What is the best front door to choose?

Entrance doors

Entrance doors

Steel doors are by far the most popular as entrance doors. They primarily provide the necessary safety and fit perfectly into the apartment design. Steel doors are made of cold-bent steel, or rather, sheet steel. This type of door can be used both outdoors and indoors. They are also able to completely imitate a wooden door, using finishes in the form of a canvas or a variety of textures..

Consider high-quality doors, the manufacture of which consists of special alloys, such doors are called armor-piercing. Today, such doors are used as entrance doors in individual residential buildings, in cases where increased safety requirements are imposed. Such doors can have one or more leaves. The number of door openings depends on the wall thickness in the opening.

Internal doors

Steel doors can be either solid or glazed. Internal doors are most often made glazed, for example, to illuminate adjacent rooms. Glass in the door can be of a variety of shades. Transparent, matte, with a variety of patterns in various colors. The shape of the glazing can also be varied, both traditional, arched or rectangular or round or whatever. Entrance doors for residential buildings should be made of resistant alloys that will not be exposed to atmospheric materials.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors

Wooden doors can be installed both in cottages and in apartments in which there are no high security requirements. The construction of wooden doors is reinforced and has a threshold, seals, a peephole, a locking mechanism, a mechanical plinth. Also, a wooden door can have a letter box or a special glass unit. It is advisable to always install a visor over the door that can protect it from rain or sunlight..

This improves its service life. Wooden doors can be paneled, panel and massive. Paneled and panel boards have been known to everyone for a long time. Along with them, the basic principles have remained the same, only new materials and technologies have appeared that can improve the design and diversify it. Paneled doors, or paneled doors, are the most complex doors in production and yet the most popular.

Paneled doors

The choice of the front door in most cases is determined by the security of the home. The door structure must be resistant to concealment and must have rigidity in order to avoid various types of deformations.

You also need the door to provide high sound insulation. Often, doors are equipped with additional devices, these can be sills, latches, drawers, double-glazed windows, opening stops. But be aware that the quality of the door primarily depends on what materials it is made of.

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