What paint for wallpaper to choose: a review of leading manufacturers

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A wide range of paints for wallpaper, presented on the shelves of tinting centers and specialized stores, makes the choice difficult even for a specialist. In the article we will tell you about proven brands of paint and reveal a few professional “painting” secrets.

Whether you have decided to update the interior or give color to freshly pasted wallpaper for painting, you need to approach the choice of a suitable paint with all responsibility. In the very first store, it will become clear that it will not be possible to restrict oneself to the usual combination of parameters “price-manufacturer-volume” At a minimum, you need to take into account the features of each type of wallpaper, as a maximum – to understand the varieties and types of paint.

Water-based paints for interior work – choose the type of binder

When choosing paint, experts recommend focusing on the type of wallpaper. The type of the main binder is selected depending on the base – paper, vinyl, non-woven or fiberglass:

Paint Wallpaper type pros Minuses
Alkyd Smooth textured glass wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper (exterior paint). Forms a strong durable film, is not afraid of exposure to liquids and detergents. Does not “breathe”, has toxicity, can smooth the embossed pattern on the wallpaper. Not recommended for children’s rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
Water-dispersive (based on PVA) Any kind of wallpaper. Low price, environmental friendliness. Not resistant to moisture, flows strongly when applied, may leave marks after drying.
Acrylic (latex) Any, for non-woven wallpaper, it is better to use diluted. Coating uniformity, stability, silky surface. Does not weigh down paper wallpapers. Quite high cost.

What paint for wallpaper to choose: a review of leading manufacturers

Another important nuance is the appearance (smoothness or roughness) of the coating. Traditionally, manufacturers distinguish several types of paint:

  1. Matt (no gloss) is used for spacious rooms.
  2. Semi-matt (low sheen) works well in bedrooms and lounges.
  3. Glossy (with a strong shine) is rarely used in living quarters – it brightens dark spaces well, but in sunny rooms it can cause discomfort.
  4. Semi-gloss has good reflectivity and is easy to clean. Ideal for kitchens.
  5. Satin (smooth without shine) is durable and moisture resistant. Suitable for any room.

Important! The more gloss a paint has, the more stable it is. In most cases, it is not recommended to wash matte paints..

Price and quality: budget lines and expensive paints

When choosing paint, it is better to focus on trusted manufacturers, especially since they all produce several lines – from economy to premium:

Manufacturer Name Features: Consumption, m2/liter Cost per liter
Alpina (Germany-Russia) ALPINA RENOVA Highly covering, fast drying. 6-8 From 84 rub.
Alpina Megamax 3 Matt velvety thin paint. Does not contain solvents. 7-8 From 260 rubles.
ALPINA Children’s room Safe paint with a silky matte effect. Does not emit harmful substances, it is used with a special color scheme. 7-8 From 193 rub.
Dufa (Russia) Dufa Mattlatex RD 100 Matt resistant paint for all areas. Can be washed and disinfected. 5-7 From 148 rub.
Dufa Superweiss RD 4 Super white paint for rooms with high humidity. Safe, can be used in children’s and medical institutions. 5-7 From 186 rub.
Rogneda (Russia) “Rogneda Dali” acrylic paint for wallpaper Elastic high-covering paint for any wallpaper. Does not form streaks, does not turn yellow. 9-11 From 138 rub.
Dulux (Netherlands) DULUX Dazzling White Matt paint with the addition of marble particles, certified for children’s and medical institutions. 10-13 From 205 rub.
Dulux easy Water-based dispersion paint for any type of wallpaper. Emphasizes texture. Does not contain harmful impurities. 12-15 From 249 rub.
Dulux Kid`s room Non-toxic bactericidal paint for children’s rooms. Without smell. Contains silver ions. 7-10 From 440 rub.
Dulux Diamond Matt Matt paint with increased wear resistance. Withstands cleaning with special products. 12-17 From 467 rub.
Tikkurila Finncolor (Finland) Oasis Interior Plus Matt paint with anti-corrosion effect. Fast drying. Suitable for wet rooms. 8-14 From 145 rub.
Tikkurila joker Premium acrylate paint. 8-12 From 583 rub.
Tikkurila harmony Matt paint with a velvety effect. 7-12 From 695 rub.

Important: be sure to ask for quality certificates for any paint. Do not buy products of a dubious type, in shabby packaging. Be sure to pay attention to the storage conditions and shelf life – the paint should not be exposed to temperature extremes.

When choosing a paint, you need to be guided by the type of room where it will be used. Particular attention should be paid to the composition of paints for children’s rooms. Usually, manufacturers produce a separate line marked “for children”, but if specialized paint is not available, give preference to formulations approved for hospitals.

What paint for wallpaper to choose: a review of leading manufacturers

Paint for kitchens and hallways must meet at least two requirements – be resistant to abrasion and not be afraid of repeated washing. It is better to study the label in advance and make sure that the manufacturer does not impose restrictions on the use of detergents or disinfectants.

Important: do not buy the entire volume of paint at once if you are not sure of the correct choice. A small jar (the minimum packing of most manufacturers is 1 liter) will be enough to test the paint in an inconspicuous place or on the remaining piece of wallpaper.

Tinting secrets: everyday colors or professional selection of paints

The majority of manufacturers offer wallpaper paint in a standard white color and complementary tinting, either manually or by computer selection. Typically, brands in the “above average” price category release three basic options:

  1. Base A is intended for self-tinting in light pastel colors. The high content of white pigment – titanium dioxide – provides good hiding power of the paint and at the same time prevents the creation of saturated shades.
  2. Base B is not present in all manufacturers – this is an option for creating shades of medium saturation (titanium dioxide content is about 2-2.5%).
  3. Base C is not used without tinting – dark and bright colors are created on its basis.

What paint for wallpaper to choose: a review of leading manufacturers

Manual color selection is best used on small volumes of paint – household colors are not as heavily pigmented as their professional counterparts, so the consumption will be quite large. In addition, it can be very difficult to “get” into the desired shade..

Important: if you decide to tint the paint yourself, prepare the composition with a small margin. If there is not enough paint, it will be almost impossible to repeat the created shade..

Many stores offer computer tinting services – the color and consumption of the color are selected by a special program, which is subsequently stored in memory. This allows you to precisely match the tone and reproduce it if necessary..

What paint for wallpaper to choose: a review of leading manufacturers

Do not try to save money by choosing paint of dubious quality at a low cost. As a rule, the consumption of such products is much higher due to their low hiding power – in order to mask drips, it is often necessary to apply a second layer. Give preference to trusted manufacturers and specialized brands – then painting wallpaper will not turn into a heavy duty, and the walls will delight the eye with pleasant shades for a long time.

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