Overview of stairs from modern manufacturers

Albini & Fontanot civik

Price: from $ 2500
Spiral staircase with any direction of rise

PRODUCER: Albini company & Fontanot, Italy.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: upright post and steps made of steel (metallic color), steps covered with black wear-resistant material, balusters covered with black plastic. The handrail has a flexible polyurethane-coated metal core.
DIMENSIONS: outer diameter – 120, 140 and 160 cm; standard height of 13 steps – 273-305 cm; step steps 21.0-22.7 cm; ladder weight 180-220 kg.
PERMISSIBLE LOAD: up to 400 kg per step.

Albini & Fontanot Lexia / Xnodo / Amika

Price: from $ 4500/6000/7000
Marching stairs

PRODUCER: Albini company & Fontanot, Italy.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: the supporting frame is made of metal (for all models), colors – black, white, blue, burgundy; steps are made of beech, birch, Tanganyin walnut and, at the request of the customer, can be completed with a removable panel (Xnodo / Amika), made of a special material that protects against wear and slipping of the legs; balusters are steel posts with a diameter of 20 mm, treated with epoxy resin; handrail – flexible metal structure covered with black polyurethane (Lexia, Xnodo), another option – wooden handrail (Amika).
DIMENSIONS: march length – from 300 cm; step of steps 22-25.5 cm, load per step up to 400 kg, ladder weight 220 kg.

If you prefer a modern finish to a classic style, then these stairs are for you. Plus, their ergonomics will save you a lot of space without sacrificing your aesthetic sense..

The load-bearing structure of the Amika staircase is made of a series of steel elements, which, when joined together, form the base supporting the steps. These elements are equipped with a special rotating mechanism both horizontally and vertically, which allows you to create stairs of any shape – straight, spiral, S-shaped, easily adaptable to the height of any room.

The Xnodo has a supporting structure similar to Amika. But there are also differences: at the base and top of the staircase there are specially designed plates, with which the entire structure is attached to the floor and to the upper floor. The handrail is mounted to the posts by means of a special adjustable device, which allows you to create comfortable conditions during its operation.

The undoubted advantage of the Lexia model is its low price, despite the fact that it is structurally similar to Xnodo and Amika..

Derstappen (material – beech)

Price: from $ 5500
Interfloor staircase on bolets with 1/2 turn

PRODUCER: Derstappen, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: steps, railings, bolts and balusters (glued in layers) – beech, oak, mahogany (mahogany), pine, American pine, spruce, maple, American maple, cherry, northern birch.
DIMENSIONS: 234×351 cm.
PERMISSIBLE LOAD: per step up to 1800 kg.

The layout of the premises does not always allow the installation of stairs using standard solutions. What if you do not have the opportunity to place a ladder along the walls, and you do not want to use a spiral?

In this case, you should pay attention to the Derstappen models. With their help, you will not only manage to finally reach the second floor in a civilized manner, but also create a unique architectural appearance. The solution is simple: one part of the staircase can have a structure on the bolts and be attached to the wall, while the other part can be thrown like a bridge through a space (for example, a corridor) and end on the second floor.

All stair parts are glued and varnished in layers. This avoids cracking and deformation during operation. If desired, the staircase can be made taking into account the characteristics of the room and the characteristics of the walls (it is performed with a turn by one quarter or straight; depending on the location of the staircase in the house, the structure on the bolts can be supplemented or combined with stringers).

Derstappen (material – pine)

Price: from $ 4000
Interfloor flight staircase on bolets

PRODUCER: Derstappen, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: stairs and railings (painted) – beech, oak, mahogany (mahogany), pine, American pine, spruce, maple, American maple, cherry, birch; balusters – metal (possibly glass filling), wood.
DIMENSIONS: straight march – 110×370 cm; step width – from 80 cm to 100 cm; step depth – from 24 cm to 27 cm; lifting step – from 17.5 cm to 19.5 cm.

