Mirrored ceiling: choice of design, installation features

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The article describes the main problems that arise when installing a ceiling with a mirror surface. You will learn about the nuances of choosing mirrors and frame structures, get acquainted with market prices for each type of product, learn methods of installation and rework, get useful tips for assembling the ceiling.

Mirrored ceiling. The choice of design, installation features

A mirrored ceiling is a welcome element for lovers of sophistication and shiny interior. There are two ways to achieve a full or partial reflection effect:

  • use real, traditional mirrors or imitation;
  • order a stretch ceiling with a mirror sheet.

Stretch ceilings of any kind are assembled by turnkey specialists, but you can create a prefabricated ceiling from a real mirror with your own hands. Moreover, in the case of using a mirror, the nuances characteristic of a reflective surface cannot be avoided..

Features of natural mirror:

  1. Great weight. Glass mirror weighs up to 20 kg / m2. This must be borne in mind when constructing the frame. To avoid sagging of the structure, make the spacing of fasteners to the ceiling plate no more than 450 mm.
  2. The need for constant service. There are two options here – either the mirror elements should be easily removable, which will allow them to be washed separately; or they must hold to the base so securely to withstand heavy wiping.
  3. Poignancy. When the base is deformed, the element may simply split. Therefore, the frame must be very reliable, but at the same time compensate for possible movements of the base..
  4. Perfectly flat plane. When gluing elements, even the slightest differences are unacceptable. Even one unevenly laid mirror will be striking as an asymmetric reflection.

So, if you are willing to sacrifice time to maintain the ceiling for its chic appearance, then let’s go. Let’s talk in detail about how to mount ceiling structures using traditional mirrors.

Choice of mirrors

Taking into account the peculiarities of the suspension elements, remember that the planes should have a minimum weight to reduce the load. If you choose a real mirror, and not an imitation of mirror or reflective plates, the sheet thickness will be at least 4 mm, which means that the mass is 1 m2 will be equal to 10 kg. This is an important point when choosing a profile system..

Mirrored ceiling. The choice of design, installation features

The offer of mirrors on the market today is presented in a large assortment, but at the same time there are standard items that are always available from any supplier, especially if it is a production.

Name Specifications Price in USD e. for 1 m2
Silver Glass coated with silver amalgam. This type of mirror is used for finishing work. Its task is to reflect light and objects, to increase the volume. “Silver” does not have the depth, sharpness and brightness required for delicate work (tailor, make-up artist). ~ 8.00 USD e.
Bronze The same as “Silver”, but with a bronze amalgam. Has a pronounced golden color, which makes it even more difficult to detail the reflection. At the same time, the decoration produces a unique effect of luxury, especially in combination with other types of mirrors. ~ 16.50 usd e.
Graphite Gray mirror with partial reflection. Gives calm depth without annoying bright colors. ~ 12.00 USD e.
Chemical mat (there is “bronze” chemical mat.) Slightly blurred amalgam creates a magical glow reflection effect. 11.00-18.00 at. e.
Ultra clear (Ultra clear – ultra clear) High detail mirror suitable for delicate work. 11.00-20.00 at e.

Any glass and mirror shop will offer you cutting to size and this will be the best option compared to manual cutting “from the sheet”.

The main feature of the installation of a collapsible mirrored ceiling

It is best to mount individual mirror panels on the Armstrong suspension system. This false ceiling system, consisting of standard cells formed by a frame made of a special profile with a shelf on which the panels are laid, is familiar to everyone. The whole difference lies in the fact that instead of these panels (usually acoustic), pre-cut mirrors are laid. In this case, several points should be taken into account..

The reliability of the frame of the frame. 1m2 4 mm mirrors weigh 10 kg, but for a suspended structure, additional loads must be taken into account: vibration, statics, dynamics and a possible increase in weight with additional installation of equipment (air conditioners, heaters, lamps). In such cases, a factor of 1.5 should be applied to the design mass in order to obtain guaranteed reliability with a margin. In total, the structure must support at least 15 kg. In comparison, standard acoustic panel systems have a load capacity of 6 to 10.5 kg.

Reinforced false ceiling system price *

Name Manufacturer Bearing capacity, kg Price 1 m2, at. e.
Grand Line HeavyDuty Russia 16.5 3.20
CHIEF Strong (wire) USA 22.5 7.40
Armstrong 20 Great Britain 20 5.50
“Lumsvet” Russia 17 3.80
“CenterStroySvet” Russia 22.5 5.80

* The kit includes guides based on a 600×600 mm cell and hangers with a step of 400 mm.

Installation of suspended mirrored ceiling on video

A mirrored ceiling on “Armstrong” rails is unlikely to have great artistic value, but all the advantages associated with the use of a mirror in the interior will be realized. The main disadvantage – visible profile shelves – can be eliminated by using cassette systems.

Nuances of cassette mirrored ceiling

The cassette view of the ceiling can be conditionally called seamless, since the borders of the elements will still be visible. There are several solutions depending on the requirements of the interior:

  1. Express borders with decorative strip (fittings mirrored ceiling). Such a solution is usually planned together with all the finishing..
  2. Eliminate the borders and make the mirror sheets end-to-end. Requires high qualifications, high-quality base leveling and careful fitting. The result will be as close as possible to a solid sheet.
  3. Facet decor. Facet – an edge cut at an angle around the perimeter of the mirror element. Placed back to back, these panels sparkle and reflect more light than simple panels. The picture is distorted (broken) and the luxury effect is enhanced.

Mirrored ceiling. The choice of design, installation features

The easiest way to buy such panels is ready-made, but you can also paste over the old cassette ceiling. In most cases, a relatively inexpensive option is offered – “Superchrome”. These are metal cassette panels, polished to a mirror shine. The cost of one such panel 600×600 mm is about 6.4 cu. e., a 1 m2 – up to 13 USD e.

Pasting with mirrors

This method can be applied to any kind of surface, but with one condition – there is sufficient bearing capacity of the base. Pasting is often used when reworking old, but reliable elements – panels, columns, planes, as well as when creating new unique shapes. If high detail is not required, you can apply an imitation of a mirror to the ceiling..

Mirror imitation is a budget option for a mirrored ceiling, which allows you to get the main advantages of this material, spending a minimum of money. This requires only a special PVC film costing 2-3 cu. eat2. It can even be pasted over acoustic panels – it weighs almost nothing, at the same time perfectly reflects light and has a huge range of colors and textures, including those with a 3D effect..

If the goal is to paste over a plasterboard suspended ceiling with a mirror, use special glue for mirrors. Any other view can spoil the amalgam and stains, erosion, cloudiness will appear on the mirror.

Mirror glue prices

Brand Volume, ml Unit price, cu e.
TYTAN RB-62 330 3.20
SOUDAL 47A 300 3.70
“Moment Montage” for mirrors 280 2.20
“MACROFLEX” MF930 300 1.70
TYTAN Professional for Metal Mirrors 330 3.80
Quelyd mastifix 310 2.00
STAYER Professional 280 3.00

One common feature is common to all mirrored ceilings. They require regular maintenance and do not tolerate even the slightest dirt, prints, dust. A stain or clouding of a small area negates the chic look of the rest of the space. Choosing a mirror finish, think over the cleaning in advance – then there will be no problems with operation.

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