Types of mosquito nets

Every evening, before bed, the chase for mosquitoes begins – this is not only a test that tests your dexterity, but, of course, a lesson to develop ingenuity! Running with obstacles around the apartment for a fly, which is terribly tired of its buzzing, is truly a warm-up. During the period when poplar blooms, fluff is added to the interior of your home. A pet – a cat, in the heat of hunting for birds, falls out the window. If this is about you, then a mosquito net is simply necessary for you..

Types of mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are installed on windows and doors, as well as terraces and attics. Low wear and tear of the material, the ability to use in any atmospheric conditions, all this is due to the high-quality material used in the production of mosquito nets (hard to tear, not brittle, hardly flammable, durable, does not fade in the sun and does not change the original color). The variety of sizes in the production of nets makes it possible to install a mosquito on any opening. The simplicity of the fastening will allow you to remove it yourself, or, on the contrary, put a mosquito barrier.

What material are mosquito nets made of? A specially made canvas, as well as an aluminum profile, are the materials that are used in production. For painting the profile, enamel is used, which is resistant to various changes in air temperature, as well as to mechanical stress. The mesh made of PVC-coated fiberglass (with a mesh size of 1×1 mm) does not lend itself to deformation, does not fade. A sealing cord is laid around the entire perimeter of the frame to tension and fix the mosquito. And when using z-shaped mounts, it is fixed from the outside of the window or balcony opening. Easily removed from the mount when needed.

Types of mosquito nets

Frame mosquito nets

Frame nets are probably the most affordable, relatively inexpensive option for mosquitoes. Reliable design, easy manufacture and inexpensive to sell.

In the manufacture of this type of mosquito net, such materials as: aluminum profile, plastic corner, sealing cord and mesh are used. Using corners, a rectangular frame is created from the profile. Then, with the help of a sealing cord, the mesh is pulled and fixed. When making a profile by extrusion, it is coated with powder paint in an electric field. Then, at 200 degrees Celsius, the product is heat treated. Standard colors: white and brown. Fiberglass coated with PVC compound – used to make mesh.

Types of mosquito nets

Despite the fact that due to the ability to resist deformation, the mesh can be left for the winter, it is more rational to remove it to extend its service life. If you need to wash the mesh, it’s easy. The removed mosquito net is washed with soapy water under running water.

Rolling mosquito nets

Absolutely simple and easy to use, with an aesthetic appearance – these are roller mosquito nets (another name is rolled). They are for those who are accustomed to using the best, who follow the latest in technical products. In a standard way, using four self-tapping screws on the window opening, on the outside, a box with a mesh roll is fixed. The web in the box, wound on the shaft, is at the top. As needed, the mesh is pulled out of the box with a cord. The guides set the direction of movement of the mosquito, and are also supplemented with brush seals to avoid a crevice gap. Having lowered the net to the end, in the lower position, you fix it with special latches. In the case when the need to use the net disappears, press the latches, the latches will no longer hold the net, and it will return to the box. It is very convenient.

Types of mosquito nets

What is the probability of a roll mosquito breakage? It is impossible to deny the possibility that the roller shutter mesh will fail. But as practice has shown, this is an extremely rare case. What is the principle of cleaning the product? Using a brush and using a soap solution, you can easily clean the mesh from dirt from the inside of the room.

Finally, let’s analyze the benefits of mosquito nets:

  1. Keeps your free time away from chasing flies and mosquitoes and thus gives you peace of mind and comfort.
  2. Thanks to the mesh, fluff, dust, debris (thrown out of the window of neighbors above), as well as pollen, which can cause an allergic reaction, does not get into the room.
  3. There will be no need to purchase various means for the fight and extermination of various kinds of insects.
  4. Fresh air and rays of sunlight will enter the room without obstacles.
  5. Absolutely convenient and easy to maintain and operate.
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