The staircase will surely appeal to lovers of Art Nouveau – ascetic and extravagant. Absolutely nothing superfluous, there is not even a frame as such. At the same time, the staircase has a good margin of safety (up to 1800 kg per step), you can safely ply up and down along it, even with a large-sized refrigerator.

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The main fastening element here is the bolt (steel rod connecting the steps together). Each step has a through hole in which a rubber bushing is placed, and a rod is inserted into it. The bushing, acting as a damping element between the step and the bolt, does not allow the staircase to swing.

But this is only from the outside of the stairs. The second side is attached directly to the main wall of the building using steel fasteners. In the case when the wall is not strong enough, a kosour is first attached to it, and the steps are already mounted to it. Outwardly, it seems that the stairs seem to be floating in the air..

Such a model can be made to order according to individual sizes, which is quite natural – everyone has different walls..

Henke 1300 Holz / 2300 Aluminum / 4400 Stahl-Holz

Price: from 2200/2900/1800 rub.
Folding attic ladders in three parts

PRODUCER: Henke, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: wood / aluminum / metal.
DIMENSIONS: standard sizes (with a floor slab thickness of 18-30 cm and a ceiling height of up to 315 cm) – length 109-137 cm, width 59-68 cm.
PERMISSIBLE LOAD: wood – 150 kg; metal – 170 kg.

The problem of many summer residents is to place the stairs leading to the attic or attic so that it takes up a minimum of space. In addition, it would be nice if, in the winter cold, the cold does not penetrate from the unheated attic into the living quarters. The solution is always found, but not always successful from both an aesthetic and practical point of view..

Nowadays, using Kulibin’s advice can also be profitable from a financial point of view, but you certainly shouldn’t reinvent the wheel when you already have a solution. Go to any specialty store – you will be offered a choice of several options for attic stairs with or without insulation, and not so expensive.

Model 1300 Holz is an easy-to-move wooden folding ladder. Consists of three parts, which in the folded position are located on the hinged hatch cover and retracted inside the box, mounted in the attic floor. The design is equipped with side pull-out devices that allow you to quickly bring the ladder into working condition, and the handrail in the upper part creates additional convenience when using it. There is also a special locking device that does not allow opening the hatch from the side of the attic – not a superfluous precaution from uninvited guests “from above”.

Model 2300 Aluminum is a more expensive but also more practical version of the loft ladder, made of aluminum. Folding action and manufacturing options are similar to 1300 Holz. Its design features deep welded steps (8 cm), eliminating the possibility of foot slippage.

For fans of combined products, we recommend the 4400 Stahl-Holz model. Its frame is made of metal pipe and the steps are made of hardwood. (All metal parts are galvanized.) In addition, it costs less than purely “wooden” or “aluminum” options.

All stairs can be equipped with an upper dust cover, which hermetically closes the attic hatch from the attic side (thus, when you open it, you exclude the possibility of dusty “precipitation” on your head). If desired, you can choose insulated options for attic drawers for better thermal insulation of the room, as well as retrofit the stairs with additional telescopic handrails and railings.

Henke 2600

Price: from 4200 rub.
Attic sliding ladder (“accordion”)

PRODUCER: Henke, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: aluminum, fasteners made of galvanized metal.
DIMENSIONS: with 10 steps, lifting height 240-266 cm; with 11 steps, lifting height 267-292 cm; with 12 steps lifting height 293-315 cm.

Attic stairs are constructed in different ways. As the saying goes, “to taste and color”: it is more convenient for someone to lay them out, and for someone – to pull them out. Therefore, among them there appeared their own “musicians” – “accordion stairs” – an ideal solution to the problem of lack of room space (in assembled form, the Henke 2600 is simply not visible).

The whole structure is placed on the hinged lid of the attic hatch, it is very easy to bring it into working position (for this you need to open the hatch cover and pull the “accordion” down). To make the ascent and descent more convenient, the ladder is additionally equipped with a handrail.

