When you can do without replacing windows

As the designers note, in our country the replacement of windows has become too widespread. Many owners of houses and apartments are sure that since they are doing repairs, they cannot do without replacing windows. Our tips site decided to find out when it is possible to leave old windows without spending money on replacing them..

When you can do without replacing windows

Let’s highlight the reasons why owners often decide to replace windows and see how important they are..

The first reason – all the neighbors have already changed the windows to plastic, but we have not

It happens, yes. I don’t want to look like a “poor relative” who cannot afford a new glass unit. And on the facade of an apartment building, your windows are now different from those of your neighbors. If in general the quality, sound and heat insulation of windows suits you, think, why go on about the neighbor’s opinion? Isn’t it easier to wait for the start of major repairs in your apartment? They will discuss you, condemn you – does it matter if the apartment or house is warm and cozy!

When you can do without replacing windows

The second reason – the quality of windows in a new building is in doubt

As experts say, now very rarely builders really put windows “on the ejection”. Yes, in serial houses of economy class, plastic windows are also budgetary. But if they are well installed, meet all the requirements for heat conservation and sound insulation, it is quite possible to leave. It is advisable to immediately change the windows installed by the developer if you want to make expensive designer repairs. However, you are sure that in a serial new building it will be appropriate?

By the way, if you have already changed the windows in a new apartment, you can use them in the country, in a shed or other outbuilding, save at least on this.

When you can do without replacing windows

Reason three – you are concerned about the safety of children

For this reason, parents sometimes decide to replace the window in the nursery with a blind one. This is not an option! First, blind windows in apartments above the second floor are prohibited by fire regulations. An open window will become an escape route in case of fire. In addition, ventilation through the ventilation valve may not be enough; in the summer you will want to open the window. It is much easier and more convenient to install limiters and locks on windows, which the portal wrote about in detail. And the children will be safe and the windows do not need to be changed. The safety of pets will be ensured by special, extra strong mosquito nets.

When you can do without replacing windows

The fourth reason – the room is dark

And the owners decide to install larger windows. It is generally prohibited to expand window openings in apartment buildings. You can, of course, choose a glass unit with a thinner profile, which will allow a little more light to pass through. But are you sure the costs are worth it? If you have a north side and spreading trees grow near the house, then after replacing the window, the sun will definitely no longer. It is better to take care of additional artificial lighting, to make the room visually brighter thanks to decoration.

When you can do without replacing windows

The fifth reason – insufficient ventilation

In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to completely change the glass unit! Even on a finished plastic window, modern technologies allow you to install a window. In addition, do not forget about the supply window valves, which increase the efficiency of the ventilation system in the house and apartment..

When you can do without replacing windows

The sixth reason – the view from the window

Sometimes it is so “beautiful” that you want to close it with a stained glass window. Or the installation of a stained-glass window is implied by a design idea, a desire to create an original interior. Again, changing the window is optional. A budget option is a stained glass sticker. Or installing a stained glass window as a second glazing thread, inside the room.

When you can do without replacing windows

Reason seven – the window is dilapidated

This is the most compelling reason to replace the entire glass unit, we admit. However, in some cases, a quality wooden window can be restored. If in general you like the look of your windows, they can still serve, it is better to use the services of master restorers or do it yourself. And the wooden window will last for several more years, delighting the eye with a renewed look. In the case of cheap carpentry, this option most likely will not work, you will have to change the window.

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