What determines the cost of plastic windows

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Today PVC windows are very popular. Naturally, having made the decision to replace old wooden windows with plastic ones, first of all a person thinks about the cost of the latter. Many manufacturers and dealers are trying to attract the modern consumer by offering a very budgetary cost for installing PVC windows. In order not to be deceived by not very conscientious sellers, you need to imagine what factors determine the cost of plastic windows.

What determines the cost of plastic windows

What causes the cost of a plastic window?

So, the cost of a window can be divided into two components:

  1. Window construction cost.
  2. Cost of installation, delivery, warranty service.

Window construction cost

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider all the elements of a plastic window, since its cost directly depends on which configuration and design will be chosen..

A plastic window, or rather a window system, consists of double-glazed windows, a frame, a sash, a profile (impost).

A plastic profile can consist of two to six chambers. Based on this, the price of a profile with a different number of cameras will differ significantly. For the southern regions, significant savings are possible, since in this case windows made of a two-chamber profile are quite suitable. But in the northern regions it is pointless to install windows with a profile that has less than 5 cameras..

What determines the cost of plastic windows

The next element of the window structure is a glass unit. Why is it called that? The fact is that the window space is filled not with one glass, as it was before, but two or three, connected together.

The most common are single-chamber (with two glasses) and two-chamber (with three glasses) double-glazed windows, less often they are found with three or more chambers. It is with the help of such laminated glass that maximum protection against noise and dust entering the house is ensured, as well as the preservation of heat in the room. Naturally, the cost of a plastic window directly depends on the amount of glass in the glass unit. In addition, firms often offer special energy-saving and reflective glasses that are more expensive than conventional ones..

A very important factor on which the cost of plastic windows depends is the fittings, which are various clamps, hinges, handles, etc. It happens that a company selling plastic windows offers its customers fittings from various manufacturers of various quality, and, accordingly, at different prices. In this case, the cost of a plastic window may increase.

Therefore, when deciding to replace old windows with plastic ones, it is necessary to find out all the nuances, otherwise you can thoroughly ruin the mood with an unexpected financial problem..

Cost of installation, delivery, warranty service

To deliver the windows to the customer, the seller uses vehicles specially equipped for this purpose. It should be noted that shipping costs are usually low. But the next moment – the installation of a plastic window – is a very costly operation, so the client can pay for this an amount that is about a quarter of the cost of a plastic window.

Very often, in order to attract customers, some companies carry out delivery free of charge. This is more of an advertising campaign, since the costs associated with the work of loaders and the maintenance of vehicles are somehow included in the overall estimate.

Naturally, in this case, the thought arises that it is better to find a company, the cost of plastic windows in which is lower, and delivery is paid – you can bring the windows yourself. Of course, you can do this, but still it is better not to do it. The fact is that in this case the company will not guarantee the reliable operation of its products. At the same time, she can blame the client for the occurrence of all kinds of problems, explaining all the problems with improper transportation..

What determines the cost of plastic windows

To completely complete the installation of a window, you will need accessories such as a window sill, slopes, low tide. Naturally, the buyer will pay for this separately..

So what happens in the end? The window itself costs about $ 400. That is, plus installation, the cost of slopes and other things – in total, about 700 usd. e. In addition, do not forget about warranty service. True, some believe that it should be free. However, this is not always the case..

What is the cost of a standard plastic window?

First, you need to understand what a “standard window” is. In our case, this is an ordinary window measuring 1.5×1.5 meters with two sashes. Then there are the details: the number of doors, cameras, how the window opens, what kind of profile, and so on.

Thus, it is almost impossible to independently determine the full cost of a plastic window. Such calculations are likely to differ significantly from the amount that will be ultimately paid..

For approximate calculations of the cost of a plastic window, you can use a program – a cost calculator. Such an opportunity today is provided by almost all firms – sellers that have their own sites. You can try to find out the price by phone, if, of course, in this way you can explain what is required from the company. But this approach almost never gives results, since in this case hardly anyone can name the exact price..

A more acceptable option would be to independently remove the size of the windows, and then go to the seller (or better to several) to choose the appropriate option. You can listen to the advice of friends who have already purchased plastic windows.

But do not be intimidated, at first glance, by the complex procedure for choosing, purchasing and installing plastic windows. New windows have many advantages that will make you soon forget about all the difficulties. New windows will allow transforming an apartment or house, both outside and inside. As a result, the home will gain additional comfort, coziness and warmth, which is very important for all family members..

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