A selection of films about how home renovation changed the lives of heroes

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A film about renovation … It doesn’t sound very attractive, you say, because in our life we ​​often come across such alterations and arrangement of a house or apartment. However, renovation, as a significant phenomenon, has repeatedly become the focus of the writers’ attention. Several films have appeared on this topic, which can well be reviewed by the whole family in order to understand how repairs can change the lives of heroes. In addition, these films will allow you to make sure that the problems you faced during your renovation are nonsense compared to the vicissitudes of the main characters..

1. “Well, here we are: renovation”

The plot of this 2007 film directed by Steve Carr is simple – the Persons family decides to move from a small apartment to a spacious house. The wife is expecting another child, the head of the family, played by O’Shea Jackson (pseudonym Ice Cube), has a new job. And the house turned out to be a complete ruin that would have to be thoroughly repaired. The heroes got the contractor, to put it mildly, unusual, so the family will have a lot of adventures with repairs.

Well, we have arrived: renovation

2. “Repair”

The film by French director Brigitte Royuan was filmed in 2005, and the charming Carole Bouquet played the main role in it. This is a subtle French comedy about a successful lawyer and mother of two teenagers deciding to make a major renovation in her home. She bothered to hire an architect from Colombia as a contractor, who brought in illegal assistants. The measured life of the hostess of the house has changed dramatically, the only ones who are delighted with what is happening are her children.

Film Brigitte Royuan Renovation

3. “Breakthrough”

The 1986 film directed by Richard Benjamin has not ceased to be relevant, especially since the famous Tom Hanks starred in it. Walter and Anna are forced to move out and are looking for an inexpensive house, because they are tight with money. Friends offer them a hacienda with a garden, the price is low. But it turns out that the house requires not just minor repairs, but major alterations. A young couple does not know a thing about repairing, and the visiting carpenter, plumber and other “assistants” only bring additional chaos. A simple American comedy about remodeling a home and personal relationships.

Breakthrough (1986)

4. “Lilies for lilies”

The film directed by Vadim Ostrovsky was filmed in 2006. The film tells how the main characters, who have long lived as neighbors, decide to renovate their house in order to at least change something in their lives. However, household chores are becoming another annoying factor. In general, this film, where Elena Yakovleva played, is more about personal relationships, but many vicissitudes occur precisely after the start of the renovation.

Lilies for lilies Vadim Ostrovsky

5. “Friends”, season 6

We are sure that you are familiar with the heroes of the Friends series. In the sixth season (released in 1999), they also had to face repairs. There was a fire in Phoebe’s apartment, while Rachel lived with her, who vacated the apartment for Monica and Chandler, who decided to live together. Renovation of Phoebe’s apartment and related relocations led to new changes in the lives of the main characters.

The series

6. “Life is like a home”

A serious American drama that was released in 2001. In the film directed by Irwin Winkler, the main role was played by Kevin Kline. He plays an architect who, at the age of 45, finds out that he has not long to live. His relationship with his family has not been going well for a long time, in order to change something, he starts building a house, and as an assistant he attracts his own son. Again, a tape where personal relationships come first, but take place against the backdrop of building a house.

Life is like a home

7. “Duplex”

Danny DeVito’s 2003 film tells the story of a young couple who seemingly found the perfect apartment in a good neighborhood. But in the new house, Nancy and Alex (Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller) meet with a decrepit old woman who is not going to leave and creates a lot of trouble for new neighbors. In general, the film is not devoted to repair as such, it is more about moving and neighbors who can radically change the life of a family.


8. The series “Big renovation”

A whole series that was popular in the 90s, dedicated to the topic of repair. Although in fact the main character, played by Tim Allen, is simply hosting the TV show “Choosing Tools”, dedicated to the renovation work. The father of three children cannot put things in order in his house, although he looks like a jack of all trades on the TV show. The series has a lot of jokes, it is simple and family-like, which brought it popularity..

The series

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