The use of travertine in interior decoration

Travertine has been used in interior decoration for many centuries. This is one of the most affordable types of natural stone. Our advice site will give you examples of the use of travertine in the decoration of different rooms, tell you about the features of laying tiles from this stone and its characteristics..

Decorating the bathroom with travertine tiles

In its article on different types of natural stone, the portal compared travertine with granite and marble. Yes, it is inferior to them in strength and aesthetics. But on the other hand, travertine tiles are much more affordable than marble and granite tiles. In any case, this natural stone is a good choice for the following reasons:

  1. This finish is a timeless option that never goes out of style..
  2. Good thermal insulation performance.
  3. Despite its porosity, travertine does not absorb moisture, therefore it can be used in bathrooms.
  4. Resistance to weight and mechanical loads.
  5. Possibility to renovate if necessary.
  6. A fairly large selection of tile sizes and shades.
  7. Travertine is unique, the interior will turn out to be unique.

Travertine fireplace decoration

Travertine floor

Travertine tiles are used for wall and floor decoration, kitchen aprons, fireplace cladding. There is controversy regarding the use of travertine outdoors. Yes, the stone is frost-resistant, so it may well be used, for example, for facing steps of a porch or floor on a terrace. However, travertine in terms of durability and strength is still inferior to other options, including clinker bricks. Therefore, travertine tiles are not used as often in outdoor conditions as in interiors..

Travertine kitchen apron

Travertine in the bathroom

Travertine tiles come in a variety of sizes, from mosaic to large format. In general, the process of laying travertine differs little from the decoration of walls and floors with ordinary ceramic tiles. Difficulties may arise with cutting, so it is advisable to minimize this need by choosing a tile of the desired size and conducting a preliminary layout.

Travertine mosaic and tiles

Experts advise laying travertine tiles on cement-sand glue so that the material does not change its shade. Suture and seamless laying methods are used, depending on the characteristics of the tile. Experts believe that using travertine from different batches is a great idea. You will get a natural pattern on the wall or floor, you will not need to strictly control the layout.

Travertine porch

Stylish, elegant, natural and durable travertine finishes are a time-tested choice. If you cannot afford marble and granite, choose this stone for an interesting, very attractive interior..

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