How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

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Getting rid of partitions in the bathroom means giving yourself more freedom in choosing a layout, placing equipment, the ability to install a washing machine or bidet in the bathroom. In this article, we will tell you how to combine a bathroom with your own hands..

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

Planning of the combined bathroom

Initially, there are two separate rooms with one common partition. If there is almost no free space in the bathroom, then in the toilet more often half of the space is not occupied. The partition itself occupies a considerable area and interferes with the optimal use of the space in the room.

Any redevelopment actions in the apartment, including the unification of the bathroom, are subject to mandatory registration. It is important to get official permission for redevelopment.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

The combination of a bath and a toilet will fully affect both rooms and partially the corridor or room into which the doors of the bathroom open. Interior decoration, as well as plaster, subfloor, screed must be replaced.

Even before the start of work, it is necessary to agree with the housing and communal services and plumbers the issue of transferring and replacing the heated towel rail and poorly located risers. If the water supply in the house is still made with steel pipes, then it is better to switch to plastic, and cut out the old risers, getting rid of the metal pipe in the ceilings. Ideally, this is done in coordination with all residents along the riser.

Work order

The task of combining a bathroom is solved in several stages:

  1. Dismantle plumbing and equipment.
  2. Dismantle the partition between rooms and doorways.
  3. Perform wiring of water supply and sewerage.
  4. Restore the outer wall of the bathroom with a new doorway.
  5. Align sub-floor, ceiling and wall levels.
  6. Lay electrical wiring.
  7. Finish and distribute equipment and plumbing.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands


The dirtiest, dusty and hardest part of the work. It is advisable to dismantle it in one day, moreover, isolating the rest of the house from the spread of construction waste and dust to the maximum..

In the course of work, a huge amount of waste is generated. Strong construction bags must be prepared. One bag holds about 25-30 kg of garbage or 15-20 liters by volume, no more, because you have to take them out with your own hands. Based on these values, the total number of bags is roughly estimated.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

Call a special garbage truck or lorry in advance to take the bags to the landfill. It is strictly forbidden to take construction waste into a container with household waste.

The dismantling stage includes the demolition of the bathroom partition, the old screed up to and including the waterproofing layer, door frames and part of the wall between them, provided that the new opening will be formed separately from them. The cladding is removed from the walls and ceiling up to the base along the entire perimeter.

From the tool you will need:

  • punch or jackhammer with lances and a sharp blade;
  • crowbar;
  • sledgehammer;
  • hand chisel.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

If the partition is made of aerated concrete slab or wood, then it is easier to rent a circular electric saw and cut the partition into pieces.

Before starting work, all plumbing, cabinets and shelves are removed, if possible, pipes that can interfere. The bathroom is taken out, the toilet is carefully dismantled, and the sewage system is closed with a dense cloth or a plug with a seal.

You can suppress the spread of dust by covering the openings with a wet dense cloth and closing the doors tightly.

Plumbing work

The laying of the water supply and, in particular, the sewerage system of the bathroom must be carried out after dismantling the partition and the old screed. This will allow you to obtain the margin necessary for optimal distribution of pipes with their subsequent suturing..

For sewer lines, you will get a gain in height, because they must be installed with a certain slope. Distribution of pipes is carried out from the farthest to the sewer riser of the connection point, observing a uniform slope of 1-2 degrees.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

The water supply system is planned so that the pipes pass through the room compactly in one group and of a shorter length. It is at this stage that additional equipment is placed, more precisely, the distribution of pipes for their connection: filter systems, instantaneous water heaters, etc..

The toilet is placed as close as possible to the sewer riser. If there is a separate riser for the bathroom and toilet, in no case should the toilet be switched to another riser, but the drains from the bath, washing machine and sink can be redirected.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

For laying inside walls or pouring into screed and plaster, it is best to choose metal-plastic pipes or cross-linked polyethylene, while the connections and leads remain on the surface, it easily bends for laying along the route, without requiring unnecessary connectors.

Polypropylene pipes are better suited for external laying – the result is more aesthetic. To install pipes, you will need a special soldering iron and mandatory adherence to soldering technology.

Moving a doorway, restoring walls

Part of the wall of the combined bathroom or all is replaced with a plasterboard structure or restored with brickwork. A new opening must be formed with mandatory reinforcement along the entire perimeter, starting from the upper lintel.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

If a wall of gypsum plasterboard is to be erected, then the choice should fall on moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboards, and for insulation and sound insulation, you need to choose mineral wool, polyurethane foam or extruded polystyrene foam.

Rough finishing, pipe sewing

At this stage, a rough floor is created and the walls are plastered. In that order.

Before work, all surfaces of the walls of the ceiling and floor are cleaned; it is better to use a construction vacuum cleaner. The floor surface is leveled before laying a layer of waterproofing (roll material or processing with waterproofing compounds) with an approach to the walls of at least 30 cm.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

The thickness of the screed layer is chosen so that, together with the underfloor heating system and the floor covering, they go on the same level with the floor in the rest of the premises. Therefore, the calculation of the amount of required materials will be adjusted upon the fact of dismantling..

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

Final stage: interior decoration and equipment installation

At the final stage, the installation of electrical cables and the installation of sockets, switches, lighting devices or terminals for their connection as part of a suspended ceiling are carried out.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

Further, in strict order:

  1. Underfloor heating system is installed, floor covering.
  2. Walls are faced with tiles or other finishing materials.
  3. Ceiling mounted.

Upon completion of the work, it remains only to bring in and install the plumbing, the necessary furniture and equipment at pre-planned places.

How to make a combined bathroom with your own hands

Only after evaluating the entire scope of work and each stage separately, the procedure and important nuances that should not be forgotten, an informed decision is made about the possibility of combining a bathroom and the amount of costs required for this.

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