The most durable materials in home decoration and decoration

Question: “How long will the new furniture and decoration last?” – ask themselves all who are engaged in home renovation. Our advice site, based on expert opinions, has selected materials for furniture and interior decoration for you, which are distinguished by record durability and have served faithfully for decades.

Metal bed

Solid oak furniture

Rattan furniture

Let’s start with the furnishings. According to experts, furniture made from:

  • Metal. Wrought iron beds, whatnots, chairs are practically not “kill”. Remember your grandmother’s beds with mesh and metal stitches? Yes, the mesh stretched, especially if children regularly jumped on it, but the frame itself was easy to repaint and the bed regained a respectable look. Modern forged furniture is also designed for a very long service life..
  • Wood. But not all! The most durable wardrobes, cabinets, dressers, whole sets are made of oak and larch. These types of wood, with proper care, age very beautifully and over the years such furniture becomes antiques..
  • Rattan. Wicker furniture, the choice of which the portal devoted a separate article to, only seems light, delicate and fragile. Remember that rattan furniture is used on terraces, verandas and outdoor seating areas. Its service life is 30 years or more, experts say..

Oak parquet

Stretch ceiling

Finishing the loggia with PVC panels

Porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor

Now let’s see what finishing materials are leaders in durability:

  • Parquet. With proper care and initially high quality wood, such a floor will go to your great-grandchildren. The strength and durability of the coating meet its high price. The most durable parquet is made from oak, ash, beech, merbau, mahogany and wenge. Service life – up to 80 years.
  • Stretch ceiling. Modern manufacturers give a guarantee for their products for at least 10, and more often for 12 years. In fact, stretch ceilings serve, without losing their appearance and qualities, much longer. In addition, they protect the rest of the decoration of the room from floods, retaining water, which can then be carefully drained, and the ceiling itself will stretch again.
  • Plastic panels. Yes, yes, those same inexpensive options for finishing the ceiling on the balcony, kitchen, bathroom, walls on the loggia and in the hallway. PVC panels look, perhaps, too simple and unpresentable, but they can last up to 60 years, manufacturers say! It remains to wait and check in practice.
  • Porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles. They also serve for decades, most often the tiles in the bathroom are changed not because they are worn out or destroyed, but simply because the interior is morally outdated. Or you need to change communications.

Murals on the walls

As for other wall and ceiling finishes, here the best indicators of durability are demonstrated by such “museum” options as art painting and frescoes. They serve for at least 25 years, modern paints are resistant to abrasion and sunlight. Yes, this decor may seem outdated. And many will find it difficult to live with the same picture on the ceiling or accent wall for decades. But in general, it is actually an unusual and durable option for interior decoration..

We admit that almost all the materials we have described, except for stretch ceilings and PVC panels, are not cheap. However, if you are already determined not to make repairs and change furniture in the next 10 years, then it is better not to save!

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