Sliding interior doors: do-it-yourself selection and installation

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Sliding interior doors will bring individuality to the interior and help preserve the space of the room. However, a sliding structure is significantly more expensive than a traditional door and requires more complex installation. In this article we will deal with sliding door systems and how to install them..

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding systems

Is it worth changing the usual swing door leaves to sliding ones? The ease of use and attractive design have made the sliding structure a serious competitor to the traditional door. What are its advantages:

  1. The first and main advantage is the ability to significantly increase the usable area of ​​the room, for small apartments this is just a godsend.
  2. Ease of use. Doors will not slam from a draft, pets will not close them.
  3. The possibility of full automation of the sliding mechanism makes the design in demand in residential and office premises. The design is successfully used in the “Smart Home” system.
  4. Lack of thresholds. In some models, their place will be taken by a rail fixed to the floor..

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Of the design flaws, it is worth noting:

  1. Low level of sound insulation, no obstacles to the penetration of odors.
  2. High cost. It consists of the price of the door leaf, fittings and additional costs for finishing the doorway.

Classification of sliding doors

Sliding interior doors are classified according to the following criteria.

Number of leaves

Single-leaf doors are the ideal solution for a standard doorway. Multi-leaf structures are used to design wide openings as an interior partition with fixed outer doors and a moving middle leaf.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Movement mechanism

Smooth sliding of the door leaf in a sliding structure can occur along the wall. The second option is in the niche provided for its movement. In this case, the installation includes the manufacture of a false wall. It can be mounted from plasterboard or other materials.

Number of guides

The door leaf is most often equipped with two guides. There are models of sliding interior doors only with an upper guide, which takes the main load.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation


Sliding interior doors are made:

Made of wood

Like a traditional swing door, the sliding structure looks particularly luxurious and delights in its durability when made of wood. Modern production allows you to make a stunning decor of a wooden canvas, give it individuality and a bright appearance using exquisite accessories, paints and varnishes, drawings and rhinestones.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

From glass

To keep the sliding door practical, only tempered glass is used in its production. It can be combined with metal or wooden elements and can be the only material in the door structure. A glass sliding door looks harmonious in a modern interior, emphasizing the laconicism and strict forms of minimalism.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

From the mirror

Mirrored sliding doors are rather a decorative technique that visually expands the space, as well as complements it remarkably.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Made of laminated chipboard and MDF

A more affordable alternative to solid wood, which looks attractive and practically does not yield to performance characteristics.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Unlimited design possibilities allow you to decorate the door leaf in accordance with the chosen interior style. To do this, use a combination of different materials, inlay, photo printing or carving..

5 steps to install sliding doors

Professional installation of sliding doors is somewhat different from the installation of a traditional swing door. It’s all about the special mechanism of its movement, which ensures smooth sliding.

The main structural elements are:

  1. Aluminum profile. Its length determines the size of the doorway.
  2. Hanging rollers.
  3. Limiters of movement with shock-absorbing pads.
  4. Hardware kit for fasteners.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Installation work should begin with the preparation of the doorway. This stage includes dismantling the frame and door leaf. If it is planned to install a single-leaf sliding door, then its size should be larger than the dimensions of the opening in width by 5 cm, in height – by 13-15 cm. At the preparatory stage, the direction of opening the door is determined. The second important point is the location of the roller system.

Step 1. Markup

This stage involves a set of works on marking the mounting points of the guides on the wall and their direct installation. To correctly perform the markup, measure the height of the door leaf. They add to it:

  • gap (20-25 mm) from the floor to the canvas;
  • guide height;
  • roller size.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

After measurements, the corresponding marks are applied to the wall strictly according to the level. This will avoid spontaneous movement of the canvas, its curvature.

Step 2. Installing the rail

It is necessary to fix the guide strictly according to the marking. To do this, use dowels, a special bracket or a wooden bar.

Advice! In order for the door leaf to completely hide behind the wall, the length of the plank should slightly exceed the size of the opening.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Step 3. Installing the sliding mechanism

To fix the rollers to the guide, brackets for carriages are installed in its upper part..

Installing the fixing bolt moves the roller mechanism to the middle of the rail.

Similarly, the mechanism is attached to the door leaf. Carriage brackets are installed, stepping back about 5 mm from its upper edge.

If the sliding door is made of glass, then the canvas itself is clamped using special metal paws.

Step 4. Installing the door leaf

After the roller mechanism has taken its place in the sliding structure, they begin to fix the door leaf.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

At this stage, it is quite difficult to cope alone, because it will be necessary to simultaneously support the canvas and fasten it with bolts. In order for the door leaf to fall into place, it is necessary:

  • insert it into the guide and raise it slightly;
  • screw the bolts into the brackets;
  • test the smoothness of the movement along the guide, tighten the bolts if necessary.

The final moment of this stage is the installation of stops that will not allow the door leaf from the guide to fall.

Step 5. Installing fittings and finishing

At this stage, the doorway is made out with the help of false panels and platbands, fittings are installed.

Sliding doors in a niche: installation features

Installation of sliding doors along the wall and in the niche has its own characteristics. If in the first case, the roller mechanism is located on one side of the doorway, then in the second, it is literally sewn into a pencil case. And the door leaves are completely hidden in a pre-provided niche.

What are the features of installing a door in a niche:

  1. It is necessary to start the installation with the preparation of a recess, the size of which must correspond to the dimensions of the canvas.
  2. The surface of the walls must be perfectly flat for smooth movement of the sashes.
  3. After the door has taken its place on the rollers, work is carried out on the so-called sewing of the cassette with plasterboard.
  4. All important points of installation should be provided before sewing the cassette. This will be problematic later..
  5. After the installation is completed, they proceed to the finishing of the walls and the installation of platbands.

Sliding interior doors. Choice. DIY installation

Despite the more laborious process of installing a sliding interior door, its attractiveness and ease of use will be appreciated by households and guests. Such a door will become a functional and stylish decor, having recouped all financial costs and installation efforts..

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