Liquid wallpaper: how to choose and apply to walls

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Liquid wallpaper is a textile covering for ceilings, walls and other surfaces that is ideal for commercial and residential applications. Their application is not particularly difficult, so the work can be done independently, without seeking help from specialists..

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

Liquid wallpaper is a dry building mixture that contains exclusively natural, silk, cellulose or cotton fibers, as well as dyes, glue, mother of pearl, gold threads and much more. It is worth noting that all of these above components boast a neutral electrical charge, so that dust does not settle on them..

Types of liquid wallpaper

Today, there are three types of liquid wallpaper on the market, which differ only in the structure of their fibers, as well as in the thickness of the finished layer. Liquid wallpaper is divided into:

  • cellulosic;
  • silk;
  • silk-cellulose.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

Liquid silk wallpaper contains silk fiber in its composition, due to which they are as durable as possible and are distinguished by their resistance to ultraviolet rays, do not fade and retain the brightness of their original shades for many years. But cellulose wallpaper and silk-cellulose wallpaper have a lower price and less durability..

The main advantages of liquid wallpaper

When comparing liquid wallpaper with paper, it can be seen that they have a number of advantages that can satisfy the needs of even the most professional and discerning buyers:

  1. The possibility of partial replacement of the wallpaper.
  2. Environmental friendliness, absence of extraneous odors.
  3. The presence of heat and sound insulation properties.
  4. Quite low cost.
  5. Before applying the wallpaper, just add water to it and it will be ready for application..
  6. Ease of application.
  7. Smooth surface with no seams or joints.
  8. Do not attract dust.
  9. Do not fade or crumble.
  10. Weak flammability.
  11. Long service life.
  12. The ability to create panels and patterns.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

Disadvantages of liquid wallpaper

The only drawbacks are non-waterproof liquid wallpaper, which is quickly washed off with water and can lose its shape. Undoubtedly, this is very convenient if you need to clean the walls, but not very practical in use. But this problem can also be fought. For example, if you plan to apply liquid wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen, and also make them resistant to moisture, then simply cover them on top with a colorless acrylic varnish.

How to choose the right liquid wallpaper

The selection criteria include not only tone and texture, but also operating conditions. Thus, if liquid wallpaper is supposed to be used in the kitchen or bathroom, then it is desirable that they have increased moisture resistance, which should be indicated on the packaging..

If during the creation of a unique interior you want to show your imagination and experiment a little with texture or color, then you need to purchase not ready-made compositions, but options with an independent selection of shade and structure.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

But it is worth noting that the most important selection criterion for most people is the cost of the material. Based on the price, it is best to pay attention to the country of origin. For example, liquid wallpaper from Turkey is cheaper than wallpaper from France, although in their characteristics they are in no way inferior to them. Also on the Russian market there are no less high-quality liquid wallpaper of domestic production, which are even more affordable..

Tip: Pay attention to the drying time of the wallpaper. It can be from 12 to 72 hours.

Applying liquid wallpaper

For the correct application of such wallpaper, you will need a roller or trowel, as well as a container to thin the mixture. Colorless varnish for the topcoat, in case we need to apply wallpaper in damp rooms.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

Walls for liquid wallpaper must be prepared, leveled and primed. If metal parts (fittings) protrude from the wall, then they must be painted with oil paint or enamel in order to avoid rust bleeding in the future. After that, the dry mixture must be placed in a container and poured into it in portions of warm water, approximately 6 liters per package of the mixture. As a result, you should get a mixture with the density of sour cream. Dye can be added if necessary.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

After 15 minutes, the mixture must be mixed again. After that, take a part of the mixture onto a trowel and apply it to the wall, and then roll it out with a roller or level it with a trowel. Do the same with the rest of the mixture. Care should be taken that the surface is perfectly flat, that is, that there is no bulge or void between the applied areas.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

If an error was noticed, then it is enough just to slightly soak the area with warm water and remove the wallpaper from the wall, and then apply it again. This procedure can be repeated 1-3 times. Liquid wallpaper dries for 1-3 days, it all depends on the humidity and air temperature in the room, as well as the types of wallpaper. The room should be regularly ventilated during drying. After three days, if necessary, the wallpaper can be varnished with colorless varnish..

Wallpaper care

Liquid wallpaper does not need any special care. If necessary, they can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth to avoid damage.

This coating is ideal for those who have small children or animals in their home, because damaged areas of liquid wallpaper are quickly or easily restored. And if a damaged area was noticed, then it is enough just to moisten it with water, wait 30 minutes and cut off the coating with a knife. Apply a freshly prepared mass to the cleaned area and let it dry.

Liquid wallpaper. Selection, application to walls

Liquid wallpaper is an ideal wall and ceiling covering for both residential and public spaces. These wallpapers will last for a long time, delighting with their originality and original design..

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