Overlapping on wooden beams

Wooden floor

The intermediate floor has several functions:

  • Separates floors from each other, while serving as a ceiling in the lower floor room and a floor on the upper floor;
  • Serves as a horizontal link for the walls of the house;

Overlapping can be done:

  • from monolithic reinforced concrete;
  • from pre-fabricated reinforced concrete products, for example hollow-core reinforced concrete slabs;
  • from reinforced concrete beams with a roll of lightweight concrete slabs;
  • from metal beams with a roll of lightweight concrete slabs;
  • from wooden beams.

Choosing a floor on wooden beams, you need to know about its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits include:

  • Ease of installation – you can bring and lift the beams to the floor without using a construction crane, for this you need only two people;
  • Availability of material – usually used are wooden beams made of softwood, which is ubiquitous in the middle lane;
  • Low weight of the wooden floor – this reduces the overall weight of the house;
  • Sound insulation can be placed in the floor between the beams – this will reduce the transmission of impact noise from the rooms above the floor;
  • High fire resistance – a wooden beam burns before final destruction for a very long time, about an hour;
  • Quick installation – the beams can be laid within one day;
  • Low cost – a wooden floor is cheaper in cost than any other.

But there are also disadvantages of a wooden floor:

  • Limited beam length – maximum beam length without additional supports – 4500 mm;
  • The tree is prone to decay – this can be avoided by applying biosecurity before installation.

Overlapping on wooden beams is suitable for low-rise cottage construction.

The beams are laid with support on the outer walls, or one end of the beam rests on the outer wall, and the other on the inner one. Floor beams can only be laid on load-bearing walls..

First you need to decide on the number of beams and their length. To do this, you need to measure the distance between the walls in nature. To determine the length of the beam, the distance between the walls is measured and three hundred millimeters are added to the resulting number, since each end of the beam must rest on the wall at least 120-150 mm. Next, the length of the room is measured to calculate the required number of beams.

The total number of beams is calculated so that the distance between their axes is 600-800 mm. The longer the beam, the smaller the distance between adjacent beams should be.

The cross-section of the beam can be 100×150 mm or 150×200 mm. It is better to choose high-quality wood, because the overlap is an important component of the building. Therefore, preference should be given to a dry forest without bark. Also, the wood should not contain bark beetles and mold. Particularly dangerous is not black mold, which disappears when it dries, but white. In addition, the beams must be flat..

When purchasing floor beams, you can also buy sub-floor boards. The board should be at least an inch thick, and the width can be between 100 and 150 mm. Recommendations for choosing a board are similar to beams – the forest should be dry, without bark, beetles and mold. It is better to give up the idea of ​​saving a little and buy an unedged or semi-edged board with wane. You cannot leave the bark on the tree, as beetles can be there, and in large numbers they are dangerous to wood. And the work of removing the bark takes a lot of time and effort, and the savings are ineffective..

In addition to beams and boards for the floor device, you will need the following materials:

  • Composition for wood biosecurity;
  • Roofing material;
  • Nails 70 mm long;
  • Staples for the stealer;
  • To install the floor, you will need the following tools:
  • Roulette;
  • Assembly knife;
  • Hacksaw for wood;
  • A hammer;
  • Construction stapler;
  • Wide brush.

Using a hacksaw, we cut the beams to the required size. It is more convenient to do it below, and then lift the finished beams up.

The beams ready for laying must be impregnated with a bioprotective compound. If it is a concentrate, then the instructions say how to dilute it with water. It is necessary to apply the composition to the wood with a wide brush so that the liquid soaks the wood well. You need to cover the beams several times. After they are dry, you can proceed to the next stage..

Wooden floor

Cut the roofing material into strips 150 mm wide. Roofing material must be wrapped around each end of the beam in order to exclude the interaction of the tree with the mortar. Having wrapped the beam with roofing material, you need to fix it with staples using a stapler.

Now all the beams in turn rise up and are evenly distributed between the walls. When laying a beam on an external wall, it must be borne in mind that its end must rest on the wall at least 120 mm. In this case, you must also take into account the distance to the outer side of the wall, so that this distance allows you to close the beam from the external environment. The beam is laid on the shorter side, then its deflection will be minimal.

Wooden floor

After all the beams have been laid, the distance between them in the axes is checked again – these distances should be the same.

Strips of roofing material are cut again along the width of the upper edge of the beam. The strips are laid on the timber and attached to it with staples using a stapler. Roofing material will serve as a soundproofing pad between the timber and the board.

Wooden floor

It remains to fill the board on the timber. The boards should not reach the wall by 10-15 mm. A distance from 10-20 mm to 200 mm can be left between the boards. It is better not to save money and lay the boards close to each other in order to use this floor as a rough floor during further construction.

Wooden floor

When laying the floor, the joints of the boards should not lie on the same line, it is better to lay them apart. The boards are laid perpendicular to the beams, the board is nailed to each beam with one nail.

This is how a wooden floor is made.

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