287% profit on overhaul of the roof!

The most important thing in soft roof repair technologies for 80 years!

“The point is not that you get super-profits and overhaul soft roofs … The point is, HOW to turn the notorious bituminous waste into INCOME and WHO IS FIRST to receive this BENEFIT?”

Dear Reader!

Can you imagine a picture of an ordinary roof of an ordinary high-rise building, all this thick layer of bubbling roofing material, filled and poured with bitumen, and God knows what else? Is not it?

And for sure you clearly imagine how many similar roofs we have!
As well as the watery, indifferent eyes of communal services, who once again “cut out-patch”, “mold-smear” the roof with perspectives, as in that joke: “… they cut off one thing – the disease remained, cut out another – the same thing. .. Maybe we’ll start treating everything like that? “

Reported: CURRENT (LASTING!) Roof repair completed!

A nice detail from the life of the roofs of our high-rise buildings: 4000 sq. m of the surface of the soft roof there are about 10 km of seams! What is the likelihood that somewhere will leak?


Fig. 1. Roof of the poultry complex before repair.

And what can you not see on SUCH a soft roof: bushes, grass, and overgrown swamps! Directly a cemetery landscape – so it blows with hope and longing! Who cares that the load of such a roof on supporting structures can increase by more than 40%? And, of course, many people feel life in houses with such roofs with their “goose bumps” and all sorts of “catarrhs ​​- bronchitis”!

And then one fine and most likely even a WINTER day, energetic people appear at such a house, load some mechanisms on the roof and something starts to HAPPEN there!
The old “pie” of the roof is removed, crushed, water is evaporated, turned into a hot pasty mass, it is laid and rolled…

After a few days, the roof turns into a monolithic shiny surface!
The roof is simply transformed: you feel its reliability, smoothness, solidity!


Fig. 2. The roof of the poultry complex after repair.

And this transformation has a name: VIR-plast, a new material obtained from the old soft roof right there on the roof!

VIR – layer is a fundamentally new coating – from the old substandard roofing!
VIR – technology AGAIN sends all recyclable materials back to a NEW roof, i.e. recyclable materials turn into profitable raw materials !
Can you imagine how difficult it is to dispose of the waste of soft roofs in the city, but they are not here! They’re all at work!

Of course, not everything in SUCH repair has always been easy and simple…
There were scientific studies, and prototypes, and searches for optimal solutions – is it a joke, the problems of soft roofs are problems not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, and Westerners, by the way, could not solve it in this way – in an original and inexpensive way!

You may not believe it, but VIR – technology and equipment have been operating normally for the 7th year, there is a lot of practical experience, and most importantly – people and organizations that use VIR – technology in the overhaul of soft roofs and receive Really High Profits!

And to put it simply – the COST of the work differs from the COST of the work for the Customer AT TIMES!
The competitiveness reserve is huge, the profit is impressive!
For those interested, we will provide at their request the necessary documents, calculations and other figures..

March 2002. General Director of CJSC “SP VladItal”, Vladivostok, SMIRNOV Alexander Stepanovich, who has long been looking, like many, for solutions to the problem of soft roofs, heard that “… some kind of VIR technology is working …”…

Of course, there were also doubts: “… how, is everything right on the roof?”, “… raw materials underfoot?”, “… ALL YEARLY?”

And yet he became so interested that he bought a set of VIR equipment.
… Cold, wind, but repairs are in full swing! And when Alexander Stepanovich saw VIR – layer, he was so delighted that he cut out a piece for memory, rejoicing like a boy: “This is what I was looking for! Hurray! We won!”

(This is not fiction – it was real!)
… And Alexander Stepanovich bought another 10 (!) Sets of VIR – equipment!


Fig. 3. Vir-equipment.

General Director of SamaraEnergoSpetsRemont PV INKIN, General Director of JSC SRZ Pregol Yu.V. Korenev, Kaliningrad, and many, many other managers repairing VIR – roof equipment, speak in the kindest way about VIR – technology. what’s true is true!

It is worth recalling that the problems of overhaul of soft roofs in any region of Russia today are 90% NOT SOLVED!
And the usual overhaul of such roofs is difficult, and its cost “rolls over” for 1000 rubles per square meter!

VIR-plast is CHEAPER at times, it has reliable performance characteristics, the warranty period is 8 years! That is why there is every reason to assert that VIR is a unique technology, all-season and out of competition.!

In addition to the possibility of guaranteed repair of roofs, and in order to make our offer even MORE attractive to you, our dear Reader, we will tell you about another PROFITABLE BUSINESS VIR – technologies: modern Utilization of bituminous waste.


Fig. 4. Mini-plant PBM

Let’s explain:
– utilization of accumulated and “new” wastes of soft roofs, brought to the landfill of the city and region, and their transformation into marketable bitumen, bituminized cardboard, bitumen-powder, materials that are very necessary in construction;
– their sale and use for own purposes of repair and construction;
– receiving money for the removal and disposal of bitumen-containing waste, very serious MONEY!

And this is also a solution to a serious ENVIRONMENTAL problem! Bituminous waste, their huge reserves are a THREAT to the environment!

All these tasks are solved by the PBM mini-plant, which closes the cycle of utilization of bitumen-containing waste:


Fig. 5. Bituminous waste processing scheme.

The main BENEFIT of using VIR – technology and equipment is as follows – with a competent organization of work, the COST of repair of soft roofs = 0 rubles. 0 kopecks.!
All costs are COVERED by the sale of bitumen and bitumen materials to Consumers!
This is one of the BENEFITS of the PBM Mini-Plant.
(if you want to make sure – come, look, count, the calculator is ours!)

And if you consider that VIR is the only technology that comprehensively solves such problems, while there is simply a GIANT amount of bituminous waste accumulated – you can easily imagine how PROFITABLE this Business is and how much life is in demand!

You, dear reader, can easily add to the Benefits that the niche of this Business is still relatively EMPTY, and you can be FIRST in your region and out of competition!

Let’s sum up some results.
VIR – technology is GUARANTEED solves important tasks:

1. Solves the problem of leaking roofs?
– VIR – the technology works year-round, uses raw materials underfoot, the roof is repaired CAPITALLY;

2. Make Money?
– The cost of overhaul of the roof using VIR – technology differs from the cost of traditional repair at times (3-4 times cheaper), and COST is generally a separate conversation – you contact us, we will INFORM!

Will VIR benefit – the technology is just for you?
You will never know until you use it yourself.!
Unless of course it’s too late…


Sincerely yours:
INEKOVIR Group of Companies, Kaliningrad, st. Dm. Donskoy, 7, office 314, President S. I. KOVALEV, tel./fax 8-0112-578723, E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. “287% PROFIT for overhaul of a soft roof. No problem. No jokes. If you need a durable roof, then there is nothing to hesitate!”

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