The procedure for carrying out repair work and finishing in the apartment

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Renovation ideas are inspiring, but when it comes to making specific plans, they often give up. So where to start repairs and how to break the work into stages so that different specialists do not interfere with each other, and subsequently nothing had to be redone?

The procedure for carrying out repair work and finishing in the apartment

Briefly about the importance of a construction project

The key difference between a major overhaul and a cosmetic one is the longer duration of work and their extended complex. Without careful planning, such repairs almost always turn into dragging the cart from the famous fable.

There is a basic rule of thumb: with a high-quality project, the capital repair budget is always one third lower than without it. Moreover, the higher the justified cost of the project, the more pronounced the final savings.

Apartment overhaul project

Remember, however, that a truly high-quality and thought-out project to the last detail can only be drawn up by a specialist who has more than one year of real construction practice behind him and at least a dozen ready-made objects in his portfolio. Following such a project, work at each specific stage can be performed either by you personally or by low-skilled workers – the result will still be excellent due to a well-thought-out structure and description of technical details with their visualization by sketches and working drawings.

Apartment overhaul project

Well, if the designer agrees not only to draw up a project, but also to accompany it, promptly making changes to the technical part and solving organizational issues, problems and downtime are guaranteed not to arise.

Organizational issues and procurement of materials

The very first pages of a good project describe two starting stages. The first is the organization of everyday life and industrial sanitation. It is planned to temporarily supply the facility with electricity, water and a sewage system. If the builders live on site, sleeping places, a kitchen and a washroom are organized for them..

This also includes the purchase of everything necessary for cleaning and removing garbage from the facility, as well as a wide range of consumables. Before the arrival of builders, bags, protective films, buckets, trays, brushes, rollers and all other materials are purchased, which are purchased for each project one-time.

The procedure for carrying out repair work and finishing in the apartment

At the initial stage, the customer selects the types of finishing materials for walls, floors and ceilings, determines the size and type of door blocks. If the project provides for finishing with tiles, not only the tone, colors and the presence of decors must be determined in advance, but also the exact format of the tiles must be established and the optimal layout of the layout drawn up..

The procedure for carrying out repair work and finishing in the apartment

Dismantling work

At the next stage, the demolition of partitions and walls is carried out, the removal of which is provided for by the redevelopment part of the project. At the same time, the expansion or production of openings in the load-bearing walls is carried out, the removal of the old screed from the floor, the laying of water supply and heating pipes along it, the removal of the old wall and ceiling finishes.

Dismantling work in the apartment

Simultaneously with the beginning of the dismantling work, measurers of plastic windows and the entrance door come to the object, for the latter the color of the inner decorative lining is finally selected. While the door and windows are being manufactured, the dismantling work is completed and the bulk of the construction waste is removed from the facility. In parallel, work is underway to prepare the loggia for glazing and the parapet is laid out so that the PVC window measurer can immediately calculate the glazing.

Laying of the parapet of the loggia from foam blocks

At this stage, the customer should finally approve the date of shutdown of the risers of electricity and water supply, heating and wastewaters to replace valves and unserviceable pipe sections, as well as electrical input.

Redevelopment aspects

Before erecting partitions, a thorough priming and painting of the rough ceiling is carried out to avoid it shedding onto the suspended structure or stretch canvas.

Next, walls and partitions are erected, provided for by the redevelopment of the dwelling. By this time, the customer must have approved all the finishing materials: wallpaper, ceilings, flooring, baseboards, door blocks.

Partition in an apartment made of tongue-and-groove blocks

At this stage, the object should be visited by the measurers of the kitchen company, who indicate the placement of embedded elements for hanging the headset, electrical connection points, water supply and waste outlets. Also, routes for laying technical routes are coordinated with a specialist in the installation of air conditioners.

Rough finishing, special assembly and communications

After the completion of the redevelopment, it is necessary to waterproof the floor in the bathrooms, and, if necessary, in the living quarters. This is followed by plastering work: priming the walls and installing beacons, which are removed after plastering without fail.

Plastering walls on lighthouses

When the “wet” leveling of the walls is made, according to the future zero level of the floor, the front door is installed and protected, then the plastic windows. Next comes the turn of the floor: it is primed, reinforcement is assembled, beacons are installed, damper tape is laid along the walls and a preparatory leveling screed is poured.

Remember that the floor in the bathroom is displayed below the main level by at least 50 mm. If the project provides for water floor heating, the pouring work begins with the installation of insulation, then reinforcement follows, the laying of heating pipes with a system of fastening profiles and only then pouring.

Warm floor in the bathroom

Only from this moment work begins on the engineering support of the dwelling: grooves are cut, cables, hidden pipelines, air conditioning routes are laid, risers and heating radiators are changed. The layouts and types of necessary cable lines are preliminarily agreed with the providers of Internet, television, security and other services – it is easier to entrust these works to the already involved electricians.

Laying wiring in the apartment

When all the hidden communications have been laid, false walls, ceiling boxes and suspended ceilings are assembled, niches for inspection hatches are equipped. Followed by the sealing of the seams and the protection of the corners, then the walls are primed, putty and rubbed, then the last three operations are repeated once or twice, depending on the type of finish. At this stage, you can take the final dimensions of the rooms for ordering stretch ceilings, kitchen and built-in furniture.

Wall grout

Decorative finishing and the second stage of engineering support

Before the start of finishing work, a complete arrangement of the bathroom is carried out throughout the apartment. Starting from rough plumbing and installations, ending with the assembly of false walls and boxes, followed by facing with ceramic tiles. At the same time, an apron is laid out in the kitchen and the final measurements of the kitchen furniture are carried out.

Making a box from plasterboard

After finishing the bathroom, the last stage of dirty work is carried out – cleaning the screed, priming it and pouring a layer of self-leveling mixture. After it dries in the bathroom and in the kitchen, tile seams are rubbed, window sills are installed and the slopes are finished.

Grouting tile joints

It was the turn of finishing the main surfaces of the rooms, it is performed in this order: walls, ceiling, and only then the flooring is laid. After that, blocks of interior doors are installed, the slopes of the entrance door are trimmed, the kitchen and all built-in furniture are assembled.

Installation of a floor plinth

At the final stage, floor skirting boards and ceiling moldings, decorative framing of the slopes are installed. Also, all electrical fittings and finishing plumbing are installed, air conditioners and other electrical appliances are installed: a heating tank, a washing machine, built-in appliances.

Furnishing, cleaning, delivery of the object

From this moment on, the repair can be considered completed, perform a general cleaning and hand over the keys to the customer. However, the project manager is often entrusted with the complex preparation of the apartment for the owners to move in..

Furniture installation in the apartment

This includes the delivery and assembly of furniture, the installation of moldings along with curtains, and landscaping is often performed. Also, the range of services usually includes the conclusion of contracts with telecommunication service providers on behalf of customers, setting up a wireless network, security systems, video surveillance and home automation.

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