Ruflex gutter system – innovation and harmony


The harmony of any architectural project lies in the consistency of the stylistic features of its components. Considering the final result of the work on the construction of each building, unique in its own way, we are aware that this is, first of all, a set of large and small details, ideally suited to each other both stylistically and functionally. Any single detail remains as such until it finds its logical place in the overall architectural composition. Only after careful selection of the constituent fragments architectural designer add up into one organism, which ensures the subsequent, long and happy life of both the building itself and its owners.

Considering each new project even at the planning level, as an architectural designer, the RUFLEX brand represents today on the Russian market flexible tiles and gutters, which are fundamental components of any building. The idea of ​​combining functionality with modern aesthetics while combining can be traced in all areas of Ruflex products..

The PVC gutter system Ruflex will give your home a finished, framed look; creates an expressive transition from roof to walls, from gable to facade. Considering the most common color solutions in building facades and on roofing, the Ruflex system offers 8 colors (red, black, white, graphite, brown, green, gray, copper). The systems are also available in 3 standard sizes. That is why you can accurately select a detail of the architectural designer Ruflex.


Even the connections of the system parts themselves are similar to the constructor. This makes it easy to mount the system on roofs of any configuration and complexity. The principle of the drainage system is in its solidity, for which the “cold welding” technology is used, based on the use of a special glue-fixer, which makes the joints absolutely strong and tight. Movements of the mounted system are compensated by expansion elements.


Mistakenly considered as an exclusively functional detail, Ruflex systems are in perfect harmony with any architectural solution. The Ruflex drainage system reliably protects the building from water escaping from the roof, which in a matter of months can destroy the surface of the walls and disrupt the waterproofing of the foundation. Original structural elements allow it to easily withstand any temperature drops.

The Ruflex gutter system is made of durable, environmentally friendly, lead-free PVC. This system does not corrode, fade and does not require subsequent maintenance. It does not deform with temperature changes due to the plasticity of PVC and original expansion elements, and the co-extrusion technology used in its production protects the system from UV radiation. All this ensures the ideal operation of systems at temperatures from -50C to + 50C.

During the production of the system, the harsh and changeable climate of Russia was taken into account. Know – how of the company, in particular, unique developments in the production of material, compliance with the strict requirements of European standards, are confirmed by a quality guarantee for 25 years, while the service life of the system is more than 50 years.

Gutters under the Ruflex brand can be installed on buildings of any age. The elegance and classic style of Ruflex allows the system to easily fit into both the most unusual and very conservative architectural solutions..


In conclusion, it can be added that over the past few years Ruflex has been one of the main organizers of the international competition “Five facades of private architecture”. The company’s mission is to identify innovations, new trends in architecture. Evaluating, along with the most prominent and authoritative architects of Russia, leading architectural organizations and the media, conceptual and exploratory developments of the future, implemented projects of low-rise buildings, projects of private low-rise residential buildings, TM Ruflex is perceived as an expert in architectural matters. That is why the company makes special demands on its own products, first of all, from the point of view of the symbiosis of design, manufacturability and reliability. Elements of the architectural constructor Ruflex allow the creator not to be distracted by the technical issues of the project and pay maximum attention to the process of creativity and creation.
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