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Today, in the construction of houses and renovation of apartments, dormers are widely used, which are part of the roof and provide the inhabitants of the cottage with light and reliable protection from the weather. Dormer windows, unlike conventional ones, are installed at an angle. Thanks to this, they transmit 40% more light..

Skylights in the house Of course, in such cases, in the attic, directly under the rays of the sun, there is no need to place elite Italian furniture, since everyone knows that natural leather is very sensitive to UV radiation. For the attic, it is better to use rattan furniture, or close the roof windows with special curtains and blinds.

A roof window is a complex structure that includes, in addition to the frame and the window block, a glass unit, protective aluminum linings and fittings. The varieties of roof windows hardly differ among themselves in technical and functional features, but only emphasize their individuality, practicality and variety..

Frame (wood or plastic)

Often wood is used for the window frame, but not ordinary wood, but prefabricated glued pine lumber, since closely spaced rings provide the wood with a uniform density. Only this material guarantees maximum durability of the structure – the frame and sashes do not warp from temperature and humidity changes. Finished products must be treated with an antiseptic and covered with several layers of protective varnish.

To seal and retain heat, seals are installed between the frame and the sash.

View of windows from the roofManufacturers also offer PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roof windows, which use a multi-chamber PVC profile. Plastic roof windows are designed for building houses in areas with high humidity. Typically, the advantages of plastic windows include complete isolation from noise and dust. There are roof windows, the frame and sash of which are made of the so-called warm aluminum profile: metal parts, connected by plastic inserts.

Skylights have a limited number of varieties, that is, designs and overall dimensions.

Types of wooden window skylights depending on the opening options:

  • with mid-pivot sash opening around the horizontal axis;
  • with combined opening – a window that provides for the combination of a mid-pivot and a suspended sash opening.
  • with suspended or lateral sash opening
  • with suspended sash opening

Roof windowAlso, roof windows can be controlled remotely (using a remote control or a wall panel), because very often the roof design provides for skylights that are located high enough. In this case, power supply options are possible from the mains or using solar energy..

Glass and double-glazed windows

Today, dormer windows with increased energy-saving characteristics, in which double-glazed windows made using the “warm perimeter” technology, are used, are very popular. Unlike traditional double-glazed windows, they contain not an aluminum, but a steel dividing frame (the thermal conductivity of steel is 12 times less than that of aluminum). This frame is solid, not divided into parts. Due to this, the reduced resistance to heat transfer of the entire window is increased to 0.7 m2 ° C / W, and the glass unit is noted for frost resistance (up to -55 ° C).

Filling double-glazed windows with an inert gas argon significantly improves energy-saving characteristics. To increase safety and improve the “burglary” properties of the window, we recommend using both external and internal triplex glass to ensure the safety of people or premises from debris (for example, in a billiard room, gym, children’s room). Such glass consists of two 3-millimeter glass units, between which a transparent impact-resistant film is “glued”. Such a window does not break, but remains in the opening..

Skylights in the bedroomDouble-glazed windows are installed on supporting and spaced polymer substrates, while the edges of the glass should not protrude beyond the surface of the substrates. The design and fastening of the substrates must not allow them to shift during operation.

Mansard collar

To install the frame in the roof, a special prefabricated structure is used, designed for a tight connection of the roof window with the roofing material – a collar. It increases the tightness of the window and at the same time performs the function of drainage.

The type of flashing is chosen depending on the used roofing material and the height of the profile. The range of roof windows includes flashing for roofing (galvanized iron sheets), rebate, for flat roofing material (bituminous tiles, flat ceramic tiles) and for materials with a high profile (corrugated board, metal tiles, natural tiles. The cover designed for profiled material has in the lower part there is a special lead apron, which ensures a tight connection of the window with the roofing material. For the manufacture of attic flashing not only aluminum is used. For a flat copper roof, copper linings are offered. There are also flashing for roofs made of titanium zinc.


For roof windows, special fittings are used. In the simplest case, it is a handle and a lock controlled by it, which fixes the frame at one point, as well as built-in latches and friction hinges. Some companies offer roof windows with two, three and four closing points.

Skylights in the dining roomThe opening of the roof windows depends on the system of hanging the sash to the frame. Most often, the system is used when the suspension is located along the middle axis around which the window rotates. There are also skylights with combined opening: the window can be opened outward from bottom to top using the handle at the bottom of the window. To ventilate the room, there are several positions for opening the window, in which you can fix it.

When the window is completely closed, natural ventilation is provided by a special ventilation device built into the window block.

Handle location

There are two options for the position of the handle: bottom and top. The handle-up position allows the window to be positioned at the desired height.

The “handle down” position (the window is positioned relatively high) allows you to increase the illumination in the middle of the room. So, experts recommend installing windows at a level of 0.90-1.10 m from the floor level. Then the person who is standing or sitting by the window will feel comfortable. You can also place your favorite luxury Italian furniture directly under the window, which increases the number of “additional” meters in the attic, and thereby protects it from direct sunlight.

Different position of the handle predetermines differences in recommendations for the height of the installation of windows.


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