Sliding doors are the best solution

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Every person wants to have enough free space in his apartment. If the apartment is small, then this problem is already extremely acute. Swing doors take up a lot of space. If the corridor is narrow, then there is always the possibility that when you open the door you can hurt and injure someone. This is especially true if the family has small children..

Sliding doors are the best solution

Here sliding doors can come to the rescue. In addition, such doors, of which there are a huge number of models today, look great and express the tastes of the owner. Such doors are now being installed in modern apartments and offices. There are sliding doors, which are entire interior partitions. With their help, you can separate one part of the room from another, that is, zone the room. The advantage of such partitions is, of course, that they can be removed at any time, increasing the usable area of ​​the room. With the help of a sliding door, the owner of the room can add completeness to the interior, combined with originality.

The market today is teeming with doors. There are doors from Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish and domestic manufacturers. The most popular are Italian doors. German doors are very high quality but expensive. In this respect, Spanish doors are cheaper, but their quality is slightly lower. Russian doors, on the other hand, are quite cheap, and their design and quality, respectively, are low..

Types of sliding doors

Sliding doors are found in several species variations. Among them are compartment doors, folding and cassette.

Folding doors

Sliding doors are the best solution

Such doors are the cheapest and simplest option. Their design resembles those doors that are found in land transport. They are called either “book” (with two leaves), or “accordion” (with several leaves). Most often, such doors are made of plastic, they are installed mainly in utility or dressing rooms..

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are the best solution

Such doors consist of either one leaf (then they will be sliding), or two (in this case, they will be sliding). Such doors in their structure resemble doors that are in a compartment in railway transport. They can be mounted either on the top rail, or on the bottom, or on two at the same time. The mount is installed directly on the wall of the room.

Cassette doors

Sliding doors are the best solution

Such systems constitute a special set consisting of the necessary fittings, parts and accessories. In this case, the cassette is an extension of the wall. The door is completely hidden in this cassette.

Door components

A sliding door cannot exist only from a leaf. Its kit includes several items. This set of elements consists of a door leaf, a door frame, a set of guides, a handle and the rest of the hardware. If the door is cassette, then the set, of course, will include a cassette.

Door leaf. Most often, sliding doors include several canvases. The huge door can be made of eight canvases. The sliding door will not be possible to install if the top of the doorway is an arch. There are four types of door leaves. The first type consists of some composite materials. Usually it is either bars from those types of wood that are not expensive, or chipboard and fiberboard. The base is glued on top with veneer, which already consists of valuable wood species. The second type is such canvases that consist of solid wood (that is, solid wood). The third type is canvases, which consist of glass and wood. Finally, the fourth type is such canvases that consist of glass, but have an aluminum edging..

Sliding doors are the best solution

Box. The door frame is similar in shape to the letter “P”. The box is inserted into the opening, and the door itself is hung directly on it. The frame is attached to the doorway with screws or glue. It seems that they do not belong to the box, but without it, such objects as decorative strips and platbands cannot exist. They decorate the doorway.

Rail kit. A set of guides consists of rails, rollers, stopper and stopper. The door won’t move without them. Their installation is a very important component. It is best to entrust the choice of the mechanism to the company where the canvas is purchased, since it is very difficult to choose it yourself.

Fittings. Accessories include handles, but not for ordinary doors, but those that will not prevent the door from entering the wall. They can either be purchased together with the door leaf, or made to order. In the catalogs of companies there is usually a very large selection of pens. If a person needs such handles in which a lock is provided, then undoubtedly it is better to order them. The fittings also include such a device, which in its shape resembles a hat-cylinder. With its help (hooking it with a finger), the person makes the door slide out of the wall.

Cassette. The cassette is inserted into the wall, then the destruction of the wall is sewn up with drywall. Provided that the installation is correct, the door will ride very easily. Door cassettes can be of two options: for a brick partition and plasterboard.

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