Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

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Today the adjective “elite” can be heard in a variety of contexts – an elite residential complex, an elite car, an apartment, a vacation, a school … In fact, sometimes it seems that definitions such as “exclusive” and “elite” are simply abused by many sellers trying to attract new clients and customers.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

The expression “elite renovation” is also encountered quite often – numerous design bureaus and construction teams promise to turn your home into a real palace, operating with such common phrases as “individual approach”, “author’s design” and “exclusive materials”.

It is often difficult to understand how the elite renovation differs from the usual overhaul. Is it really only the price? What do you have to pay for in case of a truly elite renovation? Who can be entrusted with such a responsible task? Where to start when starting your elite project? And how much an elite repair can cost on average?

What is elite renovation

All types of repair work are usually divided into the following categories:

  1. Regular redecoration, that is, an easy renovation of the interior, which can only consist in changing the wallpaper and painting the ceiling.
  2. Major repairs related to replacing floors, moving walls and doorways, replacing windows, and so on.

It seems that everything is clear and the differences are only in the scale of the rework. But if you look at the repairs from the point of view of spent finances, it turns out that, for example, the prices for the repair of cottages or apartments can vary greatly depending on the approach and requirements of the owners themselves.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

So, if the owners initially intend to save on everything, then only the most budgetary option will suit them and there can be no question of any artistic parquet or natural stone. However, despite such a limited budget, customers want the best. This is where offers appear – “we will make an elite renovation at the lowest price.” Is it possible to believe such promises?

Let us immediately emphasize that it cannot, it simply cannot be truly elite, that is, not intended for everyone, for a special category of customers, repairs are carried out “at an affordable price.” This immediately lowers it to the level of ordinary overhaul, which two or three workers can slowly carry out in an ordinary “Khrushchev”.

By the way, about the “Khrushchevs” – it is impossible to carry out an elite renovation in a typical “kopeck piece” with its inconvenient layout. Why? Firstly, the “Khrushchev” will remain a cramped “Khrushchev”, even after investing a substantial amount of funds in its decoration, so it is simply inappropriate to undertake expensive repairs in such an apartment. Secondly, many design solutions require a sufficiently large space, scale, and in this regard, country houses, cottages and townhouses are ideal for the implementation of elite renovation. Thirdly, not a single design bureau, seriously approaching the business and specializing in exclusive projects, will undertake the interior decoration of a typical apartment – such specialists work exclusively with elite, expensive real estate.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

Elite renovation consists of such important components as a well-designed design project that takes into account all the wishes of the customer, as well as the highest quality and accurate implementation of this project by professionals.

It can be stated that elite renovation is a global project that necessarily begins with the work of a designer, is carried out by real specialists in their field using materials of impeccable quality and ends with the creation of an interior that cannot but arouse admiration. In short, elite is a high-quality overhaul based on a complex design project.

Only such external and internal decoration of a country house has the right to bear the proud name “elite renovation”.

Designer choice

When choosing between a design bureau and a private designer, it is better to prefer a professional who works independently. First, you will be dealing with a specific person and not with an abstract “team of specialists”. Secondly, in the case of working with a design studio, the lion’s share of the money you paid will go to the company that needs to pay the rent for the premises and the salary of the accounting department. The designer himself, working with your project, will not receive such a large amount, so he can be guided by the principle “as I get paid, so I work”.

However, when choosing a private designer, it is very important not to make a mistake – there is a risk of ordering a project from a recent graduate of a three-month design course. Such beginners are able to create a very original and beautiful project, but because of the designer’s ignorance of various technical details and a lack of experience, builders, most likely, will not be able to bring this project to life.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

Therefore, you can only cooperate with a private designer who can convince you of a successful work experience. Completed projects will be a striking indicator of this. Also, the designer’s solid experience can be hinted at by the contacts of construction teams with which he previously worked together and whose professionalism he does not doubt. If a designer cannot recommend builders, his work experience raises great doubts, most likely, he simply does not have completed projects.

Where to look for a professional designer? You can conduct a survey among friends or visit freelance sites, where there are usually many such advertisements. In addition, on such a site, you can publish your order for a design project for free and communicate with all the designers who will respond to your application..

Selection of the construction team

The best way to choose real professionals is to go directly to the facility where the renovation is currently underway and observe the work of the masters in reality. It is very easy to do this – choose the nearest residential complex or village, which has already been commissioned and is being settled. In such houses, repairs are going on in literally every apartment and you can just walk through the floors, talking with both the builders and the owners..

What should alert you? Piles of rubbish, piled up bags of building materials, windows splashed with plaster, stained levels, rules and spatulas thrown somehow, uncovered entrance doors and radiators – a mess at the place of work clearly shows how the performers relate to other people’s property and their duties.

A survey of acquaintances and friends who have already encountered elite renovation is also an excellent option for choosing professionals. Recommendations from people who have no reason to just praise the construction team will be a good guarantee that your repair will end just as well..

