5 ideas how to save money on repairs

Repairing a house or apartment is always a cost. And they are often very solid. Whether you want it or not, you often need to save money so as not to go into debt and finish repairs with minimal losses. Our tips site will present you with simple ideas that will definitely help you save on repairs..

5 ideas how to save money on repairs

First idea – a detailed plan

Experts assure that a clear and detailed planning of repair work is literally half the battle. Drawing up a step-by-step plan will allow you not only to calculate the repair time, but also to estimate how much it will result.

First, decide what exactly you plan to do – overhaul the bath, turn the pantry into a dressing room, change the decoration and furniture in the kitchen. Or just re-glue the wallpaper in the nursery. Take measurements, decide on the amount of materials you need, estimate what furniture you need to buy.

Advice! Having drawn up a plan and made preliminary calculations, increase the received amount of expenses by at least 20%. In the vast majority of cases, you have to go out of the budget during the renovation, be prepared for this.

5 ideas how to save money on repairs

Second idea – discounts

When purchasing everything you need for your renovation, be sure to use discounts! By all means. Often, for a supplier to reduce the price, it is enough to register on their website and receive a special coupon. Follow all the promotions, holiday sales held by construction supermarkets! If you have friends who have a loyal customer discount card – ask for a while. Even a 5% or 10% discount will be a pleasant savings.

5 ideas how to save money on repairs

The third idea – buy everything in bulk

Use online calculators, which are now on many portals of construction companies, in order to know exactly the amount of materials you need. Add 10%, you never know, suddenly something will be spoiled in the process of work, do not run back to the store. And buy everything in one place, getting a discount as a wholesale buyer. Alternatively, you can look for local wholesalers where prices are lower than retail supermarkets..

5 ideas how to save money on repairs

The fourth idea is to choose the available materials

Each expensive finishing material has its own affordable counterpart. We refuse expensive natural parquet, there are good imitations from laminate, marmoleum. We do not need porcelain stoneware, we choose a more budgetary ceramic tile. An inexpensive option for wall decoration is textured plaster or vinyl wallpaper, before gluing which you do not need to carefully level the wall. And in general, maybe you decide to make the interior in the loft style, leaving part of the brickwork on the wall without decoration at all.

Advice! Experts advise against chasing brands. Yes, paint and wallpaper from well-known world-famous manufacturers will definitely be of high quality. But on the other hand, the price will be significantly higher precisely due to the popularity of the brand. Look for domestic counterparts, often they are not inferior to imported ones.

5 ideas how to save money on repairs

Toe ideaah – do as much as possible with your own hands

Real and very significant savings will come out! We understand that installing tiles is a rather difficult task, it is better to find a master here. An electrician also requires special knowledge, as well as the arrangement of a water supply system, welding work … However, you can do a lot yourself – remove the old finish, take out construction waste, dismantle the plasterboard partition, lay linoleum. And to glue the wallpaper, because our site sovetov.ru described this process in great detail. In general, don’t be afraid to do something yourself. It is quite possible to take a week off and do a lot during this time. The experience gained, by the way, will definitely come in handy in the future. And pride in a bedroom that has been remodeled with his own hands is very pleasant. And there will be something to brag to guests.

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