Henke Mittelholm

Price: from 23000 rub.
Interfloor staircase

PRODUCER: Henke, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: metal frame; steps – beech, maple, pine, natural oak, rusticated oak; handrails – metal, metal-wood; all wooden and metal parts are painted.
DIMENSIONS: staircase width 80-110 cm; height 260-500 cm; number of steps – from 13 to 30 pcs .; step steps 18.1 – 18.8 cm, step depth 20-26 cm; step thickness – 40 mm.
PERMISSIBLE LOAD (per step): 350 kg.

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Price: from $ 3000
Free-standing staircase on kosoura with 1/2 turn

PRODUCER: Herwert, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: steps (lacquered) – oak; stringers and railings (lacquered) – pine.
DIMENSIONS: floor height – 280 cm (14 steps); standard thickness of the stringer – 40 mm (60 mm on request); corner posts – 40×40 mm; handrail balusters – cylindrical with a diameter of 26 mm; step width – up to 90 cm; step thickness – 40 mm.

Why should a beautiful wooden staircase be attached to the walls? If the space of the house allows you, then you can try to make the entrance to the second floor directly from the center of the living room. In this case, you will receive a classic version with reference to any interior, and not only to the “modern” setting, as when using a spiral staircase.

This Herwert model is made according to standard sizes and to order (it is made with a turn of one second or one quarter, that is, it can be not only straight, but also with bends) from layered glued wood (various colors are possible). Supplied unassembled, all components are completely ready for installation. On request, it can be completed with a second floor balustrade, so that in addition to the stairs, a very attractive second floor balcony can be planned.

Herwert (material – oak)

Price: from $ 4500
Ladder with double-sided kosoura with a turn of 1/2

PRODUCER: Herwert, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: steps, stringers and railings (varnished) – oak, beech, northern birch, northern pine, ash, American pine.
DIMENSIONS: step width – up to 105 cm; step thickness – 40 mm (50 mm on request).

This is a fairly good alternative to more expensive stairs, although not as “fancy”. Perfect for classic-style interiors. The only condition is that the premises in which it is planned to be installed should not suffer from a shortage of space, only then the staircase will give the impression of lightness and grace at the same time. With a slightly modified design, another option is also possible – for example, if instead of open steps (in the absence of risers), you put closed ones, you can create a more formal and monumental appearance of the room. This is already a matter of your taste.

The starting and corner posts of the handrail, as well as Herwert balusters, are custom made and can be of various shapes (turning). The braids, steps and railings are made of laminated glued wood. If desired, the design of the staircase can be either with a turn in one second or one quarter, or straight, that is, almost all possible options for its installation are provided, depending on the layout of the building.


Price: from $ 2000
Spiral metal-wooden staircase

PRODUCER: Stadler, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: supporting structure – steel; steps – mahogany (mahogany), beech, oak, cherry, spruce, pine; railings – painted metal.
DIMENSIONS: staircase height – up to 4 meters; step width – up to 140 cm; step thickness – up to 60 cm.

This spiral staircase is best suited for a summer cottage or a small cottage. There is nothing special about it, but at the same time it is functional and not very expensive.

In addition to the “clean” steps (the main steps, which are installed after the completion of all construction and installation works), the delivery set includes “rough” steps. Such steps are installed only for the construction period and allow them to be used for their intended purpose, without causing harm to the main.

The railing is a welded metal structure. Supplied unpainted – final painting is done on site after installation is complete.


Price: from $ 53000
Main flight staircase

PRODUCER: Terweduwe, Belgium.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: any at the request of the customer.
DIMENSIONS: any, according to individual order.

Another type of front staircase from Terweduwe, once again proving that nothing is impossible – there is always a suitable front staircase design for any house project. And, of course, as is customary with Terweduwe, taking into account the wishes of the owner.

The choice of interior decoration of the stairs is a purely personal matter: you can order carvings according to your hobbies (in a hunting lodge, for example, an image of animals will be appropriate) or even your own carved wooden sculpture, if you are not burdened with such a human vice as modesty … Such a staircase will undoubtedly become the center of the interior, and in combination with other items will create an atmosphere of prestige and well-being.

