homogeneous material in advance, if this can be done directly during installation, taking into account the layout of the rough plumbing. The same applies to the mixer and to the spout of an artificial waterfall: any plumbing is relatively easy to install in the sides of the bowl..

Another advantage is that the outer surface of the quaril bath is no different from the inner one in terms of decorative qualities. One gets the impression that the product is entirely made of expensive earthenware or very meticulously carved from a solid stone. Because of this, quartz baths are often installed free-standing. We will not criticize the practicality of such a decision, but it cannot be denied in its spectacular appearance..

The procedure for installing a quaril bath

With such a high cost of their products, the manufacturer simply has no right not to thoroughly think over the installation system. Even one person who has never dealt with plumbing will cope with the installation. True, with a bath weight of 60-80 kg, it is still better to enlist help in order to carefully carry the bath through a narrow doorway and not damage the coating.

The installation technique for free-standing and built-in baths is different. In the latter case, the installation is carried out after the tiles have been laid on the wall, the lower edge of which is pre-aligned with the planned level of the bath installation. For a free-standing bath, preparation is not required, the bowl is installed after the final finishing work.

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

The set of German products has everything you need, from support legs to all the necessary fasteners. The bath has a flat bottom or a pair of mating surfaces, to which the support system is fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. All you need to do is remove the protective film and precisely fit the plastic beams into place. After the bath is installed, it is leveled using the screw feet. First, you need to fit the board adjacent to the wall to the edge of the tile, then align the bowl in the horizontal plane. After installation, kvarilovy baths are refined by standard methods: tiling or installing a sliding screen.

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

Quaril baths: advantages, selection, installation

For freestanding bathtubs, the body has special inserts for fixing the legs. Assembly of the bathtub takes only 10-15 minutes, after which the finished product can be placed on the floor in accordance with the configuration of the utility supply. To hide the rough plumbing from sight, special decorative quaril screens are used. The technique of their fastening is described in detail in the instructions, and everything you need is in the installation kit of the bath.

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