Flexible roof tiles for your home

A house is a structure that serves as protection for us from bad weather and winter cold, protects us from all the vagaries of nature. Our home is not only our fortress, but also a family nest in which peace and comfort reign. Home is the place we rush to after work. A house is also an architecturally thought-out structure, which should ideally be combined with the surrounding nature, when such harmony is observed, a person feels truly happy.

When the ideal place for construction has been found, it’s time to decide what kind of house you want to live in, what material it will be built from. It is best, of course, to decide on this issue in advance even before searching for land, since this factor often affects whether it is possible to build a house in your chosen area. Remember that you will make this decision at the very beginning and you will not be able to change it, so approach the choice of material very carefully, because your family will live within these walls, and what can be more important than their health and well-being?

Over the past decade, houses made of stone and brick have become very popular. On the other hand, wooden houses have lost their popularity. Now the situation is such that a variety of materials are used from “long forgotten old” to ultramodern. Wooden house building is developing, meeting all the requirements of comfort, ecology and safety. And new construction technologies are being actively introduced in today’s market, fantastically changing our ideas about the possibilities of materials. Each material has its own merits. Wood, being a living material that has its own energy, has a positive effect on the well-being of people living in such a house. The felled tree continues to “breathe”, radiate heat energy, increase the tone of life, protecting a person from the harmful, aggressive influences of modern civilization. Brick, stone houses are reliable and durable, these materials make it possible to come up with a wide variety of projects. Frame construction technology is the fastest, it will allow you to build your house in a matter of days.


In any case, no matter what material you choose, a high-quality and beautiful home deserves an equally reliable and elegant roof. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to the roofing material that you select for your home. It can be traditional material: metal tiles, corrugated slate, steel, natural tiles or others, more modern, abundant on the market. However, if we proceed from aesthetic considerations, the combination of natural wood and artificial slate, stone and cheap roofing material does not look harmonious. The same house with a roof made of natural tiles, slate, and shingles will look completely differently. True, this is very expensive. Fortunately, today there is a large selection of new roofing materials that are not inferior in beauty and reliability, which create a single composition: walls – roof. For example, a more affordable option is a fairly new one today, but has already earned the trust of buyers – flexible shingles.


Outwardly, it is similar to ceramic tiles, but it does not consist of separate tiles, but of flat shingles with 3-4 petals (tiles). The basis of flexible shingles and their components (lining and valley carpet, ridge-cornice shingles) is non-woven glass fiber impregnated with modified bitumen. The shingles of the shingles are mounted on a solid base made of moisture-resistant plywood, tongue-and-groove or edged boards.

The bottom layer is partly covered with a layer of silicon sand, partly with a layer of self-adhesive rubber-bitumen, which greatly facilitates the installation of this roofing covering. After gluing the tiles, it remains only to fix it with nails..

The outer layer of the tile is set by sprinkling with basalt or slate granules, which are equally durable and differ only in shape. The durability and color saturation of the tiles is achieved due to the ceramicization of the granulate, as well as with the use of special pigments.


One of the main advantages of shingles is that they can be used to implement any stylistic solutions – from classic and traditional to ultramodern and exotic. Imitation of gothic or oriental roofs, covering of onion structures and domes, roofs with numerous bends and slopes – even on the most complex structures, it is an indispensable roofing material. In addition, shingles come in an amazing variety of colors and shapes. Rhomboid, rectangular, hexagonal tiles in rich, bright, saturated colors, and in calmer, noble shades. It is easiest to realize your dreams and fantasies about the future roof with flexible tiles..

Among the advantages of shingles is good sound absorption, in contrast to metal tiles, which transmit every blow of rain and hail to the attic. It is not reasonable to arrange a bedroom or a nursery under the roof with such a “musical” accompaniment. An important fact is that shingles do not condense charges of atmospheric electricity. As for the technical features, the temperature range for the use of tiles is from – 45 degrees C to +110 degrees C, so you can safely cover your house in the harsh climate of Siberia and in the hot southern regions..

In addition, the material has the ability to resist ignition. Even if sparks from the pipe hit the roof, they will not ignite it and spoil the appearance..

For a durable roof that will serve as a reliable protector for you and your home from all the vagaries of nature, the main thing is to comply with two conditions: choose a worthy, reliable manufacturer and carry out a competent installation of the roofing.


Experts recommend opting for RUFLEX flexible shingles manufactured by the Finnish Katepal OY plant. For over 50 years, this plant has retained its reputation as one of the best manufacturers of flexible roofing materials that are in constant demand and trust among Russian consumers. The proverb: “It’s better to see once than hear 100 times” comes in handy. A vivid example and the best argument in favor of the Finnish RUFLEX tiles are houses covered with this roofing material in the distant 90s, whose roofs are reliable and beautiful to this day. It is almost impossible to list all the advantages of this manufacturer, suffice it to say that over the half-century history of its work, the Katepal OY plant has not changed its main principle: “Products under the RUFLEX brand are high-quality raw materials from world leading brands, unique engineering developments, and strict control all stages of production “.

Guaranteeing the quality of its products, the manufacturer provides a written guarantee for 25 years! It can be stated with confidence that RUFLEX shingles are a guarantee of comfort and tranquility under the long-awaited and durable roof of your house.

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