Features of choosing an autonomous sewage system for a country house


A new summer season begins … Happy are those whose thoughts are busy with shrubs, flowers and the question of whether the harvest of strawberries and apples will be good after the dry last summer. Most likely, they have long forgotten what a once uncontested cesspool looks like. This article is for those whose chores are not yet so pleasant. For those who do not want to make a mistake with the choice, calculations in time and material costs. Thinking together.

“Well, sir. And what do we have?”, Or we – buyers.

First, we acknowledge that we have changed. Countryside comfort and close to urban amenities have become the norm, not the exception. Good access road, electricity, water supplied to the site. “Outdoor amenities” or even dry closets are a thing of the past. Sewerage of the site is often the last and, alas, very formidable bastion in appearance.
Compliant memory throws up something heard or read about modern septic tanks. It is clear that in any case there will be a lot of work: it is necessary to take into account the soils and take into account the free area, prepare the slab, strengthen the walls, equip the entrance of the sewage machine, etc., etc. And I want everything to be simple and convenient. In this case, it is the purchase of a biological wastewater treatment plant.

There are several types of these installations. What they have in common is that they all saturate the internal chambers with oxygen by supplying air. They differ in size, shape, material of manufacture, internal structure, reliability and manufacturers..

“More details from this place!”, Or certification.

We do not make any decisions without a certificate of conformity (mandatory certification) and an environmental certificate of conformity (this is a voluntary certification, therefore, as a rule, only large and well-established manufacturers have it on the market). These documents are issued for a period of 3 to 5 years. Let’s take a full attention to the trade mark. Often one name is indicated in an advertisement, but in fact another is spelled out in the certificate. It seems to be a trifle, but it is she who can explain where the prices “just below market” come from.

“At home among strangers”, or company seller.

We find out how long a given manufacturer has been working on the market, what equipment it produces, how often the brand has changed and for what reasons. We avoid one-day firms and those who prefer to certify new products, rather than be responsible for the quality of previously produced.

“Buying – buy”, or equipment set.

Remember that the prices for the proposed treatment plants can be in the same range, but this does not mean that for the indicated amount we will be able to get everything that is necessary for the site. One good example is the purchase of a wastewater treatment plant with a so-called forced discharge of clean water. In such devices, a drainage pump is installed inside, in a special container, which discharges purified water from the installation. Obviously, without this pump, the equipment sold will not function properly. However, there are firms that consider it an additional option and sell it separately. Having learned that the price of a complete set differs a lot from the declared one, the buyer tries to minimize costs and often buys the pump from another seller. This means that the main seller can always refuse the equipment warranty, citing the fact that the standard equipment has been changed..

“Speaking between us”, or salvo discharge parameters.

Let’s remember a very important indicator: the parameters of the salvo discharge. Let’s start with the fact that sewage treatment plants are of different capacities, and the greater the throughput of a treatment plant per day, the more it must have a reserve for simultaneously receiving discharges from various plumbing units. The treatment plant must receive all this salvo discharge into the receiving chamber, and then process it. Let’s be realistic: twenty liters cannot be poured into a ten-liter bucket, it is bound to overflow. That is, the quality of the treated water will not correspond to what is stated in the certificates..

“Make us beautiful”, or compressors “AirMac”.

Since the treatment plant of interest to us operates on the principles of aeration, it is assumed that compressor equipment will be installed inside it. Let’s get acquainted with the main brands of compressors. These are “Secoh”, “AirMac” and “Hiblow”. Despite the fact that we are used to considering some of these brands as Japanese, their production has long been transferred to countries with cheap labor, which, unfortunately, affects the quality of assembly. At the same time, the AirMac compressors are still manufactured in Taiwan and are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the presence of a certificate of conformity.

“Information for thought”, or material of manufacture.

Wastewater treatment plant bodies can be made of various materials: concrete, iron, stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene. But there are nuances here too. For example, plastic housings are sensitive to compression, and they must be placed in concrete rings to protect against soil compression, which automatically increases the cost of the treatment plant. But if the casing of the installation is made of polypropylene, then during installation it is enough just to sprinkle it with sand, while filling the installation with water. In addition, one of the advantages of polypropylene is frost resistance, which makes it possible to operate the treatment plant at any temperature conditions..

“The main thing is that the suit is sitting”, or Additional services.

No major manufacturer is limited to production. A reputable company will offer, for a start, a free visit of an engineer to the facility to draw up an estimate. And we will know exactly the cost of equipment and the cost of additional work before making a purchase..

The manufacturing company delivers the treatment plant and carries out installation work. Installation can be carried out in full, or, if you have your own installation team, installation supervision will be carried out (the final part of the installation, including checking the equipment operability). Therefore, the buyer, in any case, receives a quality product with a launch and a performance check. Upon completion of the installation, the manufacturer gives a guarantee.

“Let’s get to know each other”, or GK “TOPOL-ECO”

Any business has competitors and fakes. In the process of combating counterfeit products, TOPOL-ECO Group of Companies numbers all manufactured equipment. With the help of numbering, the buyer can always specify in the unified information base of TOPOL-ECO Group of Companies which of the dealers the offered equipment was sold to, thereby making sure of the authenticity of the structure. And if, having bought a plot, we found an existing treatment facility on it, then having announced the individual number of the facility, in TOPOL-ECO Group of Companies we can always restore its certificates and passport.


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