Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

Windows play an important role in the apartment. This is an element of the interior. Through the windows, we observe our environment. Warmth, soundproofing, comfort and coziness depend on which windows are in the apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of windows with the utmost seriousness and special care..

Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

First, let’s choose frames and double-glazed windows. The modern construction market offers a large selection of frames made of various materials – wood, PVC, metal-plastic.

Wooden frames (and even made using modern technologies) are the best material option, but also expensive in terms of cost. Wood profiles are clean, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Finnish wood profiles for windows are among the best. They are made of oak, larch, pine and other hard wood species. Wooden frames differ from the standard solution of plastic windows in a variety of designs and assortments, individual solutions and sophistication.

Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

Frames made of PVC or metal profiles (aluminum) are cheaper than wooden frames and have their own additional features. In addition, frames made of PVC or metal profiles have a coating that saves energy, can reflect infrared radiation, and is highly durable. Loggias can be glazed with PVC or metal windows. Plastic windows have a number of advantages: good heat retention and greater penetration of light into the room. Along with this, there is a drawback – plastic windows sweat.

To prevent heat loss on the balcony or loggia, a modern plastic profile is used. To make the windows easy to use, the profile has tilt and turn sashes. The modern aluminum profile protects loggias and balconies from precipitation and wind, but at the same time does not keep warm at all. Aluminum structures have sliding parallel sashes.

The main component of a metal-plastic window is a glass unit. Single-chamber (two glasses), two-chamber (three glasses and two chambers between them) or more are used depending on the climatic zone of residence. High thermal insulation of the premises is the main advantage of profiles with several chambers. In order to increase the sound insulation property in a double-glazed unit with one chamber, it is necessary to choose the outer glass 6 mm thick.

Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

Depending on the type of reinforced insert inside, the strength of the profile is determined. Inserts can be L-shaped, U-shaped and O-shaped. Special options are also provided for metal-plastic windows. This is a blocker of erroneous opening, micro-ventilation and microlift. This is done when the window hardware is completed..

Install windows

The first is dismantling old frames and preparing a place for installing new ones, as well as clearing a place (safe passages) where windows are installed.

Second: we cover furniture, floors, walls with a thick plastic film, thus protecting them from possible damage that may occur during dismantling.

Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

The installation process itself is carried out as follows: with a hammer and chisel, part of the lower masonry is removed. A solution is prepared (four parts of sand, one part of cement, a plasticizer are mixed), with which the opening is then filled. Next, the frame is placed on the windowsill, aligned against the walls and left overnight.

The next step is to make a waterproof barrier. It is made from a stainless steel strip. It is cut with a length equal to the length of the opening, its width is nineteen mm and its thickness is six mm. This strip is inserted into the groove of the window sill. Mastic is applied on top of it and a solution is placed. Then a new window unit is inserted into the opening, secured from below and above and checked for how the sashes work when they are opened and closed..

In order to fix the frames on the sides, holes are made to the required depth in the walls, dowels are hammered in and screws are screwed in. These mounts are hidden behind protective special caps or wooden corks. Joints and crevices are sealed with mortar and treated with a sealant. Finally, the wall around the new window is plastered.

Windows to the apartment. Their selection and installation

The features of each of the apartment windows depend on the type of building, on the living quarters itself, on the materials used in the work. The service life of the windows depends on which windows are selected and what is the quality of work on their installation. Therefore, it is better to entrust this type of construction work to professionals. In this case, you will be provided with a high-quality installation and installation of windows without distortions and deviations. All seams will be professionally sealed, which will not allow the windows to freeze, will not release heat from the room and will not allow dampness and mold to form.

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