Types of modern wooden windows

Despite the ubiquity of plastic windows, many homeowners still prefer the good old, environmentally friendly and beautiful wood. Our tips site will tell you what the main five types of wooden windows exist today, so that you make the right choice..

Types of modern wooden windows

Let’s start with our traditional Russian wooden windows, which are often called simply “carpentry”. They are manufactured in accordance with GOST 11214–86 since 1987. May be:

  • OS. Paired. Two frames that are bolted together.
  • OP. Separate, the doors run in parallel, they have their own hinges.
  • OPC. Combination when the inner doors are paired and the outer ones are single.

Wooden window

Most often they are made from budget coniferous wood, the fittings are domestic, glass can be single or double.

Joiner's wooden window without double-glazed windows

The advantages of such wooden windows include an affordable price – from 4 thousand rubles per meter, as well as environmental friendliness. There are more disadvantages: insufficient level of noise and heat insulation, the need to insulate before the onset of cold weather, they can lose their shape, need to be painted, updated, the configurations are the simplest, there are no original options.

Norwegian wooden windows.They differ in that their box is always made of a solid bar, whose thickness cannot be less than 200 millimeters. Pine and larch are used, which are impregnated with a special composition against decay. A double-glazed window is an integral part of the entire structure, these are real euro windows.

Solid wood Norwegian window

In addition, in order to prevent the glasses from fogging from the inside, low-molecular sieves are inserted into special holes, which absorb moisture. Norwegian windows have many advantages, they are reliable, warm and durable. The disadvantages include difficulties in finding a manufacturer and an overpriced.

German windows.The most common option today. These are euro-windows, 99% of all plastic double-glazed windows are made using the same technology. The design is single-frame, the sashes are in the same plane. There are no vents, they are not needed, because you can open the sash for ventilation. The doors of German windows are always tilt-and-turn. Glued laminated timber from three layers of wood is used for manufacturing. Moreover, the layers are glued together so that the direction of the fibers is different, this increases the resistance of the window to deformation. The insulating glass units themselves can be two- and three-chamber, with a sealing contour.

Wooden euro window according to German technology

The advantages of German windows are obvious – high levels of heat and sound insulation, the ability to order a window of a non-standard shape, the presence of a ventilation function thanks to the flaps. But the price will be at least 8 thousand rubles per linear meter, which is twice the average cost of plastic windows made according to a similar concept..

Finnish windows.Their main feature is two sashes, external and internal. And there are three glasses – in the inner sash there is a two-chamber double-glazed unit, in the outer one there is just sheet glass. The doors can be opened simultaneously to ventilate the room, or separately. Since there are two doors, the width of the box is quite large – up to 220 millimeters.

Finnish wooden windows

Finnish wood window

The advantage of Finnish windows is that they provide the highest possible level of heat and sound insulation. Minus – swing doors, no folding mechanism. And the price will reach 15 thousand rubles per running meter. However, the portal has already written in detail about Finnish windows..

And finally, the fifth type of wooden windows – combination with aluminum.Two options are possible here:

  1. Aluminum covers the wood only from the outside, from the street. This is the most common type of window data. The aluminum protection significantly extends the life of the tree, literally merges with the wooden profile, completely repeating its shape. Metal-protected wood lasts up to 70 years without problems.
  2. Materials are swapped. The entire structure is aluminum, but from the inside, from the room, the metal is covered with wooden slats. This is just a decorative element, because a metal window is quite difficult to fit into the interior of a living space..

Wood-aluminum window

Such combined windows are good in all respects, but they are expensive..

When making a choice between plastic and wooden windows, do not forget that timber windows are also different! The choice depends on how warm and quiet it will be in your house, how long the window will last, how comfortable it will be to use and maintain..

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