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The staircase is made of laminated timber, ideally suited for installation along a concave wall. It seems to smoothly pass from the first floor to the second and ends with a whole gallery of balusters, which gives the interior a special completeness. Carved pillars and rosettes on the stringer are made by hand and serve as an elegant, original decoration of the entire staircase structure.


Price: from $ 20,000
Interfloor staircase with 1/4 turn

PRODUCER: Terweduwe, Belgium.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: any at the request of the customer.
DIMENSIONS: any, according to individual order.

Like all models in the Terweduwe range, this one is a piece, made to order according to an individual project. At the same time, it is not as expensive as the front staircases, but also a kind of masterpiece – layer-by-layer glued curved stringers give the staircase a special elegance, and the wide first oval-shaped step, carved racks and balusters create a completely original silhouette. Such a staircase looks good in cottages, dachas of the “Baltic” type, and even in a two-story city apartment. Moreover, in the latter case, its cost can be reduced somewhat due to smaller sizes, less expensive materials..

Terweduwe offers a wide range of construction materials to choose from – beech, oak, mahogany (13 varieties), ash, maple, Canadian pine, etc. You can even order a staircase made of baobab wood.


Price: from $ 60,000
Main flight staircase

PRODUCER: Terweduwe, Belgium.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: at the request of the customer.
DIMENSIONS: customized.

Luxurious staircase. It is carried out exclusively according to an individual project, which provides for its special position in the house. Therefore, do not be surprised at the price – by paying a lot of money, you will receive a truly exclusive highly artistic copy, which without reservations can be attributed to a work of art.

Completely handmade. And everything is according to your requirements – starting from the selection of material, determining the size, shape, color and ending with carved details, taking into account the characteristics and wishes. Fantasy is limited only by your financial capabilities.

Terweduwe grand staircases can be used in the interior decoration of semi-antique cottages, palace-type buildings (for example, museums, art galleries, hotels, etc.). They can take a worthy place in country residences or “hunting houses” of public and private institutions. Naturally, a simple dacha for such a staircase will not work..

Undoubtedly, Terweduwe is not only (or rather not so much) a means of communication between floors, it is also a great opportunity to bring a special splendor and flavor to the interior architecture of a house. The lower oval podium step creates an additional optical illusion of an increase in the base area. Thanks to the original arrangement of steps, concave and convex at the same time, a unique harmony of lines is created, as if calling to go up.

Wachenfeld Edelstahl

Price: from $ 12000
Screw with stone steps

PRODUCER: Wachenfeld, Germany.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: for indoor use.
MATERIAL: upright support and railings made of high quality stainless steel; steps – made of natural stone (marble, granite, quartzite, dolomite, shale, limestone, porphyry, hard sandstone, gneiss).
DIMENSIONS: outer diameter – from 200 cm to 300 cm; height – from 250 cm; step thickness – 6-10 cm.

The Germans have always been famous for their super-practicality. But we must give them their due, this trait is very helpful in creating high-end products – durable and maximum functional. For example, these are such stairs, the steps of which are not made of glued plates, as is now practiced, but of massive natural stones (hard and medium-hard rocks). Provided that the supporting structure is made of stainless steel, this ladder can be used even outdoors. Such versatility.

The steps of the Wachenfeld Edelstahl staircase cannot be erased even for three generations, so when choosing it, you should first consult with the youth, who in the future will “defile” along it with your great-grandchildren.

A design feature is the patented mechanism for attaching the steps to the vertical support post. Its essence lies in the fact that steel fasteners are inserted into the end of the stone step, which, passing through the entire step, are screwed into the support post. (The stand, by the way, is well made – it has a massive base in the form of a stone slab, which is usually installed flush with the floor.)

On request, the stair railings can be made of stainless steel (or painted), between the balusters – additional glass panels are installed.

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