Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

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Our article will tell you about vinyl laminate and PVC tiles, reveal their pros and cons, help you choose the right option based on feedback from real buyers and tell you a couple of installation secrets. You will find out whether it is worth overpaying for a brand and which manufacturers you can trust.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Vinyl flooring, which has been so popular in design for the past couple of years, actually appeared much earlier. The first PVC floor tiles were produced back in the 30s of the last century. True, it resembled little of modern counterparts and was used mainly in industrial workshops and sales areas of stores. Modern vinyl is characterized by a wide range of colors, a variety of shapes and a high level of durability.

Vinyl cover structure:

  1. PU upper layer provides UV protection.
  2. A transparent layer of durable PVC plays a protective role, protecting the floors from abrasion.
  3. Color layer with printed image.
  4. Base – polyvinyl chloride with the addition of mineral chips.
  5. The finishing layer – a backing – is not available for all manufacturers.

Vinyl can be purchased in three types:

  1. Square vinyl tiles (interlocking and interlocking) are available in sizes 300–600 mm.
  2. Rectangular imitation of a laminate (parquet board) has dimensions similar to the analogue – 180×920 mm, 100×920 mm.
  3. Roll material 2000×25000 mm.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Standard thicknesses range from 1.5 to 3.5 mm, some manufacturers produce vinyl laminate in thicker.

Types (classes) of PVC tiles

The cost of a vinyl covering directly depends on the wear resistance class, which determines the strength characteristics:

  1. Household tiles (23–31 grades) are most often used in the decoration of apartments and houses. It has a minimal thickness and a wide variety of species. Service life – on average 5-6 years.
  2. Commercial tiles (class 32–42) are suitable for offices and premises with high traffic. A thick, abrasion-resistant protective layer ensures a long service life of 10 to 15 years. Has anti-static properties.
  3. Class 43 special coating is intended for floors with increased mechanical stress (in workshops, sports complexes, garages, etc.).

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Important! The higher the wear resistance class, the higher the cost of the coating. However, if you are choosing tiles for residential premises, you should not overpay for commercial collections. Resource of abrasion of household tiles is quite enough.

Pros and cons of vinyl floors

Buyers note the following positive aspects of using PVC tiles:

  1. Design variability – tiles from different collections can be combined.
  2. Simplicity and low cost of operation – the coating does not require special maintenance.
  3. Light weight of the material – about 3-5 kg.
  4. Waterproof and therefore suitable for use in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.
  5. Durability and resistance to staining – these qualities are characteristic of multi-layer tiles.
  6. Ease of installation – you can choose a tile with an adhesive base, tiles with a landing on a special mortar, tiles with locks.
  7. Cost – comparison with similar materials is presented in the table:
Coating type pros Minuses Additional styling materials Cost of work: preparation of the base + laying, m2 The real cost of coverage, taking into account all costs, m2
Bung Nice to the touch, environmentally friendly Unstable to mechanical stress, requires a special walker Cement / concrete screed, plywood, white spirit for degreasing, glue, varnish From 180 rubles. RUB 1000 for material + 500 rubles. for additional materials + 180 rubles. for installation = 1680 rubles.
Ceramic tiles Beautiful, strong, durable Cold to the touch, slippery, thrashing Tile adhesive or mortar, grout From 460 rub. (usually equates to the cost of the tile itself) RUB 600 for material + 200 rubles. for additional materials + 460 rubles. for installation = 1260 rubles.
Parquet Natural elite coating Capricious in care, high price Screed, plywood, glue, varnish From 460 rub. RUB 1000 per material + 250 rubles. for additional materials + 460 rubles. for installation = 1710 rubles.
Laminate Imitates wood flooring, resistant to mechanical stress Reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, edges may crumble Soundproofing underlay, glue (for lockless connection) From 200 rubles. RUB 700 per material + 150 rubles. for additional materials + 200 rubles. for installation = 1050 rubles.
Vinyl cover Long lasting, warm, durable, water resistant High price Not You can do it yourself From 1250 rub.

Important! When choosing vinyl flooring, check if it has a protective layer. Uniform and composite tiles without additional protection quickly get dirty – during use, additional grinding and dismantling of individual parts may be required.

Disadvantages of vinyl include:

  1. Release of Volatile Organic Compounds – Chemical fumes generated after installation may cause respiratory illness and / or allergic reactions. In order not to harm your health, you should not purchase a vinyl covering of dubious production. The seller must have a hygienic certificate for the product.
  2. Non-recyclable – old vinyl floors are not biodegradable and are rarely used in further production.
  3. Damage – the surface must be thoroughly cleaned before laying, since even small particles that get under the coating can eventually cause tears and cracks.
  4. Chemical staining – vinyl does not tolerate the proximity to rubber, entering into a chemical reaction with it, it can fade.
  5. Yellowing is a problem with poor quality coatings without a protective layer.
  6. Fire hazard and toxicity when burning – vinyl is not suitable for areas where direct contact with fire is possible.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Important! Vinyl floors are characterized by high aesthetics – clear geometry, absence of rough seams and noticeable joints. However, you should not pay attention only to the appearance of the coating, first of all you need to check the availability of all the necessary documents and clarify the composition.

