Truly French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

This year, the world famous brand of sanitary ware Jacob Delafon celebrates its 130th anniversary. The products of this brand are in demand in our country as well, so our site of advice decided to choose for you the most striking examples of this truly French sanitary ware – elegant and very stylish.

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonEscale countertop washbasin in French Art Nouveau style

The Jacob Delafon brand was created in 1889 through the combined efforts and talents of Emile Jacob and Maurice Delafon. They started with mixers, and then turned to sanitary porcelain..

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonTerrace sink with a unique drainage system, L-shape, which makes it possible to install a pull-out drawer under it for various small items

According to one of the brand’s designers, Bruno Chenessot, the main inspiration for the creators of the French Jacob Delafon sanitary ware is Paris itself with its unique architecture, a variety of districts, each of which has its own face..

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonCleo Bath

This is the legend and pride of the brand, one of the most famous and popular sanitary ware models. The Cleo bathtub was created in the spirit of the “Beautiful Age” – the late 19th century, when culture and natural sciences were actively developing in France.

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonStillness slim faucet that does not contradict the French brand’s sanitary ware models, but emphasizes their individuality

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonAn even more minimalist Toobi mixer. This time, the brand’s designers were inspired not by Paris, but by Japanese gardens

French plumbing by Jacob DelafonThis is the whole Ecrin shower system

This system includes not only the mixer, the design of which the customer can choose individually, and the shower tray. The set includes a wall panel with shelves for various accessories. Moreover, the panel can be of different colors.

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

Of the recent works of the Jacob Delafon brand, the very popular Nouvelle Vague, that is, the “New Wave”, stands out. The collection, which includes sinks, vanities for them, mirrors, modules, shelves, bidets and toilets, is designed in the neo-retro style.

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

French plumbing by Jacob Delafon

Today, the French brand of sanitary ware is actively working on new faucets that allow you to accurately set the water temperature and save the resources of our planet. So the 130 year history continues.

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