Stone fireplaces

The fireplace in Russia has been popular for several centuries in a row. First he appeared in palaces, and then in the homes of wealthy boyars. The fireplace has always been a symbol of luxury and importance. Its presence in the house spoke of the owner’s high position in society. Today fireplaces and stoves in Moscow have become an indispensable attribute of almost every home.


A fireplace can tell a lot about its owner and the time when it was built. When purchasing a fireplace today, you need to think about whether it will be relevant tomorrow. Natural stones and modern materials will be relevant in the future. But what will never lose interest is natural stone. Especially now, when the concept of environmental friendliness is gaining more and more importance every day. The fireplace has lived for many centuries, and will live forever, and this must be remembered when installing a fireplace.

Whatever material the fireplace is made of, it consists of three components: a firebox, a portal and a chimney. The most interesting element is the portal. He creates the face of the fireplace, and it is to him that we first of all pay attention when choosing a fireplace.
Traditionally, brick, wood, shell rock, sandstone, less often marble, onyx and granite are used to make a fireplace. In recent years, this list of materials has included glass, ceramics and metal. The correct and harmonious combination of stone and wood allows you to create fireplaces that warm the hearts of their owners. Warm hues are created by shell rock, sandstone and chipped marble, they are easy to process and inexpensive. Fireplaces made of these materials look very good in the interior, but require special care, because soot sticks well to their rough surface. Dry firewood and a closed firebox can cope with this problem..

When installing a fireplace, one cannot do without brick, which, in addition to its direct function, can also perform a decorative role. For decorative finishing, as a rule, hand-made bricks are used. By laying it in a special way, you can create patterns. To give the fireplace a special charm and additional reliability, mantelpieces are manufactured. To create them, a specially processed solid wood is used. The mantelpiece made of rough oak looks very interesting, cracked under the influence of changes in humidity and temperature extremes. Exotic tropical woods are used to create a sleek shelf. The tree is also used to create portals. It has been specially treated to frame even open hearth fireplaces. The most interesting wooden portals are found at Meta. Fireplace inserts Meta, framed in wood, have a very original appearance.


The appearance of the fireplace is constantly changing, this happens due to the constant modification of architectural styles, technologies and materials. For example, the use of marble completely changed the appearance of the fireplace. In the Middle Ages, fireplaces were installed in the homes of wealthy people and in the castles of kings, and this entailed the use of such an expensive material as marble. Fireplaces were made by craftsmen by hand. Polishing, carving, and grinding required tremendous skill and a lot of effort. Even with modern materials own production of marble fireplaces is not an easy task. The fireplaces for the castles were created according to the sketches of famous painters and sculptors. The most successful models were replicated in neighboring countries. Today, you can also find fireplaces with intricate carvings, smooth lines, columns in the form of animal paws and a central composition in the form of a crown or flower..

Marble is a calcareous rock, formed as a result of metamorphism. In the process of its formation, oxidizing agents and salt solutions give it various shades and colors. Each block of marble mined has its own color and individual characteristics that emphasize its natural origin. The surface of the marble can be altered by the environment. The main enemy of stone is dirt, so it is very important to clean it regularly. The durability of marble, and with proper care, its appearance can last for centuries.

Polished or polished marble is used to create classic fireplaces. But fireplaces entirely made of one stone are rare. Most often, the portal is made from different types of marble or marble is combined with brick. The same marble can be polished to a matt or glossy finish. Also, marble can be artificially aged, then small dots and small depressions appear on it..

Onyx and granite are the most expensive finishing stones. Onyx is a type of marble and is used in jewelry. A fireplace made entirely of onyx is a perfect top. He makes an amazing impression. In the old days it was believed that onyx has magical properties and protects from witchcraft and the evil eye. Working with onyx is difficult because it is very fragile.
Granite is another expensive decoration stone. Various shades and expressive patterns make granite fireplaces exclusive. It is easy to process, but due to its high strength, flat surfaces are preferred..

A fireplace with a stone portal will not only emphasize the beauty of the interior, but also give it a complete and unique look. The use of stone, which, due to its natural characteristics, can be of various shades, makes it possible to make the interior truly unique. The majestic structure, which combines two eternal things: stone and fire, will create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in the house, distract from everyday affairs and give peace of mind.

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