What affects the cost of an interior door

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The price issue worries everyone who plans to renovate the house. Our site of advice decided to figure out what exactly affects the cost of interior doors, because this is a fairly significant cost item. We have selected the five most important factors that can have a significant impact on the cost of a door.

The first factor is the design and material of the door leaf

If the canvas is deaf, not glazed, then most often manufacturers make the basis of the door a panel structure made of lightweight chipboard or cardboard honeycomb. Both materials cost about the same, these are the most budget options. If the canvas is made on the basis of a pine beam (it is also called an engineering massif) and is sheathed with MDF on both sides, the door turns out to be at least 20% more expensive. But on the other hand, it will have good soundproofing properties. Doors with a leaf made of an array of valuable and hard wood species, such as sycamore, merbau, ash, oak, are three or even five times more expensive than ordinary doors. These are piece goods, which are usually made not in batches, but on order..

Second factor – finish

This is a very significant expense for the manufacturer. The most budget-friendly options are doors faced with reconstructed veneer and laminated. A high-quality film can be difficult to distinguish at first glance from an inexpensive tinted veneer. But veneer made of noble wood species costs much more, which affects the cost of the entire door.

Factor three – glazing

Immediately, we note that if ordinary glass is inserted into the canvas with a thickness of no more than 5 millimeters, with a modest tint or matting, then such a door will be on a level with a deaf door. But the use of glass with painting, fusing, engraving will slightly increase the cost of the door. If toughened laminated glass is used, the price of the door will increase by about 50%. The same increase in cost should be expected when choosing a soundproof glass unit for a door. If the model is frameless, made of glass, then it is very difficult to find the door for less than 15 thousand rubles.

Fourth factor – opening mechanism

Sliding doors are always more expensive than swing doors. And not because you need a roller mechanism – its price is comparable to the cost of the box, on which you just save. The fact is that the sliding door leaf must completely cover the opening, so it is always higher than usual. Accordingly, it is more expensive. In addition, craftsmen charge more for the installation of a sliding door. If the sliding door is made of tempered glass, the price rises, as we mentioned above, by about 50%. Folding accordion doors are even more expensive. They have special hinges and guides, the price is almost twice as much as ordinary interior doors.

Important! Barn interior doors, to which the portal has dedicated a separate article, are no cheaper than conventional sliding doors. Usually more expensive as a designer option. You can save on them, you can do it yourself from old boards. You will have to spend only on the roller mechanism.

Factor five – manufacturer’s brand

It is difficult to find interior doors from Italy for less than 20 thousand rubles. Doors designed by world renowned specialists will cost even more. Usually one brand has several collections. One can be budgetary, for a mass consumer with prices ranging from 6 to 10 thousand rubles. And the second one is more elite, starting from 12-15 thousand rubles per canvas. By the way, you can find budget models, for example, of Finnish production, not always an imported door is more expensive than a domestic one. Here, rather, we are talking about the popularity of the manufacturer’s brand..

A very important point – often the manufacturer indicates only the cost of the door leaf! And you think – “Well, that’s inexpensive.” But this is not all that you need to install an interior door. The canvas usually accounts for only 55% of the cost of the kit. Platbands and accessories – another 15%, the same is the box itself, the remaining 15% of the price are for hinges, handles, locks and other accessories. Moreover, all these additional elements may not be included in the factory kit, they will have to be selected and purchased separately, keep in mind.

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