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Old wooden windows with inevitable gaps, which have to be sealed every autumn, are almost a thing of the past. Everyone who builds a new house or makes major repairs in an apartment strives to install plastic windows for themselves, warm and comfortable, beautiful both outside and inside.

What to consider when choosing a plastic window

There are a lot of proposals on the market of plastic windows and it is not an easy task to choose among them so that as a result you get both inexpensive and high-quality windows. Moreover, many in advertising write: “windows from the manufacturer”, hinting that they have no extra charges and prices are minimal.

Let’s see how the production of plastic windows is generally organized and who is actually considered a manufacturer..

The first stage of window production is profile production

First of all, a plastic window is a profile obtained from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by extrusion, or continuous casting. This is the business of large factories, which do not assemble the windows themselves: they only manufacture the source material.

The profiles of different manufacturers differ in design, primarily in the number of chambers – voids filled with air. Air is an excellent heat insulator, and the more such chambers, the warmer the room will be. However, there are profiles for polar conditions that are completely unnecessary in temperate climates..

What to consider when choosing a plastic window

The profiles of different manufacturers also differ in shape, therefore the appearance of windows from different profiles is slightly different. But just a little: the best German and Russian profiles are produced on the same extruders and have no fundamental difference between themselves. So you can use any profile – it will serve well.

Assembling windows

The next stage is the manufacture of windows from the profile and their assembly using fittings. This stage can be very different in quality. Assembly can be done by:

  • large automated production facilities that fulfill orders of their representatives – small firms that contact directly the customer, take measurements, and then install the windows in place. Assembly at this level is of the highest quality, although the manufacturer here is not a small company that offered you services, but a large enterprise;
  • small private enterprises performing assembly on the simplest equipment in artisanal conditions. It is they who proudly call themselves manufacturers, and indeed they are, although this does not mean high quality at all..

What to consider when choosing a plastic window

Installation of windows

The final stage of window production is their installation. This is a rather complicated and responsible procedure, on the quality of which almost everything depends – both the heat-insulating properties and the convenience of opening and closing the window. Therefore, only high-class professionals should be engaged in the installation..

Of course, a small “manufacturer” company may well have qualified installers on its staff, but there is a great chance that people without proper experience will be engaged in the installation and the quality of the windows will be far from the best. Moreover, these defects may appear after some time, and such firms are unlikely to support the warranty..

With windows assembled at a large enterprise, everything is different. Taking care of their own reputation, such enterprises control the work of their representatives, and above all the quality of window installation that they perform, up to the organization of training for installers. Therefore, if the company accepting your order for windows says that the windows will be assembled at a large factory, you can be sure that the installation will be performed by experienced craftsmen..

What to consider when choosing a plastic window

In this case, the guarantee is provided by the factory that assembles the windows, which makes the installation of windows by its installers or installers of its official representatives one of the conditions of warranty service..

So who should you contact

Of course, to those who represent the interests of serious automated production. These can be subdivisions of this production itself, and certified representatives. This guarantees the quality of the windows themselves, and the accuracy of their installation, and the provision of the necessary warranty service..

It is advisable to choose a company known in the city, the services of which many of your friends have used and speak extremely well of it. Maybe this will not provide you with the cheapest windows, but that they will be of high quality is almost certainly.

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