Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

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Thermostatic mixer is a modern plumbing device that allows you to maintain the pressure and temperature of the water at a level that is comfortable for you. Economical and safe faucet with thermostat for the bathroom will save you from unpleasant surprises when the pressure and temperature of the water in the system changes.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

Features of thermostatic mixers

The main difference between mixers with a thermostat and classic mixers is the presence of temperature sensors that allow you to maintain the temperature at the same level. The jumps in the pressure of hot and cold water do not affect the jet coming out of the tap or shower. The built-in programmable device also supports the thrust force. The desired temperature can be set with half degree precision. Now an unplanned contrast shower will not hit your head, as well as boiling water, even with a sudden decrease in the flow of cold water in the system, the thermostat will keep your comfort. Considering in detail thermostatic mixers, we note the following advantages:

  1. Saving water consumption. You do not have to waste liters, alternately increasing the flow of hot and cold water, trying to get the right temperature.
  2. Comfort. The temperature is set once, you only select the water pressure.
  3. Safety of use. The thermostat will eliminate the possibility of burns. When the supply of cold or hot water in the system is stopped, the mixer is blocked automatically.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

In fairness, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of thermo mixers:

  1. High price. This is especially true of high-tech electronic models with a liquid crystal screen and touch buttons..
  2. Greater sensitivity to tap water quality.
  3. Repair of a thermo mixer is a complex and expensive procedure, moreover, it is not available in all localities.

Types of thermostats

Having opted for a mixer with a thermostat, it is worth exploring the varieties of this plumbing fixture. There are two main types of thermostats on the market: electronic and mechanical. Let’s dwell on each of them..


The sophisticated design of the electronic thermo mixer will ensure maximum ease of use. Many models are equipped with liquid crystal displays, which reflect the current water temperature and even data on the actual head force. Such a mixer can be controlled by mechanical or touch buttons. Electronic models usually run on batteries. Devices equipped with infrared sensors for turning on water are especially comfortable to use, but their cost is quite high.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets


Mechanical thermostatic mixers are easy to install and operate and do not need to be connected to a power source. The device has two regulators that control the water pressure and its temperature. A thermostat is installed in the mixer body, which is responsible for supplying water to the temperature required by the user and a sensor that regulates the pressure.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

Device and nuances

The idea behind a thermostatic mixer is pretty simple. The body of the sanitary ware is equipped with a pressure regulator and a thermostatic valve.

Advice! Choose mixer models with a ceramic valve – they are practical and durable. Rubber or leather flap wears out very quickly.

Most thermostatic valves consist of:

  1. Thermostat with a plastic cylinder.
  2. Metal cylinder.
  3. Cartridge.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets 1 – hot water supply; 2 – eccentric; 3 – check valve; 4 – shower / spout switch; 5 – ceramic divertor and water pressure regulator; 6 – aerator; 7 – thermostatic cartridge; 8 – temperature clamp 38 ° С; 9 – regulation of water temperature; 10 – cold water supply

The thermostat itself, which controls the flows of cold and hot water, consists of a paraffin (wax or polymer) rod and a copper rod. A handle, lever or valve sets the required temperature, the check valve mixes hot and cold water in the required proportion. As the temperature of the water in the piping rises, the wax rod expands and extends the copper rod, increasing the space between the metal surface of the regulator and the plastic cylinder, thereby increasing the cold water flow. A decrease in the temperature of the water in the system causes the wax rod to shrink and the space for cold water decreases..

Video: how a mixer with a thermostat works

Connecting faucets with thermostat

Despite the complexity of the device of some models of thermo mixers, this does not affect the installation – the installation of a mixer with a thermostat takes place according to the traditional scheme.

There are three ways to install a thermostatic mixer:

  1. Wall Mount.
  2. Bathtub housing.
  3. Connecting the mixer to a separate rack or shelf.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

The main types of installation are rigid connections or flexible connections. In old houses, the plumbing device often allows hot water to enter into communications with cold water. Mixers with an anti-mixing valve are recommended to prevent this undesirable phenomenon..

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

Advice! For correct operation and long life of the thermostatic mixer, it is recommended to install a pressure reducer and a fine water filter!

What to look for when buying

Thermostatic mixers are now available in different price segments. The world’s leading sanitary brands – Hansgrohe, Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Hansa, Grohe and many others offer models with different functional content, design, installation method.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

Advice! When choosing a mixer with a thermostat, be sure to pay attention to which side the cold and hot water supply is designed to, since models from different manufacturers differ in design features.

A mixer with a thermostat is a long-term purchase and you should not save on it, give preference to reputable manufacturers, with a confirmed guarantee and decent service.

Smart plumbing: thermostatic bathroom faucets

Maximum convenience and functionality are the two main characteristics of a thermostatic mixer that make it an integral part of the bathroom furnishings. Its use is especially important in families with children. The safety and reliability of the device will more than pay off the cost, and saving water will help reduce utility costs. If the purchase of a faucet is important for you – a thermostatic faucet is a worthy candidate that can serve for the benefit of your comfort for many years.

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