From fantasy to reality


Last year, the newspaper of the Trading House Ruflex “Under One Roof” published an article “Draw a Roof”, which told how Ruflex flexible shingles can be used to turn an ordinary roof into an exclusive one. The readers liked and liked the article, some were pleased with colorful photographs and original solutions, and for those who strove for individuality in everything, especially in matters of home improvement, new horizons of possibilities of RUFLEX shingles opened up.

To this day, the archive of “unusual houses” TD Ruflex modestly kept several photographs of a cottage near Moscow, on the roof of which gray and black shingles from the Ruflex Super KL collection were arranged in a chaotic manner, creating an uncomplicated mosaic. Another object is the “striped” sports complex in Khimki. The unusual shape of the roof is made in the shape of a crescent moon, which was painted with stripes using the colors of the blue lagoon and the dune from the Ruflex Super Rocky collection.

…Therefore, the employees of Trading House Ruflex were especially pleased to see how the roof of a house is being assembled, which exactly repeats the pattern of the roof of one of the houses in the article “Drawing the roof”. Partners from the Krasnodar Territory pleased with the new creation, brought to life. The “fantasy” article found its first viewer, dreams turned into reality, and words turned into deeds!

Employees of the company took up work on this project “ROSTRADE”.
Gene told about the work done. director Rusanov Evgeniy. “Most often, when choosing a roofing material, the client is interested in durability, beauty and, of course, the price of the material. This order was no exception. We quickly decided on the material, Kazeko Evgeniy (the owner of the house) preferred the roofing material with flexible tiles. RUFLEX, it ideally matched the pitched roof of a house under construction, suited the client in terms of price and performance.

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While calculating the cost of works and materials, Evgeny drew attention to the magazine “Under one roof”, namely the article “We draw a roof” (editor’s note: magazine TD Ruflex “Under one roof” No. 4). In the article, the readers were presented with original ideas on how to give your home a unique style, to make it truly colorful and bright. Evgeny was attracted by a house made in a combination of colors Golden sand and Bark of a tree from the Ruflex Super Katrilli series. The drawing of the roof of the house looks really original and at the same time not pretentious. And since our client was eager to see the roof of his house in this design, we had to solve several tasks to translate this idea into reality: together with the designer, to understand how it is possible to implement this project, calculate the material consumption, as well as the work of roofers.

It should be noted that one of the essential aspects of the implementation of the plan was the financial side of the issue. It was important for us and, first of all, for the client to understand how the previous estimate would differ from the new one, taking into account the work of the designer, the developed plan for the entire roof and the work of roofing masters on the conceived. Considering all these points, the cost estimate increased by 14 thousand rubles, which fit into Evgeny’s cost plans for the roof. The result of this work was the house that you see now..

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Previously, we did not have to create anything like this, it is very pleasant that this first experience turned out to be successful, so we are confident that the desire of customers for such a non-standard design of houses will increase.

TOrgovy house Ruflex thanks for the information provided and the work done by Evgeny Rusanov, general. director of the company “ROSTREID” Krasnodar Territory and personally Kazeko Evgeniy, who decided to “draw” the original roof of his house.


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