Attractive harmony. Interview with the owner of RUFLEX shingles house


You know, beautiful houses, interesting architectural solutions, unusual accessories most often cause our interest and desire to imitate. When we see a truly harmonious project, we want to learn more about it, to understand what is the inspiration for creating beautiful things. Maybe this is the professional look of an architect, designer, or the owner’s rich imagination, or perhaps a photo seen, supplemented and erected in nature.

If we talk about such works as a house, its surroundings, a plot, some amaze us with their scale, the abundance of colors and textures of materials used, their boldness, and some with a surprisingly organic combination of all details and trifles, at the same time simplicity of execution and therefore so attractive in their incarnation.

This project has become one of the employees’ favorites. How easy it is to attract the attention and interest of the viewer, using the space wisely, choosing the right materials and color combination. Where is the biggest difference between boring everyday life and attractive unity? How not to achieve the opposite effect in pursuit of originality, how not to cross the line between taste and tastelessness?

On the way to the house of our hero, driving through the cottage village, the eyes were delighted with the multi-colored roofs of the houses – this is a kind of watercolor. There is also a blue roof – a lost lake in the middle of the forest, dark green, like a chameleon disguised in tone with the needles of the surrounding fir trees, then you notice that the islets of the desert are resting in the shade of mighty trees from the scorching sun. To the owner of this house Evseev Vladimirwe went. Vladimir’s house is covered with flexible tiles RUFLEX SUPER Katrilli, color – “Dune”.

– Vladimir, even at the entrance to your house, we noted the organic combination of colors of all elements: facade, roof, accessories … – everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Further, on the territory of your site, first of all, you notice a stunning stained glass window of almost 3 floors, which is the center of the whole house, I must say that this is not so typical for our houses. Tell me who was the generator of the idea and the creative inspirer of such an interesting and rather unusual project?

Vladimir Borisovich (V.B.):We purchased the plot back in 2000, but it took a long time to decide on the house. For two or three years my wife and I were looking for an ideal project. We don’t like houses that are long, narrow, with a lot of passages. We were looking for a large house with a maximum of open spaces to feel the space of the house. As a result, I wanted to see a bright, functional and comfortable home. In terms of layout, we liked the projects of a square plan, they are optimal in shape and area with large rooms. And inside, we have realized our dream of technical equipment. Windows with rain sensors, i.e. no need to run around the house, closing windows in a hurry, a modern observation post, a competent ventilation system, etc. In general – smart home!

– As for the choice of building materials, what were you guided by, what did you give preference to? We noted that the house is designed in the same style, the color of the roof and the facade complements each other perfectly.

VB:We were guided by our own taste, color preferences and the advice of an architect. Beige brick was chosen as the main material for the facade, and everything else was already matched to it by color. We believe that the color must be approached carefully, shades that are correctly matched to each other are much more attractive than bright spots, which absolutely do not match either in color or in texture. As for the roof, an architect recommended us a soft roof, he has been working with you for many years and from all brands of flexible materials he advised us to opt for the Finnish RUFLEX tile, as the most reliable roof. And since the RUFLEX sales office and warehouse complex is located not far from us, my wife and I went there. The consultants explained everything to us: what a roofing cake is, what it consists of, showed catalogs, photographs, and we chose our color, shape and all accessories from gutters to ventilation. It is especially convenient that there is the possibility of a phased payment. Since the warehouse is located in the same place, we calculated everything, wrote out all the necessary materials and brought everything within a week.

– I understand that shingles have already been incorporated into your project? Have other roof options been considered??

VB:Yes, there was a soft roof originally. We considered natural shingles as an option, but then it would be necessary to strongly strengthen the rafter system, make changes to the project, which we naturally did not intend to do. They quickly abandoned the metal tile. the roof is very noisy in the rain, and besides, I wanted to choose a beautiful color, but in metal there is no such variety of choice. In addition, the difference in terms of service life is significant, we were given a written guarantee of 25 years for RUFLEX shingles, and 10-15 years for metal.

– What can you say a few years later about RUFLEX shingles, what can you note?

VB:Really absolutely silent roof, no leaks, which is very important and in winter, too, no condensation, no leaks. For 4 years we have not regretted even once, this material does not deliver us any worries.

– As for the speed of work, how long did this process take??

VB:It’s hard to say, since we did everything simultaneously: the house was being completed, the roof, and the interior finishing work. Roughly speaking, in the spring they began to lay the rafters, and in the summer they began to work on the roofing cake – plywood, lining carpets, flexible shingles, they finished somewhere by the beginning of the rainy season. In general, in one season, we coped with the roof of the house and garage.

– What can you say to hesitant consumers who haven’t used shingles yet??

VB:I can only recommend, as an ordinary consumer, to use RUFLEX shingles. This roofing material has already been tested in cottage construction for several decades, and I am sure it is one of the best roofing materials available. RUFLEX is the best choice in all respects price, quality, durability, beauty.

Sales office and warehouse complex “Ruflex”
Moscow region, Khimki, Transport passage, possession 5
Phone: 8 (495) 937-49-49
Working hours: Mon-Fri from 9-00 to 18-00

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