Beehive and bees as garden decoration

Beehive and bees as garden decoration

This is how a beehive usually looks – just an unsightly wooden box with honeycomb frames inside. The bees, in fact, are happy, but the beekeeper doesn’t need more, especially since you can build and repair such a hive yourself.

Thatched hive

Just a thatched roof and a DIY bee from a plastic bottle. The decor is minimal, and the small hive has already changed and began to attract the attention of guests. A vivid example of the implementation of the fantasy of the owner of the apiary, who decided to put in a little more effort.

Bienenhaus hive

Bienenhaus hive

This colorful beehive was invented and assembled by designer Massimiliano del Olivo. The structure was named Bienenhaus (“House for bees” in German) and is now widely used in the Alps, where bees collect honey in mountain meadows. The area of ​​each such hive is 6.5 square meters.

Decorative beehive

In general, an ordinary hive, but neat, painted in an attractive turquoise color, and even with a real roof. And the bees are warm and comfortable, and the site has become more attractive. The roof must be removable, because the beekeeper will have to look in and watch quite often how his pets are doing there, how much honey has already been collected.

Wooden houses for bees

Bright wooden bee houses look especially attractive against the backdrop of a green lawn. One hive even received carved balconies and windows. In such an apiary, you can sit for hours, observing the activities of the tireless toilers-honey plants.

Carved hives

Of course, hives are always made of wood, a natural material that provides maximum comfort to the bees. If you are fond of wood carving, nothing will stop you from creating such attractive and functional masterpieces – carved beehives.

Bee houses

It is advisable to hang such small houses for bees on fruit trees and next to lush flower beds in order to attract insects and increase yields, for example, apples, which will be actively pollinated. An unusual option, but experts insist that there are less and less bees on the planet, people should think about their comfort and help find shelter for the night.

Beehive mill

Beehive mill. The option is not new, but always very attractive. Self-made mini-mills are often used as decorative elements in personal plots. In this case, they simply decided to combine beauty with a practical function by creating a small apiary.

House for bees

A tall house for bees and other insects that collect and carry pollen. Such houses are assembled from improvised materials, the main thing is that there are enough holes where wild bees can settle. Of course, such structures should be installed away from recreation areas so that insects do not bother people..

Urban Hedgerow

Do you think this is just an abstract installation made from natural materials suspended from a wooden wall? Meanwhile, this is a very unusual hive designed by Urban Hedgerow and handcrafted..

Church beehive

Hive temple. Someone will say that this is too much, why spend so much effort and wood on creating a decor that the bees themselves will definitely not appreciate. But how beautiful and unusual! It is also worth noting the skill of the creator of this unusual hive..

Flow Hive

And finally, every beekeeper’s dream. It is a modern hive equipped with a system that allows you to collect honey without pulling out the frame and without exerting any effort. We are sure that it will be very pleasant to watch how day after day the jars are filled with fragrant, fresh and very healthy honey.

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