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Research by psychologists has shown that up to 81% of the working population are dissatisfied with their workplace. Household inconveniences are so depressing to staff that they can cause many talented employees to leave..


Experts say that in order for a person to be comfortable and cozy at work, it is necessary not only to put comfortable furniture, but also to take into account such details as the color of the walls and floor, lighting, air temperature in the room..
“Will Office Renovation Increase Labor Productivity?” – you ask. Yes, and yes again. Office renovation will not only increase labor productivity, but also make your firm prosperous. “How? What should I do?” We will now discuss these issues..
The first step is to determine the style of your office, the direction. The interior should reflect the type of business of the company.
The interior of the room will tell clients about what you are doing, whether you are doing it successfully, whether you love what you do, “is your soul put into it”.

Who should do office renovation?

You can contact a construction company for the services of a designer or a specialized design studio. But first, it is advisable to think over the entire office renovation in detail, to formulate specific wishes.
The main thing is to create such an office interior so that everyone – both employees and clients – would like to return to the office.
When drawing up a project, you need to clearly think over the layout of the premises. The reception area is an integral part of the office. It should be spacious so that visitors can sit comfortably.

The number of offices depends on the number of executives. For economic reasons, they are kept small.
Many large companies allocate a large area for a conference room. Also, the premises can be used for staff training or for corporate events..
Each self-respecting company allocates a meeting room with good sound insulation.
The alternation of tension and relaxation increases the efficiency of any activity. Therefore, when renovating an office, it is advisable to provide a place where you can take a break from work for a few minutes..
It is very important to think over the resting place of your wards. One option is a kitchenette.
Here you can warm up your lunch in the microwave, have a cup of coffee while relaxing on the soft sofa. But this has one drawback – the smell of food distracts other employees from work. This problem can be solved by installing a good ventilation system in the office..
Installation of a ventilation system in the office reduces the number of absences due to illness and increases the efficiency of employees.
The ideal solution is to allocate a separate room for supply and exhaust ventilation during office renovation, in the center of which a central air conditioner should be installed, which is also intended for air filtration..
And modern plastic windows allow you to regulate the amount of fresh air supplied.
It is known that in summer, the efficiency of work drops in direct proportion to the growth of the mercury column of the outdoor thermometer. Subordinates will be grateful for your care..

Good acoustics is one of the important elements of comfort

It is very difficult to concentrate when people are talking in the same room at the same time, phones are ringing, a modem is rustling, a printer is working. It is difficult to eliminate such noises, but you can muffle them..
Builders recommend installing an acoustic ceiling that lowers noise levels, allowing employees to focus on their work, and reducing fatigue.
An important point in office renovation is the planning of employees’ workplaces. Count and write down how many people will be seated in each room. Note how many employees need a computer and what office equipment will still be in the office. Pay attention to the location of the outlets in advance.
Knowing the location of the workstations, you can place the power strip as close to the desktop as possible, so that later you do not wind cable webs throughout the office..

Is there enough light in your office?

For office lighting, fluorescent lamps are usually used. This is due to the fact that such lighting does not tire the eyes. Besides, unlike halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps do not heat the air in the room. If the employee needs additional lighting, you need to install a table lamp.
It is important that the lighting on the desktop does not change during the day.
At the beginning of our conversation, we said that the color of the walls and floor affects the productivity of work. Experiments carried out by psychologists showed that if the subject looked at warm colors, then their effect was stimulating: blood pressure increased, respiratory and heart rate increased. Cool colors work the other way around. People with an established outlook on life and socially mature prefer calmer colors. Young people tend to choose bright, bold and unconventional colors. From this we can conclude: when choosing a color scheme when renovating an office, you need to focus on your employees.

When creating an interior, try to match the color to the mood that is needed to create conditions for full and effective work.
Taking into account all the above facts, you will immediately notice how your subordinates have changed.
If people are comfortable in the workplace, they are satisfied. And the satisfaction of a particular employee is a contribution to the overall well-being of the company.

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