An overview of the leading manufacturers

As a rule, the best quality vinyl floors are offered by well-known laminate manufacturers. Let’s consider the most common brands in more detail:

Manufacturer Collection Country Size, mm Features: Price per m2, rub.
Contesse Floors (“Contes Flor”) American Belgium 914.4×152.4×3.8 Plank 1-strip, glued, no bevel From 1380
Allure Floor (“Allure Floor”) Voyage USA / China 914х153х3.8 Glue joint (Greep streep), no chamfer From 1450
Classen (“Klassen”) Soft&Silent Germany 1198x272x10 Locking connection, no chamfer, single strip From 1470
Allure Floor (“Allure Floor”) Tile USA / China 914x305x3.8 Glue joint (Greep streep), no chamfer From 1500
Wicanders (“Vikanders”) Vinylcomfort Portugal 1220x185x10.5 Locking connection, no chamfer, single strip From 1519
Allure Floor (“Allure Floor”) 1632 University Collection USA / China 813x406x4.5 Glue joint (Greep streep), no chamfer From 1600
Allure Floor (“Allure Floor”) Locking USA / China 1210x190x5 Locking Unifit, no chamfer From 1800
Pergo (“Pergo”) Premium Sweden 594x400x9 Lock connection, under the tiles From 2050
Pergo (“Pergo”) Optimum (“Optimum”) Sweden 1202x170x10 Lock connection, without chamfer From 2450
Bolon (“Bolon”) Bkb rolls Sweden 25000x2000x2.8 Lock connection, roll material From 3040
Haro (“Haro”) Disano Germany 2035x235x9.3 Lock connection, chamfer on 4 sides From 3300

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Vinyl coverings can imitate not only wood, but also fabric, metal, weaving, stone and other materials.

Important! When choosing a color, do not rely on photographs in online stores or printed catalogs. Features of the monitor setting or printing colors can distort the hue. It is better to choose a new laminate or tile with a vinyl base “live”, in the showroom of the salon-shop.

DIY vinyl flooring

Under the general name of vinyl floors, various types of their performance are hidden. The basic principles of installation are about the same, but the nuances depend on the type of connection and the method of installation.

Preparatory stage:

  1. Adaptation of the coating to the room temperature – vinyl must “lie down” in a sealed package for at least a day, and if the temperature during transportation fell below +10 ° С – at least 48 hours.

Important! The room temperature should not be lower than +15 ° С (1–2 days before laying, during work and 1–2 days after their completion). If the covering is laid on the “warm floor” system, the heating must be turned off three days before installation. You can turn it on again a week after styling..

  1. Substrate preparation – the floor must be level, clean and dry. The surface is thoroughly cleaned, swept, washed and dried if necessary. It is recommended to prime the concrete screed to improve adhesion..
  2. Floor marking is necessary in the case of glue mounting – the room is divided into 4 sectors relative to the center, laying begins from the sector farthest from the door. Work is carried out from the center to the corners of the room.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Installation of tiles

The installation method depends on the type of coating chosen:

  1. Self-adhesive tiles – mark the boundaries by attaching the tiles to the floor. Carefully remove the protective film and attach the cover to the floor. We trim and adjust before removing the self-adhesive.
  2. Glue joint – apply glue to the concrete screed for 15 minutes, lay the tiles and fix them with a tamping roller. Excess on the walls can be cut off with a clerical knife.
  3. Lock connection – laid according to the laminate principle.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Important! With any method of laying, the work is carried out “from oneself” – the paver moves forward along the finished surface.

The final stage. Control

The quality of the installation must be checked immediately after installation. Pay attention to the corners and joints – they should not bulge or protrude. There must be no hollows or bulges on the floor surface.

Vinyl flooring: characteristics, installation, reviews

Traces of glue can be removed with a lather or a cloth moistened with alcohol. It is recommended to completely wash the floor after 24 hours, to put the furniture in 48 hours.

Vinyl floor care

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain – it can be swept, vacuumed and wiped down with a damp cloth. To add shine, products intended for linoleum (washing solutions, mastics) are suitable.

Do not use harsh industrial cleaners or abrasives. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately..

When moving furniture, it is recommended to use special protective foot pads or lay plywood panels.

When deciding to purchase a new item, you need to take into account all the pros and cons. Whether you choose a vinyl laminate or prefer a tile format, or maybe even opt for a roll material – in any case, such a floor, with proper care, will delight you for a long time with its practicality and bright colors..

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