Mastic roof

Bitumen-polymer and polymer mastics can be applied to various surfaces (steel, concrete, roofing felt) of any, even the most complex configuration (the slopes of the roofs on which the mastics are laid are not limited, up to domes and spiers). But there is one important condition: the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the same thickness of the mastic cover. This is the biggest drawback of mastics..

The mastic is applied to the base in liquid form. After the solvent has evaporated, it hardens to form a continuous, seamless waterproofing film. The thickness of the resulting film depends on the amount of dry residue in the mastic. Solvent-free mastics harden without reducing the thickness of the applied composition..

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that with roof slopes of more than 12% and an outside air temperature above 25 ° C, special fillers must be introduced into the mastic to increase its viscosity (thickeners, cement, etc.)

Modern types of mastics do not need a protective layer, since colored in the mass they have the necessary decorative properties, and the material itself is sufficiently resistant to atmospheric influences. If it is necessary to protect the roof from mechanical influences (passages, installation of engineering equipment, etc.), a protective layer is made of fine gravel (10-20 mm), coarse sand (2-5 mm), small-sized asbestos-cement or bitumen sheets, etc. e. River pebbles are an ideal protective layer..

And further. Do not trust the installation of the roof to random people. Trying to save money on project, material quality and labor costs triple the cost. This applies to any type of roof covering. The criteria for choosing a company are usual: availability of a license, guarantees, contracts with terms; readiness to conduct a preliminary study of structures and inform the customer in writing about possible problems, readiness for intermediate checks and a high level of communication culture.

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