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

If the search for elite repair performers is carried out on the Internet, then several important nuances should be noted:

  1. Do not trust the beautiful photographs of finished works – there is no guarantee that this particular team of workers really worked on the decoration of the depicted living room. Demand to show the object at work, demonstrate all the stages of repair and insist that a team work in your house whose work you liked more than others.
  2. If in the article you are assured that “we will make equally high quality budget repairs in a” odnushka “and elite repairs in a country mansion” – do not believe it. You definitely need an elite repair? And how can you be sure of the result, if inexpensive linoleum with plastic skirting boards and natural parquet from this contractor are laid by the same workers? This should not be – elite renovation is a rather narrow specialization, so there can be no talk of any universality. More confidence is inspired by the performers, who immediately emphasize that we do only elite repairs. And that’s it, no compromise.
  3. Sometimes construction companies and design bureaus themselves betray their incompetence. If the article contains the banal phrases “ideal elite renovation” and “highest quality”, but does not specify such important specific details as the preliminary creation of a design project or the presence of special tools, this should alert. And if the elite renovation for some reason was called European-style renovation, that is, quite an ordinary finish, which is simply carried out according to European standards, this clearly indicates that the author simply does not understand what is at stake. Articles look much more convincing, in which, for example, elite renovation of turnkey townhouses is painted in detail, specifically, with examples of already completed projects and technical nuances.
  4. Ask the construction team for all the necessary tools. A vivid example: if they tell you that the tiles will be cut by hand or on a tiny cheap machine, you don’t even have to continue the conversation, elite repairs with such performers will not shine for you. Even such a trifle as the length of a spatula can say a lot about the skill of workers – only experienced professionals can work with a spatula from 50 to 100 centimeters long. But if a putty worker uses a tool only 15–20 centimeters long, it means that we are not talking about high skill, and your walls are likely to be uneven. In addition, the brigade must have powerful (300-500 W) construction floodlights – only with such lighting will painters and putty workers be able to see all the inaccuracies and irregularities. If the team plans to work under normal lighting, you can say goodbye to the successful implementation of elite repairs.

These are just the main criteria for choosing performers, there can be much more of such seemingly insignificant trifles. Remember, you can abandon the selected team during the repair process – if something does not suit you, immediately inform the foreman. In the end, you pay money, and considerable money, and you want to get exactly an elite interior with an impeccable quality of finishes..

Interaction of performers with each other

Often, customers decide to involve a construction team that is not familiar with the designer who created the project in the execution of elite repairs. It seems that since they met for the first time, they did not have time to collude, so the designer will strictly control the workers and everything will end quickly and well.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

This is not entirely the right decision – usually designers work with already proven teams, and if the creator of your design project recommends choosing specific performers, it makes sense to listen to his opinion. Or vice versa, if you find builders whose experience and quality of work you are sure of, ask them to recommend a designer with whom they have already successfully worked.

Believe me, things will go faster if the designer and builders understand each other well, and an atmosphere of trust reigns at the facility.

Issue price

Earlier we have already noted that elite renovation cannot be cheap. But I would like to clarify, expensive is how much?

Project development

Let’s start with drawing up a design project – without it, it is simply unthinkable to start an elite renovation. A professional designer will not ask you how you see your interior, he knows from his own experience that in most cases the customer himself does not know which style he likes best. The task of a real pro is to understand what you want and help to translate this idea into a bright and understandable picture..

The developed project should include all the details of future renovation: redevelopment plans, flooring and ceiling plans, furniture arrangement plan, lighting layout, location of sockets, heated floors and plumbing fixtures, sketches of stucco molding, stained-glass windows, artistic parquet and other decor details, furniture drawings that needs to be made to order, as well as an indication of the article numbers of materials for wall, ceiling and floor decoration.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

The result of the designer’s work should be an interior in which the customer likes everything without exception, does not want to change anything and each vase stands in its place. Moreover, the project should be so detailed that even without constant supervision by the designer, builders could independently implement it. And yet, the customer must make sure that he could never create such an interior on his own and made the right decision, trusting a professional.

The price of the work of a design studio that implements truly exclusive projects starts from 3.5 thousand rubles per square meter. It is easy to calculate that a detailed design project for a country house with an area of ​​200 squares will cost 700 thousand rubles.

As a result, you will receive a detailed project and will be able to visualize how your house will look after the completion of the renovation, and the construction team will receive a clear action plan.

Construction and finishing works

Professional studios usually calculate the cost of finishing townhouses, cottages, mansions and other “elite” based on the floor area. The starting price of an elite renovation is 15-20 thousand rubles per square meter, so it will cost 3-4 million rubles to repair the same house with an area of ​​200 square meters. And this is without the cost of materials – this is how much the work of real masters costs.

Whom to entrust luxury repairs to. Contractor selection

Haven’t you changed your mind about luxury renovation in your house or new spacious apartment yet? Well, be prepared for the fact that this process will take at least several months, you will have to spend time carefully choosing performers and visiting a design studio, occasionally still come to the place of work and control the process. But as a result, if the choice of the designer and the construction team was made correctly, you will get the real house of your dreams – incredibly beautiful, comfortable, one of a kind. And one more pleasant moment – the quality and scale of this elite renovation allows you to forget about such troubles for many years.

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