We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

Let’s talk about why a greenhouse is needed, when it is being built and how. We will tell you what kind of greenhouses are, how they can help builders. We will give examples of built greenhouses that can significantly extend the construction season..

We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

Immediately, we note that the hothouse is a temporary structure. It is arranged around the house, the construction or decoration of which did not have time to be completed before the cold snap. As Our site has already written, the continuation of construction in the winter has many advantages. However, not all work can be continued at subzero temperatures. And just working in the cold wind is uncomfortable. Teplyak just helps to cope with these problems in order to calmly continue to engage in construction or facade decoration, regardless of the weather.

We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

Usually, the construction of a greenhouse begins with the construction of scaffolding. Sometimes, instead of scaffolding, a frame made of beams is used, and sometimes the hothouse is a tent stretched, for example, over the place where the foundation is poured. The teplok can also look like a large tent stretched along the entire perimeter of the construction site – it all depends on the type and type of work carried out in the cold..

For example, if you need to finish the facade of a two-story house, then you cannot do without forests, then they will become the basis of the greenhouse. Above a one-story building, for example, during the construction of a bathhouse, you can install a full-fledged tent-tent.

We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

The main material for the construction of a greenhouse can be used;

  • PVC awning;
  • Tarpaulin awning;
  • Tarpaulin;
  • Film – the most common, heat-shrinkable or reinforced.

In order for the film or awning to serve as reliable insulation, all seams, joints should be soldered using a torch or construction iron..

However, by itself, such a structure will protect only from the wind. In order for the greenhouse to live up to its name, you need to warm it up from the inside. For this purpose, heat guns are used that run on diesel fuel, electricity or gas. The choice of fuel depends on what communications are already on the site. Using heat guns inside the greenhouse allows you to raise the temperature to + 10 ° C and even + 15 ° C, depending on what kind of frost is outside. Minimum for normal operation – + 5 ° C.

We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

The size of the greenhouse should be such that it is possible to work freely inside and install heat guns. It is clear that only for the foundation, the greenhouse will be much more modest than for the entire facade of the house..

The teplyak is simply necessary if the following works are planned in winter:

  • Pouring house floors;
  • Pouring a slab or strip foundation;
  • Insulation of the facade with EPS, mineral wool, polystyrene or other similar materials. In the process, glue will be used, which, like a solution, needs positive temperatures for solidification;
  • Facade finishing with plaster.

Such wet work, associated with the use of a solution with water, must not be carried out at subzero temperatures! But inside the greenhouse, where it is stable above zero, you can work normally.

We build a greenhouse: why is it needed, options and features

We state: a greenhouse is simply necessary if it is necessary to carry out construction and finishing “wet” work in the winter. This makeshift, we admit, will cost additional expenditures of manpower and resources. However, in terms of saving time, it pays off..

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