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Modern interiors are often minimalistic, austere and laconic. He is stingy with accents and details. And everything should match him. Of course, such an interior requires a stylish and no-frills fireplace. And if de facto there is a special “fireplace” fashion, then such super-modern designs can be safely attributed to “haute couture” fireplaces – something fantastic in high-tech style.

The mesmerizing dance of fire never ceases to attract people. Today, live fire no longer fulfills the main, heating, task, but it brings comfort and charm to the house. And the art of “fireplace masters” does not stand still. Since that time immemorial, when our ancestor laid down the first cave hearth, the fireplace has been continuously improved, and today it combines strict engineering thought and the perfection of artistic revelation..

Aesthetically assimilating innovative developments of advanced branches of technology, the high-tech style develops the tradition of constructivism, preaches the aestheticization of technology. Exceptionally urbanistic, it welcomes and absolutes the technological benefits of civilization. Furniture in such an interior is as functional as possible and, as a rule, has an extravagant unconventional shape. The author’s projects of the best designers in the world turn ordinary household appliances – an indispensable participant in the high-tech style – into works of art, let alone fireplaces.

For their manufacture, materials of “artificial” origin are used – metal, heat-resistant glass, mirrors, glass ceramics. There is no limit to perfection, and modern designers boldly experiment with both materials and shapes, mixing styles and breaking traditions. Therefore, the most diverse and unexpected combinations are quite permissible, where a mix of artificial and traditional natural materials, as well as different styles, is quite acceptable – the classics can be combined with Art Deco, and all together creates a phantasmagoric effect.

For example, fireplaces of a special “man-made” shape – prisms, polygons – strict structures of painted metal and glass ceramics. Or “the synthesis of flame and steel” – also in the spirit of minimalism. The elongated “pencil cases” of transforming fireplaces are strict, laconic, but amaze with interesting colors, a combination of steel and colored ceramics. Here, advanced technologies are combined with exquisite plastic forms. High-tech fireplaces can rightfully be called “clothes for fire”. This clothes (I must say, very open) is made in the avant-garde style: tinted glass, mirrored surfaces, aged metal. Geometrically clear lines only outline the space of fire, outwardly as if not limiting it.

The most famous fireplaces are works of art, and it should come as no surprise that they are featured in the world’s largest contemporary museums. One of the famous models is a shell-shaped bowl made of gun steel, painted black with fireproof paint. An ajar shell with fire literally floats in the air, connecting to the ceiling with a thin long chimney. Another no less famous model is a burnt and aged sheet of black metal, as if torn apart by a fire breaking free..

Focusing on the requirements of a modern eclectic interior, eclectic fireplaces are also created, where classic stone is combined with metal surfaces, smooth and rough textures, bright colors and strict forms are combined. Compact cast iron fireboxes and portals decorated with cast iron bas-reliefs look great in combination with dark wood, tiles and mosaics. And all this is sustained in strict, and sometimes minimalistic requirements that true high-tech makes. This approach radically changes our ideas about the style and place of the fireplace in the interior, transforms them, opening up new facets and possibilities..

You can find bizarre avant-garde fireplaces made of steel and fire-resistant glass. And, of course, the favorite materials of the style adherents are still in favor – black metal, gun steel and fireproof glass. It is especially worth noting fireplaces and fireplace stoves made of “stainless steel”. Their body is made of steel sheets, and most of all they look like stove stoves. But how elegant and highly aesthetic it is! By the way, in addition to being avantage, such products have one more plus – they are light, they will withstand any floors in the house.

The process of manifestation of some national flavor is interesting. Surprisingly, even things made in ultra-modern high-tech, the style of which itself has a pronounced globalist orientation, are marked with this stamp of ethnicity. For example, for the sophisticated French, the fireplace has always been an interior delight, confirming the undoubted taste and aristocracy of the owners; here, first of all, the aesthetics, the charm of the “magic fire” are valued, and therefore the French products are emphatically elegant. England is conservative, even modern style solutions of English authors seem to be endowed with centuries of tradition. German fireplaces are of austere, simple form, without excessive decoration. Original design solutions, bold combinations of materials (glass, copper, wood, ceramics) distinguish Italian fireplaces.
True, technical progress is in constant development. They say that in recent years, fireplaces have been sold in the United States, where a TV screen is inserted into a fake firebox, and the fire is recorded on videotape. But that’s a completely different story. It’s like soy meat and a fake veggie rabbit. The fire must be alive. Enjoy its flame and decorate in every possible way.

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