Skoropark’s sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons

Skoropark's sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons1 – ash pan; 2 – pull-out ash drawer; 3 – cast iron grate; 4 – firebox; 5 – superheater; 6 – closed heater; 7 – drain fitting; 8 – a tank for hot water and the formation of saturated steam; 9 – steam line; 10 – safety valve; 11 – rotary handle of the tank cover; 12 – tank cover; 13 – chimney; 14 – pipeline for supplying water to the heater; 15 – superheated steam outlet; 16 – remote fuel channel; 17 – translucent screen; 18 – combustion control valve

Skoroparka is not just a stove, but a wood-burning air-conditioner, designed to quickly supply hot steam. Such models are designed for steam rooms with a volume of 12–20 m3 and are able to heat the room to the required temperature in literally half an hour in summer and 40 minutes in winter.

The fleet is working, the device diagram of which is clearly shown in the photo, simply:

  1. Water is poured into the tank. The standard volume of the tank is 40-60 liters. According to reviews, this is enough to take a steam bath and there is still hot water left to wash;
  2. Firewood is placed in the firebox and kindled. You already know how to properly heat the stove. In order for the steam room to warm up as quickly as possible, kindling should be carried out with an open damper and an air supply valve;
  3. Soon the water in the tank will boil and the steam will begin to actively warm up the steam room. According to reviews, condensation may appear on the walls in the process, especially in the winter season. But after warming up the room, it disappears.

Skoropark's sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons1 – combustion control valve; 2 – translucent screen; 3 – remote fuel channel; 4 – a tank for hot water and the formation of saturated steam; 5 – tank cover; 6 – chimney; 7 – filling funnel; 8 – Leidenfrost on-pipe heater; 9 – rotary handle of the tank cover; 10 – safety valve; 11 – steam line; 12 – drain fitting; 13 – superheater; 14 – firebox; 15 – cast iron grate; 16 – pull-out ash drawer

As you can see in the diagram, perishable stoves can have a slightly different design, especially in terms of the presence of an open or closed heater and its location. The principle of operation remains unchanged..

Important! The most dangerous place in the fast park is the steam outlet. According to reviews, the steam comes out under slight pressure, it is more like how it is escaping from the spout of a kettle during boiling. However, to reduce the risk of scalding with hot steam at the exit from the hole, it is placed against the wall of the steam room so that it does not flow towards people..

Skoropark's sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons

You can install a quick-burning stove in such a way that the firebox door remains behind the wall, and the rest of the steam room is located inside the steam room, from which steam comes.

Based on user reviews, we can attribute to the pluses of the fast-moving fleet:

  • quick heating of the steam room;
  • no need to supply water with a ladle, everything happens without human intervention, steam is constantly supplied during the burning of firewood;
  • the atmosphere of a Russian bath is created in the room, not a dry, but a wet steam room;
  • by regulating the burning of firewood, opening and closing the dampers, you can regulate the temperature in the steam room – from small, comfortable for children, for example, to high, for those who are called “steelworkers” – amateurs to warm up to the fullest;
  • a flea park is no more dangerous than ordinary bath stoves, even safer, if, of course, all the operating rules are followed;
  • water vapor is superheated to 400 ° C. Not every sauna stove is capable of this..

Skoropark's sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons

The disadvantages of perishable users include:

  • in a small steam room, the humidity is too high, uncomfortable. As you remember, these models of stoves are designed for rooms from 12 m3. If the steam room is smaller, it will not only warm up extremely quickly, but will also be filled with steam, which not everyone can withstand. However, you can always open windows or a door, regulate the burning of wood and reduce the steam supply;
  • many people lack the atmosphere from the stove, when water pours on hot stones. In this case, you can buy a fast park with an open-type mini-heater or separately put a grid with stones;
  • it is recommended to dry the steam room after use. To this end, the stove will have to be re-melted at full capacity, all ventilation ducts and a window open. Many consider this to be a hassle;
  • in the tank of a fast-moving tank, if you use tap water, sediment and plaque quickly form, you will have to clean it regularly, otherwise the channels will clog.

Skoropark's sauna stove: features of work, pros and cons

As for the cost of a perishable vehicle, it varies from 25 to 33 thousand rubles, depending on the model. On the market are oven-conditioners from the company “Termoform”.

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