First credit aid. How to find money for spontaneous purchases, vacations or sudden renovations

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First credit aid

From the ceiling water

Imagine how the neighbors from above can “please” you. You come home after a hard day at work, cross the threshold of the apartment and become speechless: wet scraps of wallpaper hang from the walls in the corridor, dirty puddles have spread on the still quite decent parquet floor, and ringing drops are drumming on the sink and stove in the kitchen. You will call DEZ, have a row with your neighbors. The neighbors did not have money for urgent repairs, the maximum that was offered in the DEZ was cosmetic repairs. Moreover, none of the participants in the process explained to you how to continue living in such an apartment. For the first time, you can settle with your parents and call friends with a request to lend you money for repairs. Someone will meet halfway, and someone will refuse. And still, the amount received, most likely, will not be enough to bring the apartment into a decent look.

Finding a solution

The most suitable option is to take a bank loan. However, due to the crisis, some banks have limited the maximum amount of issue, and on the Internet there are many life stories about borrowers who owe banks large amounts of money. All this can be aggravated by negative experience of obtaining a loan in the past – for example, a loan was refused immediately and without explanation..

In such situations, the first decision that comes to mind is to carefully study the conditions for obtaining a loan from commercial banks via the Internet, because often there is no other way out. However, it should be borne in mind that there will be a sea of ​​proposals, but only a few really worthwhile ones. The conditions may seem acceptable, but when trying to figure out the real amounts of payments, taking into account overpayments, commissions for consideration, for service, it turns out that the interest on loans exceeds 25-30% per annum, and this is already a lot. In search, you can spend several hours at the monitor and gradually lose hope of the successful completion of this venture.

At such a moment, it is better to stop worrying and remember about Sberbank: one of the most reliable banks in the country will be able to help in a difficult situation. Borrowers “off the street” to obtain a consumer loan must provide a passport, a certificate of salary and a copy of the work book. The decision on the loan will be made in two working days. For salary clients of Sberbank, the list of documents is reduced to just one passport, and the required amount will be issued within just two hours! In terms of interest, convenience and other parameters, such an offer compares favorably with competitors.

Correct credit

All applications of potential borrowers of Sberbank are centrally processed at the so-called “Credit Factory”, which significantly speeds up the issuance of the required amount and reduces the number of formalities and papers required for approval. There are no commissions for issuing a loan, and the exact amount of the final payment, taking into account all interest, will be indicated in the agreement. At the same time, you can get your hands on up to 3 million rubles..

Useful Tips

A positive credit history can be a good help for optimizing the interest rate. If you have already paid off loans without delays, there is a great chance to get a preferential rate.

Now it has become even easier to take out a bank loan. For its clients, Sberbank has prepared individual proposals for consumer lending. Each of the 70 million customers of the bank will receive an offer in SMS or letter, which will indicate personal credit limits.

For more information on lending conditions, terms, interest rates, please visit, at any branch of Sberbank of Russia or by phone 8 800 555 555 0.

OJSC “Sberbank of Russia”. General license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations No. 1481 dated 30.08.2010.


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