What homeowners most often regret after finishing renovations

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Not always, after the completion of the repair, the owners are 100% satisfied with the result. Very often they begin to regret their mistakes, negligence, savings … Our site of advice has collected the most common reasons for the regret of owners of houses and apartments after the completion of repair work.

Frequent mistakes during repair

Didn’t update all wiring

Yes, some homeowners are saving at this point. And even if the walls are channeled, it is only to conduct a new outlet specially, for example, for a powerful oven. And the rest of the wiring is left, because it still works. And after a month, the light in the toilet disappears, the electrician called in and says that the matter is in the wiring. You have to pull out a new one, then make cosmetic repairs.

Retro sockets and switches in the interior

Few outlets or not where needed

I had to buy extension cords to use the iron, there is no socket next to the bed and you have to get up to put your smartphone on charge. Inconvenient! The portal has already given advice on how many outlets should be in each room. In this case, you should plan in advance the arrangement of furniture, household appliances and be guided by the principle – “there are never too many sockets”.

Few sockets in the house

The internet cable was pulled in the wrong place, Wi-Fi is weak

Places where computers will be located should also be planned in advance! And stretch the Internet cable there, buy special sockets. There was a case when the owners planned to install a computer in the nursery, but then the older child “moved” to the living room. And there was no internet outlet, now the cable just stretches along the corridor, collecting dust and attracting the attention of the cat. With Wi-Fi, you also need to act wisely, installing the router so that the network is throughout the apartment or house.

Weak Wi-Fi in the apartment

Chose a cheap, impractical kitchen flooring

Thin linoleum was laid, which tore after the very first rearrangement of the table. Or slippery but beautiful tiles. Or an inexpensive laminate that began to swell very quickly near the sink. The choice of flooring for the kitchen must be approached very carefully. The floor is washed here almost daily, the loads are large. So you can’t save on material.

Laminate in the kitchen

Didn’t buy a full set of doors to the corridor and hallway right away

And then it turned out that the required model was not there. And I had to install slightly different interior doors nearby. The difference is noticeable, annoying. Enter in the repair budget the purchase of all the necessary number of interior doors at once, so that later you do not look for similar models.

White doors in the interior

Combined bathroom with bathroom

A very popular type of redevelopment. Yes, there is more space, a washing machine fits. But now you won’t lie in the bathroom for a long time – someone will definitely need a toilet. And in the morning there is a queue – someone in the shower, someone to the sink, someone to the faience “friend”.

Bathroom combined with toilet

We bought a wardrobe not to the ceiling

Saved, bought a ready-made wardrobe in the bedroom or living room. It doesn’t reach the ceiling, but at the same time you can’t put anything on top – it’s narrow. As a result, dust accumulates in the formed gap, which must be wiped off, climbing onto a stool.

Solid wood wardrobe in the bedroom

Arranged few storage places

In the kitchen, living room and other rooms. And now the owners simply cannot find a place for a mop and other cleaning equipment, there is nowhere to arrange a collection of typewriters in the nursery, and all the bed linen cannot be placed in the dresser. With storage places, like with sockets – the more the better. It is worth using all the niches and corners. Or get rid of unnecessary things.

Storage locations in the apartment

Chose an impractical kitchen apron material

For example, tiles with embossed or protruding patterns that are difficult to clean. And they exacerbated the situation with a white grout that absorbs dirt and has already managed to darken over the hob. A tile for an apron in the kitchen should be smooth, easy to clean. Or protect your kitchen workspace with other durable, easy-care materials.

Kitchen apron made of tiles

Didn’t insulate the walls

At least from the inside. And now the apartment is cool, mold has started to appear in the corner. It is not worth saving on insulation, if the house is an old panel house, it is advisable to hire industrial climbers to carry out insulation outside. Or use modern insulation from the inside.

Insulation of the apartment outside

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