Details for soft roofs

Unfortunately, until recently, the issues related to the provision of soft roofs with component parts were not specifically addressed by anyone. Therefore, we used homemade funnels and drains from scrap materials, for lack of an alternative, we made a reinforced roofing carpet, flooring from various materials. Breathable roofing was not used at all or was exceptional.


Fig. 1 Details of soft roofs.

Currently, this class of problems has been resolved: there are special parts and devices for water drains, roof aeration, systems of sections of the operated roof. This is primarily due to the emergence of modern polymeric materials. Components for soft roofs are made of polyethylene, PVC or EPDM. Technological differences lie in the installation methods. Parts made of PVC materials are usually mounted using hot air devices, or by fusion. Elements made of polyethylene and EPDM are usually installed in bitumen-polymer roofs using propane gas burners.

Let us dwell briefly on some components for soft roofs. Any roofing structure has its pros and cons: there are always parts and assemblies that work especially hard. In soft roofs, these are, first of all, the junctions of the roof carpet to the parapets, firewalls, neighboring, higher buildings, as well as the nodes that provide water flow through the parapets or internal gutters. Due to their specificity, these nodes of the soft roof bear increased loads, especially in the autumn-winter period of the year, when frosts alternate with thaws. Funnels of internal drains and water drains through the parapets are also subject to mechanical stress during sewage cleaning.


Fig. 2 Adjustable supports for laying tiles on an exploited roof.

Another, very important point in the work of a soft roof is to ensure the free escape of moisture vapor from under the roof carpet. For this, aerators are installed on the roof. These are special pipes with mounting flanges, covered with umbrellas on top. The design of the roofing aerator allows moisture vapor to escape freely from under the roofing carpet without damaging it. As mentioned above, such a structure is called a breathable roof. Aerators are available in two design types: aerators for single-layer roofs and aerators for two-layer roofs. The latest designs provide for the ability to remove moisture vapor from under each layer of the roofing carpet independently.

The next important point in the soft roof is the nodes of passage through the roof carpet of ventilation and other pipes, antennas, lightning rods, fire escapes, railings and other devices. Due to their design, these units are almost always a source of leaks, even if elastic mastics are used to fill such places. It is better to use special accessories that allow you to reliably isolate the passages through the roofing carpet.

Let’s dwell on the component parts for the operated roof. It is advisable to note the system for laying tiles: adjustable supports that allow you to set the required height of the coating, as well as the desired slope. They are sets of plastic supports that allow laying tiles, boards of any size on the roof. Moreover, these supports connect the individual elements to each other so that no additional fastening of the tile to the surface of the base on which it is laid is required.

On the Russian market, suppliers of components for soft roofs are the Italian concern ETERNO and SK FASTENING (Finland), as well as some other companies.

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