Drywall corners: rules for installing a corner beacon for gypsum board

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How to make drywall corners correctly? What is a perforated corner for? How to quickly make the corners even and strong? How to fix the corner during installation? You will find the answers to these questions in our article. The article also contains photo illustrations of the described operations..

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

Outside corners are a critical area of ​​work, since the vertical and edge of the corner are perfectly visible when visually aligned with the door or window opening, the plane of the wall. Therefore, they should be treated carefully so as not to spoil the whole picture of the repair with one trifle..

All angles are divided into four types:

  1. Smooth 90 °. The walls converge at right angles. Make up 80% of all angles in traditional practice (no art design project). When forming them, the corner beacon is used.
  2. Others are even. Expanded (more than 90 °), sharp (less than 90 °), broken, combined. Mostly found in attic and under-roof spaces. Formed by a temporary beacon.
  3. Curved 90 °. Constrain a plane to a circle, oval, or unique curve (arch, wave, zigzag, etc.). Found in complex finishing projects. Formed by a flexible beacon.
  4. Curvilinear others. Docking at different angles.

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

Within the framework of this guide, the main varieties will be considered – smooth 90 ° and curved 90 °.

How to correctly make plasterboard corners on a temporary beacon, we described in the article “Secrets and Tricks for Wall Finishing Work”.

When installing straight corner beacons (they are also called a perforated corner), several rules and technological features should be observed that will provide an excellent result, even if you do not have much experience in finishing. We will provide some useful tips.

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

How to achieve smooth mating of planes

Even if the frames are aligned correctly, it is not always possible to achieve a good pairing. The easiest, fastest and most reliable way is trimming in place.

  1. When installing the gypsum board, try to set the factory edges of the sheets at an angle, at least along one plane.
  2. If there is a clipping area on the sheet, do not remove it before editing. It is in this case that the most errors occur. Mount the whole sheet.
  3. Cut the sheet in place using the factory plane. With this approach, you will prune flawlessly and save time..
  4. The cut corners must be trimmed with a grater..

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

How to install a corner beacon

The perforated corner does not require special installation tools (dowels, screws). It is held in place by a layer of starting or joint filler. The most convenient way to quickly mount a corner beacon is on staples using a stapler.

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

When installing the corners, pay attention to the correctness of their docking. In no case do not overlap the joint (unless, of course, a layer of putty more than 5 mm is assumed). Corner beacons should be docked either without additional trimming, or with a connection in the manner of door cashing. In this case, the brackets themselves are not a load-bearing fastening, but only temporary. After installing the gypsum board, you can sew the corner beacon on a dry one, preparing the plane for the next stage.

How to fix the corner beacon correctly

Following the installation, there is a local putty of self-tapping seats, sheet joints and corners. During this operation, preparation is made to cover the plane. Fixing beacons is one of its stages. The corner should first be greased on one side and wait until the putty dries.

It is better to fix the lighthouses first of all so that they dry while the screws and joints are being putty. Then pass another plane of the corner with putty.

Drywall corners. Installation rules for a corner beacon for gypsum board

All operations described above are completely identical for the flexible corner. When choosing a lighthouse material, give preference to plastic. The metal corners wrinkle and deform easily, while the plastic is tough enough to withstand harsh storage conditions. The most convenient of them is a plastic lighthouse with a grid..

A properly positioned corner beacon will provide an even, straight line view of the vertical and horizontal corners, a clean line in the curved shape of the ceiling level or arch. This is the fastest and most convenient way to carry out the work on finishing gypsum boards at a level of indicative quality.

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