What tiles and porcelain stoneware will be in fashion in 2020

Our site of advice considers it its duty to acquaint you with new building and finishing materials. Designers and manufacturers never cease to amaze us with such novelties, so there are many topics for discussion. This time we’ll talk about which tiles and porcelain stoneware will be in trend for at least a year..

Why did we bring up the topic of current trends in the field of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware? Because in Bologna, Italy, from 23 to 29 September 2019, the iconic Cersaie exhibition was held again. The portal wrote about this event in both 2018 and 2017. We could not ignore this event this time too, especially since the exhibition of “ceramic fashion” sets trends for the whole next year, until the next similar event in Italy.

The first noticeable trend is that 3D tiles are getting bigger. It can be not only embossed, convex, but also flat. Usually, the drawing or ornament itself creates an interesting optical illusion..

Over the next year, the trend will be a small tile, up to 30 centimeters in size on the larger side, cement, with bright drawings and patterns.

Important! According to the designers, now it is possible not to select individual modules in a strict pattern. Mixes of different ornaments, as well as colorful and noticeable patchwork are in fashion.

Among the shades of the tile, a muted pink, powdery clearly stands out. He now has a lot of fans, even plumbing, as we already wrote, is created in just such an unusual color. So all owners of houses and apartments who choose tiles for the bathroom and toilet are advised to take a closer look at this trendy shade..

Hexagons, hexagonal tiles of all sizes cannot be discounted! Designers continue to be addicted to geometric shapes, so the hexagon will continue to be trending.

Good news for fans of black and white classics – such options for finishing not only bathrooms, but also the floor in the hallway, the backsplash in the kitchen are returning to fashion. Classics are always up-to-date, designers and manufacturers decided to recall the checkerboard layout of black and white tiles, proven for decades.

Large curlite panels have extended beyond the bathroom and are actively used in the living room and bedroom. Therefore, if you want to get the most durable finishing of one of the walls, choose this beautiful facing material, which can be of any shade and perfectly imitates, for example, Italian marble..

Large plant prints, real jungle on porcelain stoneware are a fashion trend. As well as porcelain stoneware, imitating fabric. Interiors with him turn out to be classic, very interesting, delicate.

You have a great choice, agree! Of course, it is not necessary to completely copy new trends, but you can choose the current version of tiles and porcelain stoneware to your taste.

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