The latest finishing materials in the interior – 3D panels

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Just a few decades ago, homeowners who decided to renew their interiors were faced with only choosing between floral or striped wallpapers and different shades of paint. Today the situation has changed dramatically and the variety of finishing materials simply scatters eyes.

Among the new products, 3D panels for walls, ceilings and other surfaces are also widely represented. Like any novelty, such embossed panels are of particular interest to buyers who are going to make changes to the interior. The designers, many of whom actively use 3D panels in their projects, also managed to assess the possibilities of this finishing material. Let’s try to figure out what embossed panels are, in their features, types and options for use in interior design.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panelsEmbossed or 3D panels have every chance of becoming one of the most popular finishing materials due to their qualities and characteristics. See how unusual these embossed panels look against a neutral wall background!

What are 3D panels

Of course, relief drawings have been used in interior design for a long time and this method of wall or ceiling decoration cannot be called a novelty. However, in the past, the process of creating a relief image was a laborious and time-consuming process that required the use of special plaster and paint. And even after all the efforts made and the remuneration of the master, it was still not possible to achieve such a bright and immediately noticeable effect.

Ceiling and wall panels 3D represent a finished, ready-to-use finishing material, like a piece of a relief pattern, which just needs to be fixed on the selected surface area. Usually they do not require additional processing, which allows them to make changes to the interior as quickly as possible..

Embossed panels can be parts with a repeating pattern – these are exactly what are used to decorate an entire wall or ceiling. There are also panels, whose drawing is part of the overall picture. From such pieces, as a result, a finished panel is obtained, so in this case it is necessary to buy a set at once – usually at least four panels.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels Embossed panels are both a ready-made element of interior design and a finishing material that allows you to quickly complete the renovation. In this case, using three-dimensional drawings, it was decided to highlight the section of the wall above the head of the bed.


3D panels can be made from a wide variety of materials:

  1. Plywood and MDF. Embossed drawings and patterns are applied to plates made of these materials, which are subsequently varnished..
  2. Gypsum. Embossed panels made of this material are environmentally friendly, durable and very pleasant to the touch..
  3. Natural wood, including bamboo.
  4. Metals such as copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Very durable, can simulate a wide variety of surfaces.
  5. Polymer composite.
  6. Fake diamond.
  7. Glass.
  8. Decoracryl, which has become a modern alternative to conventional glass.
  9. Felt or felt. These soft textile materials are most often used to produce acoustic wall panels with excellent sound insulation properties..
  10. Begassa – pressed green mass, for example, cane.
  11. Leather. The leather surface can also be imitated by a PVC film applied to an MDF board.

Of course, the main properties of 3D panels will depend on what material served as the basis for applying the relief pattern. So, MDF and plywood panels are cheaper, but they will not last as long as gypsum or metal ones. However, due to the fact that it is possible to imitate any surface, it is often impossible at first glance to say what exactly the panel was created from, which has already taken its place in the interior..

In addition, today manufacturers not only offer ready-made panels of a certain size, but also create them to order. The buyer himself can choose a drawing or pattern, indicate the required dimensions and receive a finished finishing material that will allow solving the assigned design tasks.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panelsAn incredible bathroom that looks like a fabulous “bubble” kingdom. This is exactly the effect that can be achieved if you use 3D panels to decorate the entire surface of the walls and ceiling.

The cost

The cost of 3D panels, of course, primarily depends on the quality and properties of the base material. In addition, the popularity of the manufacturer, the complexity of the pattern and the processing technology also affect the price. Custom-made embossed panels will certainly cost significantly more than standard ones..

So, the average price of embossed panels:

  1. Gypsum panels, size 600x600x40 millimeters – 1.4 thousand rubles apiece.
  2. Eco 3D panels made of bamboo, size 500×500 millimeters, maximum thickness, taking into account the convex pattern – 50 millimeters – about 2.5 thousand rubles.
  3. Glass 3D panels, size 600x600x5 millimeters – also about 2.5 thousand rubles.
  4. Panels based on MDF with a finish coating of PVC film imitating gilding, leather and other surfaces with an original texture, size 400x400x16 – about 3.2 thousand rubles.
  5. 3D panels based on bagassa, size 500×500, thickness of the material itself – 1.5 millimeters, excluding the convex pattern – from 300 rubles.
  6. Embossed decorative acrylic panels, size 1000×2000 millimeters, thickness varies from 4 to 12 millimeters. The price is about 15 thousand rubles. One of the most expensive options.
  7. 3D panels made of polymer composites, standard size – 500×500, thickness excluding protruding patterns 1.5 millimeters – from 350 rubles apiece.

