What style can you choose for a gazebo on the site

Japanese style gazebo

Japanese style. Nothing superfluous, wood and stone, a characteristic roof and laconic but comfortable furniture. Such gazebos are now quite popular, as is the Japanese style of the interior in general..

Chinese style gazebo

Chinese gazebo

Chinese style. Such gazebos have common features with Japanese, but they are more pretentious, there are more wood carvings, the roof becomes a noticeable element of decor. And do not forget about the principles of feng shui, since you have chosen the Chinese gazebo.

Gazebo in oriental style

Arabic style. East, luxury, lots of textiles and bright colors. Such an Arabian gazebo can be a cozy tent filled with soft pillows and bedspreads. A low table and a hookah can complement such an imposing oriental atmosphere..

Medieval style gazebo

Mediterranean style. Combines features of Greek and Italian. Light, open structures of the gazebos should not hide the beautiful landscapes. Furniture is often wicker, and instead of a roof, a pergola can serve.

Wrought iron gazebo

Classic gazebos. They can be not only forged, but also made of wood, as well as fully glazed. They differ in a rather strict form, with a simple roof, classic furniture inside.

Scandinavian style gazebo

Scandinavian style. Only natural materials are always used, usually such gazebos are completely glazed, because they are operated in a harsh climate. It is not uncommon to have a hearth, fireplace, albeit electric.

Hi-tech gazebo

High tech. State-of-the-art structures, often asymmetrical, broken in shape, often made of glass and concrete. Such gazebos stand out on the site immediately, but can be surrounded by a very calm, classic landscape to enhance contrast..

Carved arbors

Russian style. These are gazebos, carved, often from logs. Smart, maybe a little provincial, but cute.

Country style gazebo

Country style. Simple and homey. Country-style constructions can also be attributed to such gazebos, this is also a rustic style, just came from the West. The walls can be wicker, the roof is simple, glazing is most often absent, and the furniture is solid, albeit rough.

Half-timbered gazebo

Fachwerk. Such arbors are traditionally dark, frame, easily recognizable weaves go along the entire lower perimeter.

Simple gazebo made of wood

We admit that most often the gazebos on our sites do not have a pronounced style. But who said that they, made by hand or bought on the principle of “the main thing is inexpensive”, cannot be beautiful? Live plants, a little decor and original details can transform any gazebo.

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