How to avoid mistakes when hiring a specialist for repair and construction work without a contract

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This article is a guide for anyone who is planning to implement small repairs or self-employed construction. These tips will help you avoid awkward and unpleasant situations with the organization, control and acceptance of work. From the article you will learn how to behave when working under an oral contract.

How to avoid mistakes when hiring a specialist for repair and construction work without a contract

Not all construction work can be done independently. It is often necessary to hire specialists or a whole team, especially when it comes to building a house with communications. Entrusting work to the “wrong person” who offers apartment renovation is risky: spoiled material and lost time cannot be returned.

Moments that you definitely need to control yourself

Try to “see” the final result as clearly as possible. Consult with several (!) Experts about the use of certain materials and technologies in your particular case. If possible, invite an independent expert to the site and pay for a consultation (in this case, there is no “interest” to cheat in your favor).

Ask the same expert for approximate material consumption and estimated city prices, adjusted for your local conditions.

Basically, the following factors affect the increase in the cost of work:

  • remoteness of the facility from the city and construction bases;
  • height of the workplace and ease of access to it;
  • thickness and number of layers applied;
  • required quality of work.

Based on the information received, select the technology that is optimal for your case. It is important not to break it “in order to save money”.

Poorly:take modern technology with expensive materials and delete a few points from it or replace it with cheap analogs. The result, perhaps, will correspond to the seemingly correct, but its quality properties and durability will remind of itself more than once during operation.

Good:pick up the technology “affordable”. New building materials appear every day, and their production becomes simpler and cheaper. You can also turn to classic, proven methods. There is always a replacement.

How to avoid mistakes when hiring a specialist for repair and construction work without a contract

Assess the future construction site. Prepare material storage, workers’ locker rooms and tool storage areas. Consider the opening hours, especially if the premises are in use (repairs in one of the rooms of an apartment, house, office).

What to look for during the first meeting or telephone conversation

After a deep analysis of your own wishes has been carried out, it’s time to start “casting” candidates for the job. The following pitfalls may await here.

Friend recommendation.Everyone has several telephone numbers for specialists in different fields for different occasions. The fact that a master once did something to someone of your acquaintances does not mean that he will show you the best he is capable of..

“I do everything”.Sounds tempting. However, masters who develop “in breadth”, mastering new professions and skills, as a rule, give quality not above the average level. There are also “nuggets” who do turnkey apartment renovation alone, but this is rare – no more than 1 in 20. Based on your own needs and terms, you can choose a strategy. If the quality requirements in a particular case are not high, it is reasonable to entrust the turnkey work to one person. If the idea is complex, decorative (for example, a fence made of a savage stone or a unique cladding of a house), it is better to find a master with extensive experience in a particular direction – a narrow specialist.

Transport.Construction and renovation work involves the movement of material, tools, and the transport of workers to sites. Therefore, an experienced builder is always “on wheels”. In the process of work, you always need to buy something in addition – broken drills, overspending material, hardware. Mobility is a condition for the survival of civilians. Pay attention to the condition of the master’s car. It may be old, but it should be well-groomed. This will tell about the person’s attitude to the things around him (and to your object later).

Note.Be sure to negotiate shipping costs to avoid misunderstandings.

Tool.Pros prefer reliable companies – Bosch, Makita, HILTI, Interskol and others from this price category. It is enough to memorize 5–7 solid and cheapest manufacturers to draw a conclusion about the master’s arsenal. Cheap appliances often break down, which can lead to downtime. Also pay attention to the number and variety of the instrument.

How to avoid mistakes when hiring a specialist for repair and construction work without a contract

Behavior.Zeal is often captivating. The “hungry for work” master rushes right off the bat, promises the minimum time and price. If a person is in a hurry and his phone does not stop ringing, he is most likely very busy and he may have no time to delve into the intricacies of your object. Ask how he plans to solve problems in stages. Ask to tell why this is so and compare with your information, discuss the details of the technology. This is exactly the dispute in which “the truth is born”.

A calm, honest master will not hide the lack of experience from the customer and will immediately say what he is doing and what is not. An unscrupulous person will want to take all the work that is and still impose something “from above”. Anyone who says that he will do it “easily and easily” is clearly disingenuous, exaggerating his abilities, and shows a negligent attitude to work.

Setting boundaries and priorities. Discussion of the nuances of supply, weather conditions, force majeure

Of course, insurance with a signed contract should free both parties from unnecessary worries. Decorating apartments and houses is a multi-stage process and in practice this is not enough. Therefore, a considerable part of meaningful agreements remains in oral form..

If the performer gets a job on the basis of an oral contract, the following rules must be adhered to:

  1. Make sure the person is reliable. If we are talking about a large volume, ask him to introduce you to previous customers. Find out from them the decency of the candidate, his conflict. An honest man has nothing to hide.
  2. If you are absent from the site during work, agree to inform you in case of unforeseen situations, about the beginning or end of a stage of work, adjusting the technology (replacing material, changing layer parameters, etc.).
  3. Specify actions in case of changes in weather conditions, technology or team composition.
  4. Waste of material. If, after completing the work performed according to the estimates of the contractor, there is a significant remainder of the building material, he is obliged to reimburse the costs for full volumes (whole bags of cement, putty, packaging of insulation, etc.).
  5. Break the work down into stages and set deadlines for the next two. Determine the moment of delivery of work for each stage.

How to avoid mistakes when hiring a specialist for repair and construction work without a contract

A carefully thought-out relationship will save everyone from debriefing in an unforeseen event. At the same time, control should be strengthened. At the slightest suspicion of deception or lack of professionalism, you can quickly stop possible losses.

Advance principle, payment for additional work, final payment

Sometimes, when starting work, the foreman immediately demands an advance. Payment for outstanding work is your risk. There is a classic version of the calculations:

  1. If more than 50% of the first stage of work is completed, payment for the entire first stage is permissible. It is quite safe, since the contractor is involved in the process, and the advance will add confidence to him in your solvency.
  2. In the event of a breakdown of an expensive tool, additional payments may be required – at the expense of the estimate. Strictly at your discretion.
  3. At the time of delivery of the object, no more than 75% of the total amount must be paid. Having received more, the performer may lose interest in you and complete work in a hurry with low quality.
  4. The final calculation is best done after the delivery of all work and cleaning.

Punctuality, modesty and honesty are the best qualities of a master. An accomplished specialist will not pester you with daily advances “for gasoline” or non-existent additional costs.

Mutual benefits and long-term cooperation

The approach described in this article will give you the opportunity to foresee everything in advance. The benefits and pleasure of a job done right will more than pay off the time and effort invested. In the face of the master you will find a reliable support in the future, and the performer, in turn, will add you to the list of regular customers. Experience of direct participation in a real process will help you cope independently with problems and solve problems when implementing your own ideas in the future.

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