What windows to install in a country house

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After the walls and roof have been erected, each developer is faced with the problem of choosing windows. The modern market provides a wide range of choices, but still, any owner dreams of the maximum combination of durability, quality, reliability and price. What windows to install?

There is no definite answer to this question. The only thing that can be advised in this situation is that the developer must decide for himself, based on the information provided in this article..

Metal-plastic windows

Recently, metal-plastic doors and windows have been very popular, which successfully combine the advantages of a metal structure and plastic. Windows of this type are resistant to moisture and low temperatures, they do not change color over time, they do not need to be painted, and they require minimal maintenance during operation. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. In rooms where the construction of the window does not allow opening it, as a result of the lack of ventilation, condensation forms, which is harmful to people suffering from pulmonary diseases. There are times when “blind” windows begin to deform. What to advise? It is necessary to choose windows of well-known manufacturers and monitor the correct installation of windows, because most problems arise as a result of poor-quality installation.

What windows to install in a country house

Wooden windows

A good alternative to metal-plastic windows is wooden windows. Modern designs have nothing in common with those wooden windows that were previously made of waste wood, except for the name. Modern wooden windows are made of laminated veneer lumber, which is able to compensate for internal stresses arising from temperature changes. The processing of wooden structures with special compounds makes the material resistant to the aggressive effects of atmospheric influences and allows the product to serve for many years. Windows are environmentally friendly products. Just like metal-plastic, wooden windows are supplied with single-chamber or double-chamber double-glazed windows. Wooden windows provide a high degree of sealing of the room. However, wooden windows are not devoid of disadvantages, including the need for periodic tinting of frames and the high cost of the product. In addition, wooden windows are fire hazardous..

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What windows to install in a country house

Combined windows

Currently, designs are produced in which several raw materials are combined. Such windows are called combined. One of the options is wood-aluminum windows. In such structures, an aluminum profile is mounted on top of the wooden frame, which serves as protection against atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damage. Windows of this type have sufficient strength, they are durable, they need to be painted much less often than wooden windows. But, despite the many positive qualities, there are also negative ones. Combined windows based on aluminum and wood in a wooden house will not look the best. The most successful combination will be with siding or artificial stone. At the same time, the internal wooden part in a wooden house will look great. Wood-plastic and plastic-aluminum combined windows are gaining popularity in European countries.

What windows to install in a country house

Glass and double-glazed windows

There is an opinion that modern double-glazed windows are superior to ordinary glass in all respects. Double-glazed windows are hermetically sealed, therefore, perfectly retain heat and have high sound insulation qualities, excellently resist negative atmospheric influences. Yes, everything is true, double-glazed windows have a significant advantage over ordinary window glass, but this is true only for urban conditions. Suppose that in a certain dacha the owners are not going to live all year round, therefore, in the autumn time they are absolutely not concerned with the issues of heat conservation. This means that they do not need to install a glass unit, which is much more expensive than ordinary glass. In the event that, nevertheless, the need to preserve heat is present from time to time, you can install a special energy-saving glass with silver atoms deposited on the surface. As a result, at an insignificant cost of glass, the heat-saving functions of the window increase. But even these glasses have drawbacks, if in cold weather glass with silver atoms performs a useful function, then in the hot season, on the contrary, it helps to reflect part of the thermal energy back into the room, thereby increasing the temperature in it. Hence the conclusion – glass should be selected correctly.

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What windows to install in a country house

The same conclusion can be drawn with regard to window selection. Despite the currently existing huge number of varieties of windows, you should choose those that are most suitable for the operating conditions of your home. Choosing the right window should help solve, not create a problem.

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