Why does slate give one hundred points a head start to other roofing material?


You can choose roofing material for as long as you like, if you don’t have an exact idea of ​​what functions are your priority. The basic criteria are always the same: that the roof does not leak and the material lasts as long as possible. But there are a number of nuances. For example, flexible shingles will be indispensable for complex roofs with various kinks and projections. True, it is made on the basis of bitumen, and it burns well.

Almost everyone, apart from the price, is good at standard ceramic tiles..The house under the ceramic tiles looks wonderful, and this type of roof is functional, it almost never fails. But natural ceramic tiles are usually very heavy and require a reinforced rafter system and this will cost extra money. And do not forget that it is very fragile, it is difficult to transport it without loss..

Slate roofContemporary painted slate is aesthetically equal to popular roofing materials

Inexpensive option – bituminous corrugated sheets.They are quick to install, light and good looking, relatively affordable, but not suitable for every climate. For example, it is better not to mount them in the southern regions, because under the scorching sun, bitumen heats up and softens, the sheets are deformed. Wet, cool areas are also not the best place for a corrugated bituminous roof, as excess moisture reduces the life of this roofing material. Do not forget about the increased flammability, to which all bitumen products are doomed..

Modern popular material – metal tiles,also quickly installed and looks decent, but prone to corrosion. Manufacturers promise high durability, but only if the tiles are not scratched. Any violation of the protective layer will lead to the formation of rust and further destruction of the material. Failure in the production of metal tiles has the same negative consequences. Another disadvantage of this roofing material is insufficient sound insulation and thermal insulation. Prepare for additional costs for high-quality sound insulation if you want to place living spaces under the roof.

Roofing battensUnder the corrugated board, a frequent crate is usually made to fix the sheet in several places, otherwise it will fly away in a strong wind.

Decking is also susceptible to corrosion,therefore, it is important to make sure that it is not scratched. In addition, it has a large wind capacity, and in a strong wind it can simply break off the roof. Not everything is perfect with heat and sound insulation either; during rain under such a roof, the noise of drops increases significantly. But it is inexpensive, easy to install, and looks decent when finished. But the corrugated board will need constant careful checking for scratches and rust. If you do not follow such a roof, it will soon leak out and you will need to change it..

Slate has many advantages.But there is one drawback – not obvious – gray neutral color. Someone does not like it, but someone, on the contrary, perceives it positively. And a slightly more serious minus – with a strong sharp impact, it breaks. If you don’t try to break it, but just work with it as usual, there will be no problems. The slate sheet freely supports the weight of an adult male. We figured out the cons. Now let’s move on to the benefits:

Schematic: the economic benefits of slate

Construction is a costly business, and if you manage to save on at least one of the large cost items, it is perceived as a real success..

Schematic: operational benefits of slate

The requirements for a good roof hardly change over time. And slate meets all the most important requirements.

Schematic: the aesthetic benefits of slate

Remarkable thermal insulation and the ability of slate to extinguish the sound of rain and hail – plus not only aesthetic, important for the microclimate of the house. All these points directly affect the cost of installing a roofing pie, since for a slate roof you only need the slate itself, a thin film of vapor barrier, lathing and fasteners.

Ultimately, such a roof is inexpensive and does not require modifications, separate insulation and reinforced lathing. And if you really want a colored roof, you can buy a painted one instead of the usual slate, modern industry makes it possible.

Painted slateA roof of a complex shape can also be covered with slate, but you will need a grinder and butt elements for high-quality installation

Don’t discard slate from the options. After all, it is ideally suited to cope with the scorching sun, severe frosts and endless autumn dampness. It will also greatly reduce the cost budget..

You can learn more about slate, as well as calculate the cost of the roof and compare prices with other roofing materials on the website slate.rf.

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