Of course, many manufacturers indicate that the “price is negotiable” or “set individually”, so ask the seller for specific prices for each particular type of embossed panels.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels The cost of such original embossed panels can be very different. It all depends on the base material, processing technology and the complexity of the drawing itself


Original external parameters

Embossed panels will certainly become one of the most striking highlights of the interior. There are a huge number of types of relief patterns, 3D panels can imitate wood, an aged surface and even glow in the dark, thanks to which they will turn an ordinary room into a masterpiece of design art.


Embossed panels can be used to decorate walls, partitions, ceilings, furniture facades, hide the unevenness of the walls, serve as the brightest interior detail, serve as a background, for example, for a clock or TV – their scope is very wide.


High-quality embossed panels will last a very long time – the service life of 3D gypsum panels, for example, is as much as 100 years. They can last so long due to the fact that they are not afraid of moisture, sunlight and mechanical stress

Easy to install

3D panels do not require perfectly smooth walls, they are simply mounted with glue or attached to mounting angles (if the walls are too smooth). This does not require special skills or special tools, only the glue recommended by the manufacturer specifically for this type of panel, or a fastening system. Embossed panels are attached to wood, concrete, drywall and brick.

Absorb sound and have thermal insulation properties

Almost all embossed panels have very good sound and heat insulation performance. In this regard, acoustic panels made of felt or felt are especially distinguished, thanks to which you can arrange a real recording studio in your home. So 3D panels are not just a decoration, but an effective tool for reducing noise from neighbors and warming a room..

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels Each separate relief panel in this case is a part of the picture. By connecting such parts together, you will get an original panel with a beautiful landscape or other image. It’s nice that in addition to such a spectacular appearance, 3D panels have a number of other advantages.


Too bright

If there are too many 3D panels in the room, for example, it was decided to revet all the walls and the ceiling with them, then such a bright and rich drawing can tire the eyes and simply annoy.


From time to time you will have to carry out wet cleaning of 3D panels – dust will collect on the embossed surface. All these bumps, depressions, that is, reliefs, will become an excellent platform for dust, which can even ruin the three-dimensional effect. You don’t want to wipe the walls with a damp cloth – it is better not to use embossed panels with an expressive pattern.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels If you decide to install the embossed panels like this – separately, then there will be a place for dust between the individual pieces of the picture. And the 3D drawing itself with its convex details will become a good “springboard” for her

Using 3D panels in the interior

Embossed images and patterns on 3D panels can be very different, so this finishing material will perfectly fit into almost any interior style. The main thing is to choose the right option..

For example, gypsum panels, thanks to their noble structure, will harmoniously look in a classic interior with its stucco molding, columns and ceiling cornices. But glass and metal are more suitable for modern styles – contemporary, hi-tech, minimalism.

3D panels imitating leather surface can be used to create unusual ethnic interiors, in particular African or Moroccan styles. In such an interior, relief panels made of noble copper or bronze will also look harmonious..

It is impossible not to mention the possibility of highlighting relief panels. It is with its help that you can enhance the three-dimensional effect. The deep relief of 3D panels will sparkle with new colors thanks to LED backlighting on LED strips or installed spotlights. Typically used side lighting to emphasize the depth of the picture.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels Embossed panels with a repeating pattern fit perfectly into this ethnic interior.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels Such a rich, even glamorous interior in the living room was created largely thanks to the use of embossed panels, which became the background for the television panel.

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels Such a rather restrained, repetitive relief pattern can be a great addition to the classic interior style. Such panels will suit both the magnificent baroque and rococo

The latest finishing materials in the interior - 3D panels But such a drawing on 3D panels, of course, has nothing to do with the classics. It is already high-tech with its commitment to high technology

One cannot but agree that embossed panels are not only beautiful and original, but also practical. It is with their help that you can quickly change the interior of the room beyond recognition, as well as solve a number of functional tasks, in particular, make the room warmer and quieter. The price range of 3D panels is quite wide, as is the choice of drawings and images, thanks to which this finishing material can satisfy the needs of any homeowner..

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